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Showing Gratitude
Why Others Can't Help But Appreciate It!

Showing gratitude is “good for the goose,” but also “good for the gander,” because having an attitude of gratitude not only physically affects you in a positive manner, but others around you...

We'll discuss in this article, as well as how to practice gratitude through tools such as having a gratitude list, letter, prayer, poem or other means of instilling a gratitude attitude.

Benefits of Gratitude

One of the most interesting benefits of gratitude is that you can change yourself enough to make external change occur such as resonating an attitude of gratitude strong enough to change the heart rhythm of people around you...

Or, being more generous because you're grateful...

Or, having more compassion for people around you...

All of which change your relationships in wonderful ways!

This, in turn, has the potential of making people appreciate you in a greater fashion! 

I've discussed this in more detail in my “Benefits of Gratitude” article.  Take a moment and click here to go there now to learn some of the surprising effects of having a gratitude attitude.  When you're done, just click the back button and I'll be here waiting...

Gratitude Healing Others

So, now you've gotten a taste of some of the benefits of gratitude, but the one that struck me the most significantly was the power of gratitude healing others through changing their heart coherence to “line up” with our state of gratitude

Since this subject is very interesting and deserves a full article of its own, I've written such an article entitled, “As We Express Our Gratitude, We Change The World Around Us.”  Click here to take a peek and then come back...

Practice Gratitude

There are various ways to practice gratitude on a consistent basis.  The overall objective is to work to re-set your emotional set point to being grateful “more of the time” rather than “less of the time.”

The more you do this, the stronger your heart “radio station” (as I explained in my "As We Express Our Gratitude" article noted above) becomes to emit gratitude and change the heart coherence of those around you.

So, let's take a look at some of the common tools for developing gratitude, along with some suggestions for using them...

Gratitude List

Everyone says, “Make a gratitude list,” but where do you start and what do you put on it?

Here's a suggestion:  Write down the physical comforts you are experiencing around you right now.  For example, if you're warm and dry because you're in a house instead of the rain, write it down...

If you're not hungry because you just ate, say, "Thank you for the meal" you consumed and for the satiety you feel...

And if you happen to be cold and hungry when you're reading this, then take a break, eat a snack, put on a sweater and be grateful for those items!

The point is to start small and appreciate the things that you usually take for granted.  This snowballs faster than you think, making your attitude of gratitude come on faster and stronger.

Gratitude Letter

Writing a gratitude letter serves you as well as the “addressee” of the letter, whether you send it to that person/entity or not.

Why is this so?

Basically, because you're focusing on what you appreciate about that person or entity, you are “emitting” good thoughts about him/her/it.  So, write down things that you like about him/her/it, even if they were things from “long ago.”

This helps you focus on the good things about that person/entity, which, according to the Law of Attraction, “changes the molecules around you” to make that person fit that description.

Does this actually change that person?  No, but it can change your relationship with that person because you've changed your attitude about him/her, as well as using one of the most powerful tools to get people to appreciate you in return!

Quotes of Gratitude

The one mistake many people make when using quotes of gratitude is that they don't keep them around long enough to fully absorbe them.  They also don't focus upon them with enough feeling to shift their internal belief system around gratitude.

So, when you use gratitude quotes for inspiration, be sure to keep a few of your favorite ones in areas where you frequent a lot (my favorite is around my bed so I see them when I first awaken in the morning), and...

Really focus on feeling the feeling of gratitude as you read them.

Do this for at least 21-30 days so you've given your body a chance to absorb this new feeling and habit.

Gratitude Prayer

Whether you believe in a “higher power” or not, practicing a gratitude prayer can instill faith in yourself (or a higher power) that change is possible.

For example, one such gratitude prayer could include a request for a spirit of gratitude to be present in your life all day...

Another gratitude prayer could be thankful for the gratitude attitude that you're already feeling, and...

Yet another gratitude prayer could focus on trusting yourself or a higher power to show you ways to practice gratitude.

Gratitude Journals

Keeping gratitude journals is a good idea to remind you of how far you've come when documenting things for which you are grateful.

So, in doing this, it's a good idea to keep a series of gratitude journals over a period of time so you can refer to them when you're feeling low or ungrateful. 

You can line them up and look at them as “little helpers” that keep "grateful thoughts" available to you when you just can't think of anything you're grateful for at the time.

Using gratitude journals in this fashion can lift you up from a depressed state when you don't have the energy to “come up with new material” to make yourself feel better.

Gratitude Poem

Many times, people look for a gratitude poem about the subject of gratitude in general.  While this is a splendid idea, another way to use a gratitude poem is to write one to yourself.

Make it a “poetic gratitude letter” to yourself telling you all the good things you appreciate about yourself.

If you just can't find anything to appreciate about yourself, ask someone around you (who likes you) to tell you what they like about you – but don't tell them that you're writing a poem to yourself unless they're a trusted friend.  This help you to avoid any insensitive comments they may make about your project.

And if you don't want to ask anyone for words of gratitude about you, then be thankful that you woke up today with a whole body and mind, that's a start...

Appreciate that you have ten toes and if you don't have ten, appreciate the ones you have...

Or that you can dress yourself.

My point here is that when you “get down to the basics of life,” you're more apt to appreciate things about yourself, which “gets the ball rolling” for you to shift your energy to find other things to appreciate about yourself.


In a nutshell, when you practice gratitude, you change your thought frequency to align with “gratitude,” which in turns “tunes your heart” to gratitude.

When you tune your heart to gratitude, you not only lift your own health up, but also change others' hearts around you to feel gratitude.

By doing this, others around you can't help but be appreciative!

best-ways-to-instill-gratitude A great way to develop gratitude is through hypnosis.  

Check out this article that tells you the results of a study conducted in tandem by the Universities of California and Miami about the benefits of maintaining a grateful disposition.

It also has a hypnosis download that helps you "take the easy route" to developing an attitude of gratitude.

Click here to check out this great article about the Study results and the hypnosis download.

For more on gratitude lessons and how to develop gratitude, here's a great article:

How to Develop Gratitude:  Tools to Work Up the Emotional Scale
Learning how to develop gratitude when you're fixed in a mode of depression is easier to do when you understand that if you can maintain an attitude of gratitude long enough, you'll gently...


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