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Walking on Fire
Why Some Like it Hot!


Walking on fire may seem crazy to some, yet there are unique benefits to this ancient ritual.  In fact, today firewalking is used by those who want to gain courage for...

Overcoming challenges in everyday life.

Firewalking is a ritual that has been around for thousands of years. Records have stated that this practice goes all the way back to 1200 B.C. It was done as a ritual of faith, healing, and initiation.

Nowadays, firewalking has become a symbol of triumphing over obstacles.

Is positive thinking all you need when walking on hot coals?  Well, yes and no...

Yes, you must “see” yourself on the other side having “made it through the storm.”  This takes focus and the type of focus you that you learn when walking on fire is a great benefit.

But you do need more than just positive thinking...

You must decide that you're ready to receive the benefits of walking on fire and “muster up” the courage to take that first step when you're feeling the heat.

Walking on Hot coals
Why Some Like it Hot - Benefits

  1. Walking on hot coals breaks through your perception of what is physically possible.  This physically shifts your brain's “radar” to seeing possibilities.

  2. It helps you break the conventional “Don't touch that it's hot” conditioning that has taught you to avoid stepping out of bounds and striving to be above average.

  3. Walking on fire puts a “physical anchor” into your body that allows your body to “remember” that it can overcome “impossible” challenges, whether they are physical, mental or emotional.

  4. Firewalking makes you tap into your internal source of power...  A power that usually gets “set on the shelf” by today's modern conveniences.   Once you've connected to this deep power within, you can learn to rely on it for other challenges in your life.

  5. The focus and courage you gain from walking on hot coals can be drawn upon when facing the daily “fires” of your life.

Walking on Hot Coals

Fire walk motivational seminars give you “fuel for your daily living.”  Every lesson learned – from asking the fire for “permission” to taking the first step - deepens your sense of respect, self worth and power...

And these lessons can be applied daily to boost your life from “average – complacency” to “powerfully involved!”

You can avoid “walking on the hot coals” of your lives daily by staying busy, skeptical, negative or complacent...

Or, you can take that first step and experience the exhilaration of connecting with your amazing source of power within...

And make your “rite of passage” from complacency to feeling alive and going after your dreams!

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