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Short Affirmations for Abundance and Prosperity
Make Them Easy and Consistent


Using short affirmations for abundance and prosperity throughout your day can go farther than reciting your daily positive affirmations all at once if you make them easy and use a trick...

That helps you make them consistent all day long.

Daily Affirmations

If you're new to the concept of affirmations, bear in mind that the idea of doing daily positive affirmations is simply to keep new ideas in front of your mind long enough that your mind starts to accept them.

Many times, however, people do daily positive affirmations “all in one sitting,” which doesn't exactly go along with the idea of keeping these new ideas in front of your mind consistently enough for your mind to accept them.

In my daily affirmations article, I discuss the best time of day to do your list of affirmations is in the morning.  However, there is more to the art of doing affirmations than just regurgitating your affirmation list and then going on with the rest of your day...

In fact, if you can use short affirmations throughout the day to keep “the thread of thought” going, then you're well ahead of how most people practice one of the best law of attraction techniques, which is by doing daily positive affirmations.

Motivational Affirmations

Also, if you can include motivational affirmations such as “I easily get things done,” “I easy staying motivated,” or “I acknowledge my daily progress,” you can keep your personal development endeavor “alive and well.”

Keeping affirmation quotes around you can also be very motivating because they remind you of why you're doing your affirmations and how powerful they are for making change.   I've put together an article of affirmation quotes that can help you stay motivated and have put the link to that article at the end of this page.

Prosperity Affirmations

Alright, now that you know you should keep your daily positive affirmations in front of you consistently and have found a way to stay motivated with motivational affirmations and affirmation quotes, let's list some affirmations for abundance and prosperity:

List of Abundance and Prosperity Affirmations:

“I allow my life to be prosperous.”

“I rejoice in the abundance around me.”

“I am grateful for what I already have.”

“I easily create abundance in my life.”

“The Universe is overflowing with abundance.”

“I receive the Universal flow of abundance.”

“I acknowledge my abundant good health.”

“I acknowledge my prosperous outlook on life.”

“I accept more good in my life now than before.”

Personal Affirmations

Once you decide which personal affirmations for abundance and prosperity you want to keep in front of your mind, the next step is to make sure you do them all day long.

So, now you want to choose times of day when you are going to remember to do your affirmations.  For example, if you are feeling really prosperous at dinner time when you have a table full of food, you could do some prosperity affirmations when you are preparing the meal...

If you have lots of clothing to choose from when you dress in the morning, you could recite some affirmations for abundance because you have an "abundance of clothing."

Change Your Beliefs Around Money

While affirmations for abundance are meant for abundance in all areas of your life, if you are focused on creating money with your prosperity affirmations, then you'll also want to be sure to find out what core beliefs you hold around money...

As well as the money beliefs that are “being held” around you.

While this can be a complicated issue, I decided to make it easy to overcome by putting together a terrific program that helps you overcome your limiting monetary beliefs.  It's called Manifest Money:  How to Build Your Energy to Manifest Money

The program goes way beyond just using daily affirmations to manifest what you desire.  In fact, it teaches you how to work energetically with the Universe to align your physical vibration with what you desire.  Click here to check it out...


When you want to make change, one of the most important things to remember is to keep your new ideas in front of your mind long enough for them to be deeply absorbed.

Using short affirmations throughout various times of day helps make it an easy, consistent and fun way to pursue personal change.

Another great way to get started off on the right foot with your affirmations is to use my How to Change Your Beliefs program that helps you "root out" the limiting beliefs that are stopping your daily affirmations from working.

how-to-change-your-beliefsIf you want to "do affirmations in your sleep,"check out my Change Your Beliefs Guided Imagery Meditation Program.

It effortlessly inputs positive affirmations all day and night through "invisible" subliminal recordings as well as has a PDF Quick Start Guide, PDF Workbook, and meditation mp3 audios.

Most importantly, it teaches you how to find your limiting beliefs that stop your daily affirmations from working.

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