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What is Gratitude in Relation
to the 7 Laws of Attraction?

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What is Gratitude?  Since the Law of Attraction was made popular by the movie, The Secret, many people are focused on being grateful, but what is it exactly and why is it important...

To using the 7 laws of attraction to manifest things into your life?


When answering this question, you may find a few different results, but the one definition that I like when talking about the Law of Attraction comes through Wikipedia's definition of gratitude:


The part that I think is relevant to the Law of Attraction, particularly the 7 Laws of Attraction, is the grateful attitude for FUTURE things and events that "will be received."

But, how can you be grateful for something that you haven't received yet, or may not ever receive?  Ah, let's explore how this question relates to trust.

Affirmations of Faith and Trust

If you want to learn how to develop gratitude, a good place to start is to do affirmations of faith and trust.


Because when you trust that something is “coming down the pipeline to you,” then you're more likely to be able to be grateful for it.

This may seem like a Catch 22, but if you've study the Law of Attraction much, you'll know that it's filled with “Catch 22s” like this one.

Infinite Love and Gratitude

Another aspect in learning how to develop gratitude is keeping your vibration at a very high level and gratitude “resonates” at the top of the emotional scale right up there with love. 

So, if you're feeling love, are you also feeling gratitude?

Probably, because when you have an attitude of gratitude, you're more likely to be in harmony with peace and contentment, which can also usher you into feelings of love and inner peace.

But there's one more interesting thing about the connection between gratitude and love, and that is how gratitude affects one of our main organs in our bodies...

And how that organ, in turn, affects other people around us.  Take a moment and click here to read my"Infinite Love and Gratitude, What Do They Have in Common" article which discusses this concept.  When you're done, hit the back button and I'll be here waiting for you...

Also, if you're new to the concept of the "emotional scale," I've written another article entitled, "How to Develop Gratitude, Tools to Work Up The Emotional Scale" which talks about how the scale of emotions relates to developing gratitude.  Please take a moment now to visit that article by clicking the previous link so we're both on the same page as to the emotional scale.  When you're done, just click the back button and I'll be here waiting for you.

7 Laws of Attraction

The power of gratitude is apparent when you discuss the 7 laws of attraction and is a good part of any gratitude training you undertake.

In fact, as you reflect on the gratitude lessons that you've learn over time, you'll become more and more aware that regardless of which law of the 7 Laws of Attraction you're igniting by being grateful, the bottom line is that your ability to use the Law of Attraction becomes stronger the more you practice a gratitude attitude.

So, what are the 7 laws of attraction?
  1. The Law of Manifestation
  2. The Law of Magnetism
  3. The Law of Pure Desire
  4. The Law of Paradoxical Intent
  5. The Law of Harmony
  6. The Law of Right Action
  7. The Law of Expanding Influence

The Law of Manifestation

What is gratitude in relation to the Law of Manifestation?  Basically, this law relates to having a conscious choice.  So, every time you “consciously choose” to apply gratefulness, you are practicing this Law.

It's about bringing your awareness to the present moment and “choosing” your future attitude and events and this is where you can apply Wikipedia's definition of being grateful for future events. 

When you are, you're practicing manifestation through this Law.

The Law of Magnetism

The concept of “like attracts like” is at the heart of this Law.  So, if you're able to trust in future events enough that you know they will happen (without actually seeing them,) you can also be grateful for them.

When you use the power of gratitude in this fashion, you are emitting emotions of already having it, which makes your energy “like” that which you want to attract.

The power of gratitude has an important part in this when you can actually be grateful for those future events or things because that's one more “string of emotion” that you're putting out that makes the Universe think you already have it.

The Law of Pure Desire

When you have found a pure desire within yourself and are operating directly from that true intention, you're free of doubt, fear and other insecurities.

When you're free of these “negative” emotions or “blocks,” you're more certain of a beneficial outcome, which ties right into our definition of “anticipating a benefit that will be received in the future."

The Law of Paradoxical Intent

One thing that happens when you've tapped into the power of gratitude, is that your mind is focused on one emotion; i.e., appreciation.

The interesting thing about this is that “scientifically speaking,” your mind can only focus on one thing at a time – even though today we multi-task all day long.  But, our brains are wired to only focus on one thing at a time.  It's just the way it's made.

Something that also happens a lot when people start applying the Law of Attraction is that they are really coming from a desperate place, which is lying at the heart of their reason for manifesting.

When you learn how to develop gratitude strong enough to significantly use the power of gratitude to isolate your mind's focus on being grateful, you've set your mind's agenda on “anticipating a future event," like our definition describes, which blocks out any desperate feelings.

The Law of Harmony

The power of gratitude gives you an amazing ability to tap into an inner peace and trust that your life is going along alright.

Since the Universal energy is well balanced and abundant, when you are grateful, you can harness an inner peace that gives you harmony, which allows you to consciously align your energy with the harmonic energy of the Universe.

The Law of Right Action

This Law deals with honoring ourselves and others around us by making choices which are “good for everyone.” 

When you are operating from a state of infinite love and gratitude, you are honoring yourself by vibrating at a very high level.

By honoring yourself, it comes natural to honor others and to make the best choices for yourself and others.

The Law of Expanding Influence

The Law of Expanding Influence has a fascinating relationship when exploring the question of, “What is Gratitude?”

This Law deals with influencing people around you and what better way than to use the power of gratitude to do that, especially when I tell you why next?

You see, I've discovered that when you are thinking grateful thoughts, it's been found that your heart comes into a “coherence” that can affect other people's hearts around you.

Now, I know for you out there who are skeptical, this sounds likes “hocus pocus” and when I heard this I also thought, “Yea, sure.”

So, I did some research and found some interesting evidence.  In fact, I've written an entire article about this subject entitled, "As We Express Our Gratitude, We Change the World Around Us."  Click here to read that article now and then come back and we'll finish up... 


So, what is gratitude in relation to the 7 laws of attraction?  The bottom line is when you are able to maintain an attitude of gratitude on a consistent basis, you are able to use the power of gratitude in more ways than first meet the eye when manifesting through the Law of Attraction.

best-ways-to-instill-gratitudeDid you know you can develop gratitude through hypnosis?

Take a moment to review this article that tells you the results of a study conducted in tandem by the Universities of California and Miami about the benefits of maintaining a grateful disposition.

It also has a resource to find a hypnosis download that helps you "take the easy route" to developing an attitude of gratitude.

Click here to check out this great information.

For more on gratitude lessons and how to develop gratitude, here's a great article:

How to Develop Gratitude:  Tools to Work Up the Emotional Scale
Learning how to develop gratitude when you're fixed in a mode of depression is easier to do when you understand that if you can maintain an attitude of gratitude long enough, you'll gently...


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