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Subliminal Affirmation
Best Law of Attraction Techniques


A subliminal affirmation that changes your subconscious mind is far stronger than any other daily positive affirmations that you can practice when applying the Law of Attraction...


Because your subconscious mind is “where it's at” when it comes to making change, yet it has a gatekeeper – your conscious mind – who's job is to make sure your subconscious stays the same.

Subliminal affirmations “slip past” the conscious mind so they can directly absorbed into your subconscious to make change.

In order words, you have to get to the roots of your beliefs before you can make change occur and these root beliefs are inside of your subconscious or sometimes referred to as your “UN-conscious” mind, and by using one of the best law of attraction techniques such as subliminal affirmations, you can make the change you desire in life.

Law of Attraction and Manifestation

First, let's briefly discuss how the Law of Attraction and manifestation work together.

Although this is a complicated science which takes years to master, it can be boiled down to, “like attracts like” through energy waves within our universe...

Some consider the cosmic Law of Attraction synonymous with the String Theory where everything is “strung” together.  So, if one thing happens at one end of the “net,” through the law of attraction vibration, there is an effect somewhere else “within” the net.

The interesting part about the Law of Attraction theory is that our minds are vibrating certain frequencies, whether we are consciously aware of them or “UN-conscious” of them....

Which means that you could be holding certain thoughts within your subconscious or unconscious that are negating your daily affirmations

For example, if you are devoted to practicing prosperity affirmations every day, yet you hold some negative beliefs within your subconscious mind around receiving and/or deserving prosperity, you'll have a harder time manifesting prosperity.  For more about specifically manifesting money using subliminal affirmations, check out this article on using silent subliminals to attract money....

The same holds true in the law of attraction weight loss category, if you want to change your body weight, you first have to change your inner mind to “think thin.   When this subconscious “vibration” of “thinking thin thoughts” emanates for your subconscious mind, you act like a radio transmitter for the “strings that confirm you're thin” to respond to you from the Universe.

For more on subliminal weight loss affirmations, check out this article on how to "think your way thin...".

Law of Attraction Vibration

Once your subconscious mind emanates whatever vibration you wish to manifest, whether its around money, love or happiness, the Law of Attraction vibration responds to this subconscious frequency.

While this could take a physics lesson to explain, a simpler way for understanding the Law of Attraction theory is by looking at how violins respond to each other when placed within a room together.   If you pluck just one string on one violin...

(hey, there's that “string thing” again)...

Then all the other violins within the room will start to vibrate the same tone as the first violin.  Knowing exactly how this works isn't necessary, but understanding that this is one of the basic theories behind the many Law of Attraction techniques we practice...

Such as doing daily positive affirmations, motivational affirmations or other personal affirmations...

Then you've gone beyond the Law of Attraction basics and can now figure out how to get what you want simply by programming your subconscious mind to attract it.

List of Affirmations

So, I think it's clear that you want to include subliminal affirmations in your list of affirmations so you can make change, right?

But, what is a subliminal affirmation and how can you find one?

First, a subliminal affirmation usually is an affirmation that is just below your normal hearing range and is just barely audible.  So, if you listened to affirmations at a lower volume, your mind might receive the new thoughts...

I say "might" because this can be tricky to get just the right volume and situation where you can bypass your conscious mind.

A better subliminal affirmation to use is where the frequency has been raised to a higher level outside your audible hearing range and your positive affirmations wash right into your mind.  When the frequency is raised, your subconscious mind still "hears" it, but your conscious mind cannot.

Another way of  making affirmations subliminal is something called “stereo confusion” where you hear the affirmations in such a way that your conscious brain can't exactly make them out too well.

These two techniques take technology, however, and are not readily available to everyone.  I make up my own subliminal affirmations as well as use something called brainwave meditations to help them sink into deeper levels...

In fact, I've put together a cool program that teaches you to get to the root of your beliefs as well as have subliminal affirmations and brainwave meditations to help you change your inner mind.  It also includes hypnosis – you know me, I'm a hypnotherapist and can't leave hypnosis out of it.  Click here for more about my "How to Change Your Beliefs, Starting at the Roots" program...

Motivational Affirmations

Once you start using subliminal affirmations, you'll probably find yourself motivated in new ways.  In fact, when I started using them, I found myself doing tasks easily that I had procrastinated doing for years.  It actually surprised me in a very pleasant way.

Adding to your affirmation list daily positive affirmations that work on an unconscious or subliminal level is one of the best Law of Attraction techniques you can practice because it “sets your radar” to attract abundance, prosperity, good health, love or whatever you truly desire to manifest for your life.

how-to-change-your-beliefsIf you want to "do affirmations in your sleep,"check out my Change Your Beliefs Guided Imagery Meditation Program.

It effortlessly inputs positive affirmations all day and night through "invisible" subliminal recordings as well as has a PDF Quick Start Guide, PDF Workbook, and meditation mp3 audios.

Most importantly, it teaches you how to find your limiting beliefs that stop your daily affirmations from working.

Check out this list of affirmations article too...

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