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Starting a Business From Home
Today's Key Components


Starting a business from home isn't what it used to be...  Find out today's key components to starting a business at home and why it's easier than ever...

Especially when you incorporate positive thinking into your new endeavor.  There are two reasons to include positive thinking as a part of your arsenal of tools when starting a business at home.
  1. It attracts success on many levels because:

    • You're more attractive to customers and clients.

    • Your “positive” brain solves problems and comes up with ideas faster.

    • You “attract” more success to your business through the Law of Attraction

    • It makes starting a home business a fun adventure!
  1. Positive thinking, as a product, is a hot item these days:

    • With the movie The Secret and all the information about the Law of Attraction “hovering around,” positive thinking and personal development industries are booming. 

      In fact, the personal development industry is experiencing exponential growth and selling positive thinking products is very profitable.
How profitable?  Try a six figure income, while only working part time from home...

So, how's that done? 

Starting a Business From Home
How it's Done Today

The Internet and advanced marketing systems now take the dirty work out of the home business industry. 

You use technology to leverage your time.  And if you get a turnkey marketing system, it'll have email auto responders, contact managers, and simple “how-to” directions made for the beginner who knows nothing about the Internet. 

A really good marketing system will also have a “sales funnel” that turns leads into sales before you pick up the phone.

So, how is that different from the “old way” of starting a business from home?

Instead of talking to “anyone who is alive” about your opportunity, now you advertise on the Internet and “attract” people who are interested.

And, most of the products are shipped directly from the company or are online, so your garage has room for a car, instead of being filled up with product inventory.

Starting a Business From Home

There's one caveat, though, and that is that you have to look hard for a home business opportunity that is savvy enough to have the Internet marketing system set up to do the bulk of the work for you. 

Sadly, many of the companies who offer home business opportunities still expect you to go door-to-door with product.

Here's how to know if you've found a good company to invest in when starting a business from home:
  1. Products.  Are they high profit per sale, or do you need a zillion people at a penny each to make any money?

  2. Are they MLM or direct sales?  MLM is where “more than one person” gets a cut of the sale. Direct sales is where only one person gets the commission for the sale.  I prefer direct sales because they have a higher profit margin.

  3. Can you be mobile and operate your business from a laptop and cell phone from anywhere in the world?

  4. Are the founders of the company sincere?  How do you know if they are?  A good company has some way for you to get to know the Founders and lets you get to know the people who are running the company.

  5. Are the products in high demand with projected growth in the industry.

Starting a Business From Home

Starting a business at home is easy when you use today's key components:
  1. Turnkey marketing system with a sales funnel that automatically turns leads into sales.

  2. High profit, direct sales products.

  3. Keeping a positive attitude and using the Law of Attraction for success!

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