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The Power of Positive Thinking:
Using it For Happiness!


The power of positive thinking has never been more effective than it is today because...

Of all the new ways that it is being studied and used.

In fact, interest in the power of positive thinking is so high today that there is a new branch of psychology devoted to researching it...

That branch is called Positive Psychology, which is also known as “Happiness Psychology” (or Happiness Research sometimes.)

What makes us want to study – in a very scientific fashion – the effects of positive thinking?

And why is it called “Happiness Psychology?”

Because it proves that positive emotions, thoughts and habits lead us to happiness....

And that our mind, body, spirit health balance is more important that first meets the eye!

And while we all say that we want money, cars, health, friends, family, etc., etc....
happy faces
The root of all these desires is the desire to be happy.

And today's positive psychology research proves that positive thinking is used significantly by people who have become happy!

Thinking positive also plays a significant role in developing self esteem and increasing self respect...

Which also leads to increased feelings of well being...

And, yes, happiness!

Secondly, there are new technologies available today that drive the power of positive thinking to new heights...

These new technologies help put your brain into a positive and receptive state...

Which helps you experience some of the benefits of positive thinking without a lot of tedious effort.

how-to-change-your-beliefsIn fact, I've put together a program that has subliminal "invisible" affirmations that you can play during the day and while you sleep that your subconscious "hears" without your "hearing" a word!  

How did I do this?  I used today's technology to do the affirmations as well as added brainwave technology to the meditation mp3s so your brain is in an even deeper state of receptivity.  

Now that's harnessing the power of positive thinking! Check it out by clicking here.

So, the two areas I'll cover in this positive thinking article are:
  • Effects of Positive Thinking - From a Positive Psychology View
  • New technologies Which Support Positive Emotions


What Positive Psychology has Found Out About the Power of Positive Thinking and Why it Matters to You.

First we'll talk about what this branch of psychology studies, and then discuss what it's uncovered in the way of benefits to you:

  1. Positive psychology studies the things that make people “above average” in success.
One thing that “above average success” people have in common is the ability to view the world positively.

Successful people have a "positive lens" through which they see the world...

They habitually look for the positive in everything...

Out of habit.

Positive psychology studies what makes people happy, and the effects of their happiness on their brains.

So what does this mean for you?

How's your lens...

A little negative?

If it is, one way you can develop your ability to see the positive in life is by using your positive thinking power to change your “lens”...

Your lens that shapes your world...

Which determines how your brain responds to the world?

I've also heard this called our “reticular activation system”...

What you focus upon, you notice...

And you only notice that which your brain focuses upon.

How does this relate to using the power of positive thinking?

When your lens (focus) is placed on the positive, you “notice” positive instead of negative...

Your reticular activation system is set to “positive.”

For example, let's say you suddenly decide that you want to buy a certain make or model of a car.

What happens?

You start noticing “that car” everywhere...

It appears no matter where you go!

Now did the factory just put out a ton of cars in your town, or did you just start noticing them?

Science shows that now your “lens” is looking for that car...

Your reticular activation system is “programmed” like radar to find that car.

And so it works with positive thoughts and emotions.  When you set your lens on noticing the positive, you are truly able to experience what the power of positive thinking has to offer.

  1. Positive Psychology Research Shows Brain Changes From Positive Thoughts.

The power of positive thinking puts your brain into a new state.  In fact, it's been shown that having a positive state of mind builds your mind for more positivity...
neural pathways
Your positive brain forms neural pathways faster!

So when your brain is being fed positive thoughts (good brain food), it's using that positive energy to physically build pathways faster...

This amazes me!

Your brain is happily chugging along because it's fed well!  That is what the power of positive thinking has for you...

It actually causes your brain to build and expand.

So, the more positive thinking power you habitually create for yourself, the faster your brain will continue to respond, and the faster you can become more positive!

By using the power of positive thinking to stay positive, you are building and expanding your brain, which makes your brain happy, which in turn...

Makes you happy!


The power of positive thinking is stronger today because of the use of electronic mind control “devices.”  These devices make your mind more receptive to positive thoughts.

This gives you the ability to use the power of positive thinking instantly and effortlessly.

What are these devices?

There are many available today, but the two I like the best are:
  • Brainwave entrainment
  • Subliminal Cds
In a nutshell, these new technologies help you “mechanically” program your brain to be more positive...

As a result – as shown by positive psychology studies – your brain will pick up the ball and run with it...

Expanding new neural pathways to support your new positive state of mind!

Your job is to get the “ball” rolling...

And using these new methods to mechanically induce relaxed, meditative states makes it much easier to get the ball in the court in the first place!

Now, perhaps you're wondering how effectively you're using the power of positive thinking if you're still using your 3x5 affirmation cards...

Relax, you are still effectively re-programming yourself -- it just takes a bit longer and uses more effort.

Historically, positive thinking power has been induced by the use of writing affirmations on small cards and looking at them often.

This imprints those “words” and thoughts into your brain which still works today...

I have a card in my pocket right now.  But every night I listen to my subliminal cd...

And everyday I listen to my hypnosis – brainwave entrainment combination cd.

I also play my silent subliminal cd all day in the background.

Does this work?  Yes.  It is efficiently re-programming my subconscious while I'm “doing the dishes” or other things.

With these new technologies and research, the power of positive thinking has never had such backing and support.

Once you experience the benefits and effects of positive thinking, you are well on your way to expanding and building your mind for a greater capacity to be positive...

And even smarter (but that's another article.)

how-to-change-your-beliefsSince I love my subliminal audios and hypnosis/brainwave entrainment audios, I've put them in this program for you.

Change Your Beliefs Guided Imagery Meditation Program.

It effortlessly inputs positive affirmations all day and night through "invisible" subliminal recordings that help ease your mind into accepting change.  It also has brainwave entrainment mp3s that relieve stress, a PDF Quick Start Guide and PDF Workbook.

Most importantly, it teaches you how to find your limiting beliefs that stop you from tapping into your true potential.

Click here to check it out...

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