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Vacation Seminar
My Breakthrough Experience


When contemplating a vacation seminar, lots of thoughts go through your head.  How to choose one?  Will it be worthwhile?  Will it ask me to change too much? The list...

Can go on and on.

So, I thought I'd do a quick article about my thoughts and experience while I went through the process of attending such a seminar...

Including the thoughts of those around me at the time and how they reacted.


Let's quickly discuss “what exactly is a vacation seminar?” 

Technically, a vacation seminar can be different things to different people. 

The simplest way to sum it up is “getting away from your daily routine and investing time into your self and your life that will cause improvement to your life upon your return.”

That definition sounded pretty “dictionary-like” didn't it?

Simply put, a vacation seminar can be a few different things, depending on what you want from it. 

It can be:
  • A chance to “get away” from it all and develop yourself in a deep, meaningful way

  • A chance to get a tan (so everyone's envious back home)

  • A chance to “take a break” from your life so you can tune in with yourself and your family

  • A chance to eat, sleep and relax in the lap of luxury

  • A chance to dramatically change your trajectory of life!
My Experience

When I decided to attend a vacation seminar, it was for purposes outside the realm of this article.  But, nonetheless, I was initially excited about the opportunity.

The personal development event I attended was a 3-day personal development conference that included walking on fire and overcoming other physical obstacles.

When I first signed up for the luxury event, like I said above, I was excited.  My husband, however, was extremely apprehensive and skeptical about the whole affair...

In fact, it caused him quite a lot of anxiety over the whole thing, I must admit.

But, nonetheless, I got the airplane tickets and as the date approached, surprisingly enough, I too became very skeptical and even rather “frightened” (although I didn't realize it at the time that I was frightened) about attending...

I started saying over and over again that I didn't want to go...

I didn't want to leave my “cozy nest” of a home...

I didn't want to leave my cat...

I “didn't need” to walk on fire to prove anything to anyone...

And the list went on and on and on.

We're on the Plane

beachDespite my negative thoughts and apprehensions, I got on the plane and before I knew it we arrived in a tropical paradise and the warm weather eased my anxiety and I began to relax...

Swimming in the warm water and laying by the pool gave me a sense of “Okay, this is good”...

The warm sun relaxed my body...

And everything was alright...

Well, until we got into the first day's meeting where we found lying on the table in front of us "real" arrows that we were going to break with our necks!

Now, I've attended personal development conferences, but no conference got me “into the game” so quickly...

Or actually ever.

Other personal development conferences usually consist of only lecture, nothing physically challenging.

So here I am “Miss Personal Development Herself” staring at this arrow on the table and I'm thinking, “Are you nuts?  That tip is going to go through your throat, Suzanne.  And all the positive thinking in the world can't match up to that arrow point!"

Well, little did I know that this particular part of the conference would have the strongest impact than anything else I'd experienced in my life.

In fact, I can't recall ever feeling such fear and then such exhilaration ever before in my life...

And, yes, I was the “odd man out” as everyone else around me just stepped up and did it...

No problem...

Yet I was petrified!

arrow-1Here I am before the exercise...

Do I look a bit scared...

Think I'm feeling some negativity about my ability to do the exercise as it began?

arrow2This is me after the exercise.

That look on my face is sheer exhilaration of overcoming an incredible “block” that had been with me all my life.

A deeply-seated block that was too "obstinate" to disappear through my own personal development endeavors because I would never have tried this stunt at home (and you shouldn't either!)

What Exactly Happened?


After that first photo where I was terrified, I “gave up,” sat down in a heap on the floor with my head down, hands over my face and was sobbing my eyes out.

Before I knew it, there were gentle hands touching my head and shoulders and [as reported to me] I was completely enveloped by people reaching out to support me...

And before I knew it a man took my face in his hand, lifted it to his and softly spoke to me [not a word of which can I remember]...

And immediately I got up with a new determination and sent that arrow sailing...


I didn't think I could do it, yet I was proven wrong with the support of the positive community around me.

What Did That Do For Me?

What that experience did for me was ignite a power inside of me that I didn't think existed...

It showed me [with tangible evidence] that I could physically overcome things that I “believed” were impossible through my limited belief system...

And it catapulted my experience throughout the rest of the conference into a realm of power and courage which I have brought home with me and which has dramatically changed my life.


Because I received physical anchors inside my body that told me that I could overcome things...

This “body memory” has stayed with me through life's daily obstacles and has prodded me into doing things that I believed were “impossible” and “impractical” but were necessary for my success.

My body “knows” the feeling of success and I have brought that back to my daily life on a level that I couldn't have imagined...

And I use it every day!

Vacation Seminar

So, is a vacation seminar worthwhile?

To quote my “skeptical, money-conscious, What Were You Thinking, Suzanne?'” husband, here's what he said on the way home...

“That was the best money we've ever spent!”

And in over 30 years with the guy, I've never heard him say anything like that.

His breakthrough came with the fire walking...

So, if you get the chance to attend something like this, I say, "Go for it!"  It could drastically change your life!

And here is another article about combining a vacation seminar with a personal development conference:

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