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Weight Loss Affirmations
Why Most Affirmations for Weight Loss Don't Work!


Weight loss affirmations are typically centered around “losing weight,” but if you want effective affirmations for weight loss, you have to approach them from an entirely different angle...

In fact, if you can switch your thinking to a more abstract approach, you'll quickly gain momentum.

So, what do I mean by that exactly?

I mean that there are many levels of consciousness around losing the weight you desire.  For example, if you have always been heavier than you desire, you have to teach yourself that it's actually possible to become your ideal weight. 

Or, if you suddenly gained weight after a romantic break up, for example, perhaps there are thoughts lingering in there about your ability to be loved or vulnerable again?

While there are some positive affirmations for weight loss that will address these types of dilemmas, the “routine” weight loss affirmation is generally focused upon the tangible result of shedding pounds from our skeletal bodies rather than shedding undesirable beliefs from our subconscious minds that are keeping our weight at status quo.

Positive Affirmations for Health

First, let's start with centering our weightloss affirmations around becoming healthier all around.  This means both physically and mentally.


Because it's very likely that you've experienced outstanding health at some point in your life despite your desire to maintain a lower weight so you can relate to doing positive affirmations for health.

Also, if you elevate your health both physically and mentally, you may find the pounds dropping away simply because you've found a way to speed up your metabolism or stop the emotional eating you were doing because of the anxiety in your life.

Some sample positive affirmations for health would be:

“I'm so relieved that my health has improved so much”

“I'm so glad I finally have energy to exercise and to feel great.”

Notice that neither one of these positive affirmations for health are all “fluffy and happy?”  Instead, I made them more realistic and down to earth.

Why did I do that?  Because we have to start where we are and many of us simply cannot relate to any affirmations that tell us that we feel great “right out of the gate.” 

It takes time for our subconscious to make change because it's rather stubborn.  But, we can prod it along inch by inch by making positive affirmations for health that are just one step above how we feel right now.

Subliminal Affirmations

Despite the fact that there may be deeper beliefs inside of you that are holding onto the weight, you can do subliminal affirmations for weight loss that can help pave the way to a slimmer you.

What are subliminal affirmations?

They are affirmations that are not “heard or seen” by your conscious mind so they can pass directly into your subconscious, which is the gateway for true inner change...

Or, they can be hypnotic suggestions that are delivered when you are in the right state of mind.

How do you find these subliminal affirmations for weight loss or hypnosis for weight loss, and how do you know which ones will work?

If you're not sure exactly where to start, I suggest checking out a great package of a variety of weight loss affirmations in a hypnosis download for weight loss that “attacks your problem” from a wide variety of angels.  Click here to check out that entire weight loss package. 

Positive Affirmations for Weight Loss

One of the best weight loss affirmations that I've ever heard of came from a friend of mine and I hope she doesn't mind my sharing it with you because it's really working for her...

She decided that she already weighed her desired weight, but that there were a few extra pounds on board that she didn't really need to pay attention to.  Has this weight loss affirmation worked?  Apparently, because the last time I saw her, she was dropping weight like “water off a duck's back,” (which is fast if you're not familiar with ducks and water.)

My point in sharing my friend's story is that she took an abstract approach to convincing herself of something that was entirely true (that she actually did weight such and such weight), which her subconscious mind totally believed and was able to take action to make true.


The main reason many affirmations for weight loss don't work is because they are either focused upon the subject of having too much weight, or they completely ignore deeply held beliefs that are keeping the weight from dropping.

So, when writing affirmations for weight loss, you'll want to remember to keep them positive and focused on “becoming thin,” “becoming lovable” and (my favorite) “already weighing “x” pounds – with a few pounds extra in case of emergency!”

And remember to check out the hypnosis downloads for weight loss because that can give you a great start.  Click here to check out a great weight loss hypnosis program...

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