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Staying Positive:  
Four Simple Steps to Happiness


Staying positive is easy when you keep it simple.  Here are the four simple steps to follow each day...

To keep yourself maintaining positive attitude and making it a habit!

It's pretty easy to learn how to be positive, all you need to do is start.  Sounds simple, right? 

Actually, it's easier than most people believe it is to learn how to be positive.

Why, because everyone makes it so complicated...

Too many things to remember.

I'm going to give you only four things to think about:
  1. Commitment
  2. Awareness
  3. Choice
  4. Action
You can “dismiss” negativity all day long by using the acronym CACA (pronounced “Cah Cah.”)

As you use these four steps in developing a positive attitude, staying positive becomes a habit...

And the question,“How to be Positive?” is naturally answered...

As well as the question, "How to find Happiness?"

Because happiness is the end result of staying positive!

So what does it take to learn how to be positive and then to stay that way?

If you want to learn how to stay positive, you should first know how “positive energy vs. negative energy” feels.

On my home page, I quickly walk you through an energetic exercise that helps you “notice” the difference between negative and positive thoughts.

Before continuing here, go ahead and go to my home page and do the exercise.  When you're done, just click the back button and I'll be here waiting.

Okay, so now you've experienced “positive thought vs. negative thought” energy.  Good.

There's a lot of “science” behind why you felt better, but the important point is that you felt better!  This will be necessary as we go through our four steps below.

The benefits of positive thinking are well worth the effort in learning how to be positive...

Most of us know this already...

The point is to keep thinking positive day in and day out...

To practice positive thinking every day...

Because when you practicing positive thinking daily - even moment by moment - you're able to maintain cheerful thoughts and re-program your "set point" attitude to automatically being positive.

How to stay positive is the next step and that's what we're discussing here in this positive attitude article.

Staying Positive - Step One

If you want to succeed in staying positive through life's little (sometimes big) challenges, it's critical that you find the reason why you want to stay positive.

Why is this so important?

Because by figuring out why you're doing something, you get committed to it....

And commitment gives you motivation!

So here's a quick exercise to help you get to the root of why you want to stay positive:


Ask yourself:  “Why do I want to learn how to stay positive?”

Perhaps you have an illness to overcome...

Or someone near you has an illness and you want to be able to cope.

Maybe you're tired of being sad and have “had enough...”

And you've decided it's time to be happy and stay that way!

Whatever it is, ask yourself,

“Why do I want to learn how to stay positive?”

After you've answered that question, ask:

“Why is that important?”

After that answer, ask "why" again...

“Why is that important?”

And after that answer, ask "why" again...

“Why is that important?”


“I want to learn how to be positive because I just had a heart attack and my doctor says I need to learn how to stay positive.”

Why is that important?

Because he said it would help decrease my chances of having another heart attack.

Why is that important?

Because I don't want another heart attack.

Why is that important?

I don't want to die.

Why is that important?

I'm afraid to die.

Why is that important?

Because I haven't lived life enough yet...

And so on.

Do you see how the “motivation” changed from, “I have to do this because my doctor said so” to “I want to do this because I want to get more out of life?”

Finding a true reason inside of yourself for staying positive is key...

It gives you the necessary commitment to keep going, day in and day out...

Moment by moment...

Which is when we live life...

And find happiness!

By the way, it takes 30 days to create a new habit. So if you can just stay positive for 30 days, you'll get "over the initial hump."  Then your body chemistry will start helping you along because you've created an addiction to the new, positive way of thinking.

To get through those first days and moments, find a reason to commit to staying positive so you have plenty of motivation.

Staying Positive - Step Two

Now that you know how it feels to be positive energetically and have the right motivation, the next step is to notice when your thoughts are “less than positive.”

Don't get too “in your head” about watching your every move...

Just notice if your self talk is “badgering” you, or if it's “cheering” you along...

Your self talk can be either the “nagging wife” or a “supportive cheerleader” prodding you into success.

Distinguish between these voices!

Notice how you feel when the “wife” is nagging...

And how you feel when the cheerleader appears.

Become aware of when you are getting negative.  Listen to your inner dialogue or outer dialogue (what you're saying to other people.) 

Be a “fly on the wall” around yourself.

Be objective.  Awareness takes objectivity.  Don't judge – just listen and become aware.


One way to become more aware is to keep a “thoughts” journal where you quickly jot down random thoughts.  This works very well in giving you an objective view of yourself.  You can see your words on paper.

Also note what makes people around you “negative” - jot down things they're saying out loud...

Have you picked up their “lingo?"

Hear their voices in your head?

Just notice what you and people around you are saying.

And try jotting things down for one week...

Becoming aware is essential to the next step, which is about choice.

Staying Positive - Step Three

You have a choice in how to respond to everything in your life...

You can choose to react negatively or choose to react positively and it is important to acknowledge that you have control over your reactions...

Which gives you power and control over your life.

Since you have found your reason for staying positive, choosing to remain positive comes easy...

Now all it takes is a conscious effort – moment by moment – to choose your response.


After your week of noticing your thoughts, your next step is to notice your reactions.

Are you choosing to react positively or negatively?

Just notice this and do this exercise for another week.

Notice your choices and then ask yourself, “Why did I choose that reaction?”

You may want to journal out your thoughts during this process.  It helps you work out your reasons and motivations.

Every moment gives you a choice...

And you have the power to choose to be positive and happy!

Staying Positive - Step Four

Now that you have...

Found your motivation for staying positive...

Committed to staying positive...

Become aware of your positive and negative thoughts....

And have decided to choose to stay positive, your next step is to take action!

This is where believing in yourself comes into the picture.  Believe that you have the power and confidence to take action...

Small, simple action...

Like saying, “shhhh” to yourself when the “nagging wife” comes out.

Or eating a snack to get your blood sugar up when you're in a bad mood from physical exhaustion...

Or confronting that critic inside of you with “new evidence” that he/she is wrong!

Stand up for yourself!

Sounds crazy, huh?  You're “standing up for yourself” against your internal “self.”

But taking action means both internally “cleaning house” as well as externally.

In dealing with your self talk, it's important to let it "have its voice" too.  Not to overpower it too strongly or it will push back harder.  In my thought control page, I discuss how to deal with your internal voices.

The key to action is to choose to take it...

Be gentle with yourself in the beginning.  Decide on a moment-to-moment basis to take action to stay positive.

However small it may be, take the first step...

That step could be to stop negative thoughts, or to get out in the fresh air to clear your head...

Or you could change the subject of conversation – either within yourself or with others.

The point is to do something – take action – however small, and build up your "action muscles."


Once you've learned how to be positive, maintaining positive attitude is easy using these four steps above, and remember to...

Do it moment by moment - as that is when life is lived...

And happiness is found...

In each moment of staying positive!

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