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Best Thought Control Technique
for Positive Thinking


Maintaining thought control is easier than you might think.  Use these effective mind control tips to easily take control of your thoughts so you are in charge of your self talk, rather than it being in charge of you!

And it's my favorite mind exercise for taking control of your life!

Mind Control Tips

When you're asking how to control your mind, there is one very simple way to do that...

Don't be a dictator...

Instead, be a "dialog-er" (if that's a word) - i.e., conversationalist!

When a “renegade” or negative thought pops up, open up a dialogue with it...

A “non-judgmental” discussion with the “person” who's driving whatever thought you're having at the moment.

Instead of letting your thoughts control you and ramble on incessantly, take a break and listen...

When a new thought comes up, don't' fight it. Let it talk and even reason with it a little bit...

But don't fight it.

Just listen to your self talk and see what it has to say.

Now I know as you're reading this, you're saying, “But Suzanne, you're letting your mind “run amok” all over you. How is that thought control?”

Here's what happens...

Once that “voice” feels heard and even validated, eventually it doesn't have anything more to say.

In fact, you could even “make a deal” with it. That's right, make a “deal” between you and that “voice” that keeps telling you something that you don't want to hear now that you're practicing thought control for positive thinking.

When you get this right, it's such an incredible feeling.

I've had voices go completely “speechless.”

Now who has thought control?


You've actually taken control of thoughts by confronting them,
rather than suppressing them.

When you know how to control thoughts in this manner, no telling what you can do.

You can actually learn mind control by letting your mind have some freedom...

Attain way more thought control than you ever thought possible...

And it can become one of your favorite mind control games!

QUICK TIP:  If you want to quickly quiet down your thoughts, use a brainwave meditation audio.  It speaks your mind's language and electrically shifts your brain from nervous and tense, to calm, relaxed and focused. Check out my customized brainwave meditation audios. guided-imagery-meditation-leaf

Mind Control Tips

In order to accomplish this dialogue with the voices (yes, there may be several in there at once) you'll want to stay in “observation” mode.

What do I mean by “observation?”

We all have multiple thoughts that are at odds with each other.

Your objective is to step back and stay detached from all the voices (or thoughts)
going on at once and move into negotiator role...

Like a mediator in a dispute.

You're just there to keep everyone from punching each other out and to help them come to a neutral agreement...

An agreement where everyone feels like he/she has a role.

This is one of the most effective mind control methods you can use because you give each "voice" something constructive to do...

Rather than "nag" at you.

Here's an example: When I first started this type of work, I had a lot of different “voices” come up – who definitely were not happy with each other.

Each voice wanted something different – sort of like a civil war going on inside of me.

One time I had a voice come up that I “named” my Cynic. As I openly discussed a particular subject with this “Cynic” another voice emerged, whom I named “Dreamer.” As you can guess, the Cynic and the Dreamer were “fighting” and there I was in the middle.

Now, don't get me wrong here, I'm not one of those people with multiple personalities, but I do – as we all do – have a few different parts of me who want to be “President.”

As I worked with them, I found things for them each "to be in charge of" and asked them to remind me when they needed my attention about that subject.  (Yes, it sounds crazy, but yes, IT WORKED!)

By staying detached and working logically with these voices (or thoughts) I was able to identify them and place them one by one into a “Board of Directors” who all started working together – rather than against each other...

And the observer (me) has retained my “Thought Control Chairman” position and has kept those thoughts under control.

In fact, I've gotten my Cynic to actually support my new adventures, rather than "poo-poo" them...

Make a game of it entitled, "My Favorite Mind Control Game Because I'm Chairperson of the Board and Everyone Has to do What I Say!"

Once you get control of "everyone" inside of you, I'll bet you'll notice how much more control you have "outside" of yourself as well.

Now let's take a look at the “how to...”

Mind Control Tips

If you've been reading my site, you'll notice that I like examples...

So here we go:

Renegade thought: “Who do you think you are trying something like that?”

You (Observer): “Well, I thought I'd try something new, what can you tell me about it?”

Renegade: “You know you never succeed at anything new.”

You: “Okay, why don't you tell me everything that's on your mind about that?”

Renegade: --- Let the Renegade ramble on and on and keep coaxing its opinion out more and more. Don't be afraid of what it says. Just let it talk.... and talk... and talk....

You: “Okay, so I've heard you say... (and sort of give it a summary of what it said) and ask it: Is there anything else you want to say about it?

At this point, the Renegade will usually quiet down.

But you haven't actually taken control of it have you?

Here's the next step: You now have the opportunity to “reason” out all the allegations that voice has given you. If you were in court, the prosecution (Renegade) has just put out all of its accusations. Now, you, as the defense attorney, get to logically “discredit” each of the allegations.

Let's continue with our example:

You: “Okay, so you said I don't succeed at anything new, but yesterday I cooked that great new recipe.

And the day before that, don't you remember how I fixed my hair in that new style?

And how about that new hair color that everyone loved?

So when you say I don't “succeed” at something new, maybe that's not quite accurate.

Can you be more specific about my “lack of successes?”

And for every “accusation” go ahead and gently remind it of some evidence to support that it's wrong...

And here's where your success list comes in handy.

On my believing in yourself page, I do an exercise using a "success list" strategy so your focus is on succeeding instead of "failing."  (You can use it as a thought control exercise as well.)

Be gentle with your voices inside.

If two voices are “going at it,” strike a deal.

I've asked my Cynic to keep my Dreamer grounded. Both ended up happy, and you know what, I don't hear from my Cynic much at all anymore...

She's too busy working with the Dreamer.

Once you've done this a couple of times, it really doesn't sound so crazy.

Thought Control

Using this technique for thought control helps you integrate all the parts of yourself, and not only allows you to control your thoughts, but to also use “their wisdom” to fit all the pieces of your internal puzzle together and become more balanced because:

Each “thought” doesn't have to scream anymore to be heard.

Each thought now can contribute his/her part to the project at hand.

And you are the Chairman of the Board who is in charge of all of its members (thoughts).

Give yourself awhile to get the swing of this technique. Before you know it, thought control will be second nature to you.

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