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Research on Personal Development
What is it Showing and Why Does it Matter?


Research on Personal Development
is gaining momentum due to popularity, but what is it showing?  Here you'll find statistical evidence proving that...

Personal development overall increases health, happiness and success.
Why is there so much research on personal development?  Because, while some people are really interested in personal development...

Many still think that they can “get by” without it, even thinking it is a form of vanity and feel skeptical about whether or not it works.

So, for all you skeptics out there (and those of you who aren't) here is some statistical evidence based on research on personal development that shows what happens when you consider personal development an important part of your life.

Research on Personal Development
What Are They Finding?

One study done by the International Coach Federation gathered the comments and opinions of 210 coaching clients.

This study found that the clients who were coached made a positive change in their personal work habits, which were the habits making them survive when things got tough, like a recession...

The International Coach Federation study went onto reveal the following statistics about those clients who took personal development seriously enough to employ a coach:

62.4% of employees got smarter in goal-setting...

60.5% of employees received a more balanced life...

57.1% of employees experienced the lowest levels of stress...

52.4% of employees became more self-confident...

43.3% of employees improved the quality of their life...

And the “bottom line” - 25.7% of employees received more revenue!

This research on personal development discovered more interesting facts...

For instance, 33.8% of the workers became healthier and fitter...

Some 33.3% had enriched their relationship with their family...

And 25.7% of them left their vices and bad habits behind.

All of these results happened as a “result” of each client devoting time to personal development.

On the other hand, another study discovered that 42% of today's companies do not believe in personal development coaches, yet, conversely, this same study revealed that if these companies had used a coach, they would have increased their income by 46%...

Why does that happen?

Because if you take personal development seriously enough to make consistent progress, you'll find that it teaches you to reflect on your life and determine where it needs improvement...

It teaches you to see your own strengths and optimize them...

And it improves your career because you're motivated and regard your self and your career more valuable and important!

Research on Personal Development

These are just a few findings, but more research on personal development is being done even as you read this article...

And since these surveys were done in the “corporate world,” it's apparent that personal development is important in your work and career life...

But it also teaches you to balance your work life with your family life.


Because as you improve your job/career, you also improve your confidence and your role at home...

You set goals and stick to them...

You focus on what's positive, what's important and what's helpful in your life.

If you're healthier and happier, you're more successful in every aspect of your life, especially at work...

Which makes your employer and/or business more successful...

Which means more revenue!

Personal development, thus, creates a win-win situation for you, your family, your employer, and/or your employees.

The research shows that it is a subject well worth your time and focus if you want better health, more happiness and extraordinary success!

If you're new to personal development and want to know more about the personal development process in general, you can download my free PDF personal development workbook which gives you detailed instructions on how to get started with your new life plan.

It also gives you a full personal development template that you can fill in for yourself as you follow my example.

Just click here to download (or right-click for PCs) and the PDF will download instantly.

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