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Ways to Reinvent Yourself --
Think Outside the Box


External ways to reinvent yourself such as a new hair style, clothing or home are good, but if you really want to learn how to reinvent yourself for lasting effects, you want to make changes from within...

Although, this type of “thinking outside the box” approach may seem backwards, once you reinvent self esteem, your mind is open to greater possibilities because you believe you deserve new possibilities and external changes follow; i.e., a new hair style, clothing, home or career.

This article gives you great ways to reinvent yourself that focus on making those internal changes that prompt external renewal.

I Want to Reinvent Myself

First, let's talk about making a commitment to reinvent your life.  No, it's not like making a big commitment like getting married, but the first step to succeeding with any change is making the decision to make that change occur...

And this takes commitment to stay the course long enough to have those internal changes take root and “sprout new buds.”  

Also, the funny thing about commitment is that once you commit to change, you'll attract ways to reinvent yourself!

So, let's make a commitment together to take enough continual action to see some results. 

How to Reinvent Yourself

Now that you've made that commitment to yourself to actually do something long enough to get results, you want to decide what's the right pace for you and how much you can “digest” at one time.

For example, a great start is a mini-course in reinventing yourself that gives you beginning guidance and makes things easy for you to start changing your internal trajectory.  

After you get your feet wet with something easy, the next step is to do a longer course or make a longer commitment to anything that will change your “vibration” to being addicted to staying positive.  For example, your next step could be doing something daily for 7 days, then for a month, and then for 6 months.

The thing to remember when asking the question, “How to reinvent myself?” is to take focused and consistent action, but to also break it down into doable steps enough that you keep going.


Let's start with creating new habits and routines with one thing in mind...

You want to protect yourself from negativity as much as possible while “filling your well” with positivity.

Here's a parallel example to keep in the front of your mind as you go...

When you're in the desert, you have to protect yourself from the harsh environment of the sun and heat, while sustaining yourself with food and water or you'll die.

It's the same thing with learning how to reinvent yourself...

You must shield yourself from the harsh environment of negativity in the world, while sustaining yourself with positive “food and water” so you not only live, but thrive.

Here are some simple ways to do this:

Reinvent Self - TURN OFF THE NEWS

Think about how much “bad news” your mind and body are absorbing just from 30-60 minutes a day of listening to it or reading about it in the newspaper.

“But I have to know what's going on,” you say! 

If the world's falling apart, you'll know about it.  Otherwise, keep your focus “within your sphere of influence” and tuned to the things that are in your own control.

CURE:  Tune into positive radio, television and magazines.


Think of this:  If the people around you were “hitting you with purple paint balls” every time they complained or somehow sustained a victim attitude, you'd be walking around COVERED with purple paint. 

Dodge the bullets...

When someone around you starts complaining, figure out how to remove yourself from it, even if it's by daydreaming about your future instead of engaging in their negativity.

Better yet, join a positive group of people that encourage you to excel to “offset” the usual peer pressure and tip the positive scale in your direction.  A great way to do this is to do something called a “personal development home business” because you're continually around people who encourage you as well as learn how to uplift and encourage others.

CURE:  Join a positive group of people that encourage you to be your best.

Reinvent Self – START NOW

Whether you're 20 years old or asking the question, “How do I reinvent myself after 50?” it's never too late to start.

Procrastination takes away our dreams.  So, when I write an article, I like to give you an immediate action step.

Here's a free mini-course in personal development to get you started right now.
It was created for my readers by Lee-Anne Murray of Create Power (site sponsor) because Lee-Anne believes it is important to encourage you to start developing your potential now, no matter what your age.

The neat thing about Lee-Anne's mini-course is that she shares insights with you that she's realized from her experience with a personal development course that is giving her a postgraduate certificate in personal leadership development and as well a one-third portion of a Masters Degree from the United Kingdom.

The other thing that I love about Lee-Anne's mini-course is that she gives you access to a free 7-day course and a free 6-month course so you keep going enough to actually see some results.

Go ahead and CLICK HERE to download the PDF course now.

Reinvent Your Career

One more thing that I like about Lee-Anne's company Create Power is that through it, she can help you reinvent your career and gives you advice on how to surround yourself with a community of positive people who encourage you to excel.  

Click here to contact her now and ask her how to reinvent your career and surround yourself with positive people.


To learn how to reinvent yourself, you must not only “think outside the box,” but also get outside your current “box of negative influences...”

You also have to feed yourself fresh, new positive information and get yourself into new surroundings.  Once you do this long enough, you've initiated a “new you” and bingo...

You've reinvented yourself!

Be sure to download Lee-Anne's free mini-course, or go ahead and use this form to contact her now and talk about how you can reinvent yourself and your career.

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CreatePower.biz is a proud sponsor of our site.

Create Power focuses on providing you with an opportunity to integrate your career with personal development.

Create Power offers you a way to be surrounded by positive people seeking to enrich their lives in personal and professional ways.

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CreatePower.biz is a proud sponsor of our site.

Create Power focuses on providing you with an opportunity to integrate your career with personal development.

Create Power offers you a way to be surrounded by positive people seeking to enrich their lives in personal and professional ways.

Visit CreatePower.biz now and find out more about our site sponsor.