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Types of Meditation
How to Choose the Right One

With all the types of meditation available today, it's hard to know which one will give you the meditation techniques you need to consistently enter deep meditation. 

Learning how to meditate is hard enough by itself, let alone trying to decide which one of the many variety meditation types there are today.


While I don't want to bore you, I'd like to show you the list of the types of meditations that I found when doing my research for this article...

Psychic meditation
Auto circadian meditation
Mindful meditation (which aren't they all "mindful?")
Depression meditation
Osho meditation
Celtic meditation
Third eye meditation
Stress management meditation
     (which is any meditation when done correctly)
Japa meditation
Mindfulness meditation
Sleep meditation
Loving kindness meditation
Heart meditation
New age meditation
Crystal meditation
Deep meditation
Merkaba meditation
Self meditation
Massenet meditation
Hindu meditation
Meditation for pain relief
Chinese meditation
Buddhist meditation
Tibetan meditation
Vipassana meditation
Metta meditation
Sufi meditation
Transcendental meditation
     (many times misspelled "transendental meditation"
       or "trancendental meditation")
Mantra meditation
Zen meditation
Communion meditation
Love meditation
Yoga meditation
Breathing meditation
Qigong meditation
Taoist meditation
Walking meditation
Reiki meditation
Descartes meditation
Healing meditation
Chakra meditation
Tantric meditation
Kundalini meditation
Vipassana meditation 
     (sometimes spelled vipsana)
Indian meditation
Tai chi meditation
Mountain meditation
Relaxation meditation
Japanese meditation
Blue mountain meditation...

And there's something called a "standing" meditation, as well a various types of religious meditations.

Types of Meditation

After reading that whole list, I'm sure I've exhausted you, but with all of those types of meditation, how do you know which one will give you the meditation techniques that you'll like and can use easily

Now, I must admit that if you chose any one of these meditation types above, you're bound to find some meditation techniques that will help you calm down your mind, which in essence is the goal of any meditation.

But, what if you could find a meditation to relax and calm your mind down quickly without having to go through finding "just the right meditation method?"

I'm talking about a meditation for anxiety that doesn't give you anxiety in trying to learn it, or a meditation to relax that's easy learn, without spending months or years perfecting your ability to do it?

Meditation techniques today have vastly changed from our outdated perception of  a “monk sitting and chanting” his way to that blissful state. 

Today, many people successfully use meditation to lose weight and alleviate depression because they've found easy meditation techniques that use technological advances that put their minds into that “blissful” state consistently and with great results.

Types of Meditation

The best types of meditation today include hypnosis and/or something called brainwave entrainment.  

These types of meditation are included in the very short list of easy meditation techniques.

Why?  Because all you have to do is listen to guided meditation mp3 that induces a hypnotic state of mind (which is usually the alpha or theta states) or one that synchronizes your brainwaves to any of the more relaxed states of mind of alpha, theta or delta, and each brainwave state encourages different “levels” of meditation with different benefits to each level.

Here's a chart that illustrates what I'm talking about:

brainwave frequencies

While the list of meditation types I recited at the beginning of this article is long, each one of those types of meditation's “aim” is to get your brainwaves down into the alpha, theta or delta brainwave states.

But you have to learn how to do that if you follow traditional meditation practices?

Also, using brainwave meditations or meditations with hypnosis targeted at depression are the absolute best "depression meditation" you can find because with regular use, they actually can change your body and brain's chemistry to a more positive chemistry just by changing your mind's brainwave state of being

If you do this long enough, your body will then get addicted to the new positive chemicals that your brain is releasing and, bingo, you're breaking the cycle of depression!

Types of Meditation

Essentially, all meditation is “meditation to relax,” whether it's from the long list above, or from the short list of easy meditation techniques, which includes brainwave meditations. 

The best way to learn how to meditate when you're overly stressed and need a meditation to relax, is to download meditation music that includes brainwave entrainment or hypnosis so your mind is gently guided into one of the more restful states of alpha, theta, or delta.

This is much more time efficient and more effective with consistent results than even using a guided meditation script. 

Why?  Because when you're reading the script, your mind is still having to focus enough to stay in the alpha state.  Only when you can get your mind to completely let go is when you are truly able to achieve the deeper states of meditation.


By using today's coolest technologies  like brainwave meditations and meditations to relax that include hypnosis which safely guide your mind into a restful, peaceful and, yes, mindful meditation state, you've found the best types of meditation because of their ease of use and consistent and effective results all at the touch of a button.

Check out this video that explains more about the benefits of meditation as well as gives details on finding an appropriate brainwave meditation so you can get started right away:


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