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Positive Thoughts: Top Tip
To Keep Your Thoughts


Positive thoughts lead you to a much more satisfying life and are easy to keep going on a daily basis when you have the secret that this guide...

Shows you for learning how to stay tuned to your thoughts so you know whether they are...

Cheerful thoughts that are leading you to health, happiness and success, or...

Negative thoughts that are leading to disease, tension and unhappiness.

But the negative side's too depressing to talk about, so let's go back to how you can have positive thoughts for the day and what they do for you.

Positive thoughts:
  • Build self esteem and confidence
  • Tune you into a higher realm of possibilities
  • Physically set up your brain for new ideas and increased creativity
Positive Thoughts are:
  • Energizing
  • Invigorating
  • Higher in energy
  • Much more powerful than negative thoughts...
Because they vibrate at a higher frequency...

And you're transmitting these vibrations both internally and externally.

Internally, your health is affected...

Externally, your relationships, career and overall happiness are affected.

And this higher energy is contagious.  It's like being around someone who's laughing – you just can't resist.  Same with positive thoughts...

They're irresistible!


Because they feel good!

So my aim is to help you keep happy thoughts, cheerful thoughts and overall daily positive thoughts so you stay positive and feeling great!

And that's what this article discusses:
  1. The energy of positive vs. negative thoughts;
  2. The best tip for keeping your thoughts aligned with that positive [invigorating] energy.

Positive Thoughts:

Positive and negative thoughts feel different because they have vibrational “signatures” that our bodies feel.

These signatures or patterns can be measured by electronic instruments.

So what does all that mean?

It means that today's technologies confirm that the “hippies of the 60's” were right when they said, “Hey, dude, you've got bad vibes!”

Just like today's technology can measure thoughts, so our bodies measure these “signatures” as well.
Those “bad vibes” are being broadcast from that “dude” just like a radio tower emits radio waves...

The difference between the radio waves and thoughts, however, is that we feel the thought patterns.

This not only goes for feeling the “vibes” of people around us, but our internal “vibes” as well.

Being able to feel the difference between the positive and negative “vibes” within yourself is the key factor to maintaining daily positive thoughts.


So rather than drone on about this, let me show how this works. 

On my home page, I've done a quick exercise that guides you through feeling the difference between positive and negative thoughts...

Before continuing on this page, please take a moment to click here and go to the home page, do the exercise [it takes 30 seconds] and then... hit the back button and I'll be here ready to show you how to use that exercise on a daily basis.

Did you notice how your body physically responded to your thought patterns?

All you did was change the subject of your thoughts, yet you [should have] had different physical sensations to those thought patterns...

These changes can be very subtle and delicate, but then again, our bodies are subtle and delicately complex, aren't they?

one-touch meditation
Millions of cells doing their work – yet when the brain “talks”...

They listen...

And react!

The more I study this stuff, the more fascinating it becomes especially a segment called electronically induced meditation...

That's where your body really responds to the change of your brain's frequency.

Check out how you can change your mood and "get younger" at the touch of a button on my electronic mind control page.

Okay, so now that you've felt the difference, let's move onto using this physical awareness for keeping daily positive thoughts.

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Positive Thoughts

As you go though your daily routine, start noticing how you feel when you're thinking about the different aspects of your life.

Are you feeling frustrated over a situation that needs resolution?

First, notice that your thoughts are making your body feel “frustrated.”

Then, start “dreaming” about the perfect solution – whether or not it's possible – and get your “head space” into a positive state...

What good does this do?

It sets your mind on a positive path, puts your body into a restful state, and initiates positive brain processes...

All of which lead to increased creativity for solving the problem.

That's an internal conflict situation where you've noticed the feeling, broken the cycle and taken action steps toward resolution.

An example of an outward situation might be....

That you're at work and your employer or co-worker exhibit bad moods [which are also contagious]...

You can choose to “pick up” their bad moods [vibes] by reacting...

Like getting offended, angry or hurt, or...

You can choose to feel compassion for them, which lifts your own vibration and improves how you feel.

This puts you in charge of your attitude because instead of re-acting and going into auto pilot...

You've stopped the cycle...

Noticed how you feel...

And chosen a better thought pattern – i.e., compassion!

Since positive thoughts are stronger than negative ones, your “lifted” energy most likely will break through the negative cycle surrounding you...

Thus dissipating the negative energy and putting everyone more at ease.

By choosing to keep your attitude tilted toward the positive, you've “broken” the negative cycle. 

That cycle where someone gets angry...

Someone else reacts....

Making the first person more angry.....

Thus making the whole situation move into a vicious cycle!

Instead, you've “broken” the cycle because you intentionally and consciously noticed how you felt and shifted your thoughts until you felt a physical release.

This is your emotional intelligence talking to you...

And this physical shift is your thermometer that shows you're on a positive track...

When you feel that relief sensation...

Or a lighter feeling...

You're on the right track!

Positive Thoughts

I've put together a program that helps you change your beliefs and part of that program helps you get in touch with your feelings.  It also has subliminal affirmation recordings to physically help you break the cycle of negative thoughts.

How does it work?  Like magic to say the least.  My favorite way of doing subliminal affirmations is to play one of my customized subliminal sleep meditations and I've had amazing results...

Like within a day, I'll "catch" myself thinking something that was on the sleep meditation.

So, the first step is to notice how you feel and the second step is to do subliminal affirmations to change the way you feel.

So, let's notice how we feel first:


Step 1:  Notice how you feel – be conscious of your physical sensations. 

Tune into your body.  To do this, you may need to get some massages, or attend some body work classes - anything that helps you distinguish the different energy levels in your body.

Step 2:  Consciously choose a better feeling thought. 

Decide on a moment-to-moment basis that you are going to stay aligned with happy thoughts or cheerful thoughts.

Step 3:  Keep “shopping” for thoughts until you find one that gives you a “release.” 

Run through a variety of thoughts until you feel a physical shift or release.  This release usually shows itself through a sigh or some change of breathing and a mental feeling of resolve or completion.

What you've just done with step 3 is asked your emotional intelligence to show you a possible answer to the situation....

As well as put yourself into a more positive frame of mind that allows positive thoughts to thrive.

Positive Thoughts

Using your emotional intelligence to guide you toward positive thoughts for the day keeps you reveling in...

Happy thoughts...

Cheerful thoughts...

And most of all daily positive thoughts that make your life much more satisfying!

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how-to-change-your-beliefsRemember to check out my Change Your Beliefs Guided Imagery Meditation Program.

It effortlessly inputs positive affirmations all day and night through "invisible" subliminal recordings as well as has a PDF Quick Start Guide, PDF Workbook, and meditation mp3 audios.

Most importantly, it teaches you how to find your negative thoughts and change them into positive thoughts..

Be sure to check out this fun article:

Cheerful Thoughts Do More Than Cheer You Up - They Keep You Young!
Cheerful thoughts are sometimes hard to come up with when suffering from depression or anxiety. How to keep your thoughts cheerful and upbeat becomes easier and easier with the more you practice....


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