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Walking On Hot Coals
What Does It Feel Like?


Walking on hot coals brings up a gamut of emotions.  When I was about to experience walking on fire at a personal development conference, I had the usual trepidations, which quickly turned to...

Feeling very powerful and confident!

The first “stage” you go through is denial like, “Oh, that's not really fire there I see blazing in front of me” or “I'm not really going to do this, right?”

It's kind of a surreal state.  I remember looking at the huge bon fire thinking, “Okay, Suzanne, you've already broken the arrow [which was a huge breakthrough] – so you don't really need to prove anything to yourself, right?

And thoughts of “Am I crazy or what” made their way through here and there as well...

But those thoughts passed surprisingly quickly...

Giving way to the common [and normal] “fear of the unknown” where you may start to ask...

“What if my feet get burned?”
“What if I fall?”
“What if I can't?”
“What if...”
“What if...”
“What if...”

When walking on hot coals, some people worry about burning their feet.  That wasn't a concern of mine since I do so much barefoot hiking and my feet were well guarded with callouses...

But I'll tell you that, surprisingly enough, it was not common to get burned... 

But they did have big buckets of ice water “just in case” you wanted to cool off or got a small sting...

And there weren't any sirens or emergencies...

In fact, everything felt “quite normal...”

Well, normal for every day “walking on fire!”

What if I fall?...

No one fell.  Even if they had, the bed of coals was small and surrounded by thick grass, so it would have been easy to "aim" themselves for the cool, green grass.

"What if...?"

And the “what if's” continue for awhile, but all seem to fade away as you watch each successful person make his or her “rite of passage” through the fire and get to the other side.

Walking on Hot coals
After the Fear

After the fear stage, I started acclimating to “this is just a routine thing that I can do.”

Did I believe myself?  No, not really...

But my mind was starting to accept my environment around me...

I saw others doing it successfully...

And no one got hurt!

In fact, it was just the opposite.

Each person came off the bed of coals exhilarated...

Jumping with joy...

Glowing with triumph!

And going back to do it again and again!

So I stepped up to “go for it” imbibed with their enthusiasm...

Ready to take that first step, but then I felt the heat of the fire, lost my focus and looked down the coals... 

Something inside of me said “Wait” so I paused momentarily...

Urged on by those who had crossed over, I gathered my focus, putting all else out of my mind...

And suddenly felt an unfamiliar power from deep within me “ignite” and I took the first step...

And quickly “scurried” across the hot coals [yes, it's supposed to be called “walking on hot coals,” but I “scurried” on hot coals]...

After walking on fire, I joined the ranks of those “joyful – liberated” people on the other side...

I felt powerful and complete...  I did it!

Walking on Hot coals

Walking on fire can ignite a special power within you and give you the confidence to face the world in a whole new way...

To experience life anew and more powerfully when faced with daily challenges because you remember that you “did something perceived as impossible!”

If this is "just what the doctor ordered" for you, then do it!

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