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Use Printable Fake Money to
Manifest Real Money?


Printable fake money is an easy and fun way trick your mind into attracting more money.  I didn't even realize how powerful this was until I manifested a handful of cash within a week by...

Holding printable play money and printed play checks in my hands!

Here's What Happened

At the time, I owned a coaching studio and had decided to dismantle the studio and give up the space.   Since I didn't know what to do with all the furniture and furnishings, I figured I'd have to bring them home to my garage, which was definitely something that I did not want to do.

So, here's what happened...

It was a Monday and I “set my intention” that I wanted to have an empty garage and a wad of cash and checks in my hands from the sale of the furniture, etc.  Even though I knew how to manifest money, I'd never tried using printable fake money or printable play money in this way.

But the idea came to me instantly to hold the play money and some play checks I had around and visualize my garage empty...

So, that's what I did.  Right away I got the idea to have a business liquidation sale on Saturday and by Friday night – the night before the sale – I was driving home from the studio and realized I was already holding a wad of cash and checks in my hand between my hand and the steering wheel.  I slowly opened my hand and said, "Wow, it's happening!"

I had to pinch myself.

Was There More to It, Suzanne?

Now, I have to admit that there were a set of circumstances prior to this intention being set that made me really ready to dismantle the studio, which played a significant part in the money manifesting so fast.

You see, I loved my beautiful studio.  I custom painted it myself and it was, according to people who saw it, “The most beautiful office they'd ever seen.” 

I never wanted to give up my studio, but knew that I didn't want to do the business forever.  So, I trusted that the right time would come for me to take action, and it did.

So, my true desire, readiness for change and trust also contributed to the play money working.

But there were other factors involved too.  In fact, I've discovered a combination of energetic tricks that work.  And when I've combined with them brainwave entrainment and silent subliminal affirmations that release mental blocks to recieving money, I've experenced dramatic results.  

Money Printable Worksheets


So, now you're asking how you can get some fun money and do what I did, right?  Well, I figured you'd ask that so I've put my little secrets, like the play money trick, into The Effective Positive Thinking Program. Yes, it includes pretend printable money – that looks incredibly real – as well as gives many of my tips on how to manifest money, just like using the printable fake money...

You see, there are particular tricks to having the Law of Attraction work for you.  Using the play money is simply an example of one of my successes in manifesting mone and BECOMING A MONEY MAGNET!

So, the program guides you through these steps in an easy-to-follow, fun way...

And it tells the rest of the story about the studio which has a fabulous "I can't believe that happened" ending!


As you learn more and more about how to manifest money, your successes come faster and faster.  Using printable fake money, money affirmations and having the right intention and true desire can help you manifest money fast too.

suzanne-glover-life-coachI spend a lot of time re-reading this article about using fake money because it constantly reminds me of the time when my belief in my own power to use the Law of Attraction for money became extremely real to me. So, bookmark this page and come back to it as often as you like so you can, by osmosis, instill more belief that you too can use printable fake money to invoke the the Law of Attraction to manifest money.  Or, better yet, check out The Effective Positive Thinking Program so you know other ways I use printable fake money plus you'll learn how to BECOME A MONEY MAGNET!

You can read more about how to manifest money in this article:

Manifest Money: How to Build Your Energy to Manifest Money  To manifest money, or anything else in your life, you'll want to build up a certain energy within your mind and body.  This energy reserve then goes out...


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