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Step by Step Marketing System
Two Key Components


A good step by step marketing system has two key components to consider when looking to use one for your business.  Well, actually, there's a third component as well which is discussed...

In this integrated marketing systems article.

Step by Step Marketing System

The first two components are:
  1. Sales Funnel
  2. Back Office Training
The first component you want to look for is that the system methodically “steps” the prospect down something known as a “sales funnel.”

The sales funnel gives the prospect a choice at each step to make a buying decision and move onto the next step.

As the prospect makes each decision, automated emails are sent out congratulating the prospect and instructing him or her on the next step.

What if the prospect stops at one step instead of continuing?

A good step by step marketing system will “gently nudge” the prospect to continue down the sales funnel by sending the prospect automated emails for a short period of time.

A second component of a good step by step marketing system is that the system includes step by step marketing training and advice for the operator of the system in what's known as the “back office.”

This is a private log-in location for the operator of the system to “run” the business.

It usually includes email marketing systems, contact managers and other integrated tools.  In fact, a smart marketing system does the bulk of the work for you.


Basically, these integrated marketing systems nowadays – if they're good – combine many of the following components:
  • Professional marketing websites – So once you distribute your advertising, you can gather prospects' information while you sleep.

  • Pre-written auto responders – So you don't have to write all those automated emails yourself.

  • One-click follow up – So you can work part time and still manage your online business.

  • Integrated Skype calling – So you can save money on long distance.

  • Social Media Integration – So you can harness the latest trend in marketing.
And many other features like integrated calendar, contact managers, and marketing tools that used to take human energy to accomplish.

There's one more component that many people don't talk about when discussing step by step marketing systems and that is “how good is the product it sells and can you make a high profit off of each sale?”

While many automatic marketing systems go after the “penny sale...”

Meaning, since the system does the bulk of the work, you can make a GA-zillion sales at a penny each and still make a little money.

But what if you could harness the power of an automated online marketing system that makes a little “side money” for a “side amount of work,” as well as gives you an opportunity to run a high profit business for a bit more work?

How is that possible?

Because they're selling high profit positive thinking products – remember I'm into positive thinking so I keep up on all “that stuff.”

And positive thinking, as you may or may not be aware, is one of the most popular “products” around these days.  In fact, the whole personal development industry is leading the way in growth...

Yes, even during very economically challenged times.

That's because when the economy gives you more challenges to face, you have to “dig deeper inside to survive” and many people do just that...

They start developing new talents and skills so they're more competitive...

They start home businesses to have the time freedom, etc....

And the personal development industry offers both “developing new talents” as well as high profit home business opportunities.

Step by Step Marketing System

So, when you're looking for a good step by step marketing system, keep these three components in mind:
  • Step by step sales funnel that is cohesive and compelling.
  • Step by step training, support and “goodies” in the back office.
  • Good financial income potential for your time spent...
After all, if you're going to take the time and effort to set up an automated online marketing system, be sure that it brings more than “pennies” for your efforts...

Especially when you consider a bit more effort and you could leverage the same technology for high profit products.

Check out this article about a step by step marketing system that sells high profit positive thinking products:

Turnkey Network Marketing Lead System For High Profit Positive Thinking Products  Is there a network marketing lead system for high profit positive thinking products?  Yes, and it's a turnkey, step-by-step type of system that can yield high...


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