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Positive Phrases:  The Ten Best Positive
Words and Phrases!


Positive phrases are easy to keep in mind
when they're boiled down to a simple list...

Use these top ten phrases to keep your positive thoughts and positive affirmations active as you go through your day.

Negative Phrases vs. Positive Phrases

You may already be practicing positive affirmations, but what if the rest of your vocabulary is still “in the negative?”

In the list of positive words and phrases that follows, I've included the typical “negative phrase” that is usually perceived as positive and replaced it with a better alternative.

Remember, as discussed in positive affirmations, your mind hears the “subject” of each phrase, so you want to keep the subject of your positive phrases moving toward what you want...

To make sure that your positive daily affirmations really are positive, you want to only use words that cause you to act the way you want to act or to be...

Not words that make you act or be the way you don't want...

Because we want to do affirmations that work, right?  Right!

So let's go over some positive thinking phrases that you can use every day that keep your frame of mind more positive so your mind picks up your affirmations better...

Commonly-used "negative phrase" perceived as positive Replace with... Positive words and phrases
to use as alternatives
Don't forget... Replace with... Remember to...
I'll try... Replace with... I have the ability to...
I won't fail next time...
(or I'll do better next time...)
Replace with... I do my best, which gets better all the time...
Never give up... Replace with... Keep going...just keep going... just keep going...
I am overcoming my problems... Replace with... My life works well - I find more solutions everyday...
Don't be so hard on yourself... Replace with... Have compassion for yourself...
I can face my fear... Replace with... I am courageous...
Don't worry... Replace with... Focus on a solution...
It is what it is... Replace with... It is what I choose to make it...
I am completely stress free... Replace with... I am completely calm and relaxed...

Did you have feel any better by reading the "positive words and phrases" column?

I did...

I felt the energy shifting inside as I read those words...

Just think how good you'd feel if you thought like that all the time?

You probably noticed that the “positive words and phrases” column sounded more like a coach or cheerleader...

That's how you want to talk to yourself all the time...

Not just when you're doing positive affirmations.

Habitually using positive phrases creates habitual positive thoughts.

And by consistently being patient and showing compassion for yourself, you gradually become more positive overall...

Not only to yourself, but to others.

It's one of the key factors in maintaining positive attitude.

I've intentionally kept the above list short to keep it simple.

It contains the most common “negative” phrases that we use when we are trying to be “positive.”

The secret is to learn to instantly identify
whatever your mind is saying and ask yourself whether it's really as positive as you think.

It's a constant “awareness” you attain and make habitual.

And, yes, it becomes much easier with practice. Rather automatic, in fact. I don't think twice about changing the subject of a sentence that is running in my head to make it move “toward my goal.” It comes naturally now...

Oh, but wait a minute...

Did you notice the "positive phrases" in the photo at the top of this page?

Are there a few in there that could use a “re-do?”

I included “never give up” in the above list, but what about some of the others?

How about the phrase, “no worries?”

What's the subject of that thought? Worry, of course. Remember, your mind doesn't hear the “no” part...

And how about “refuse to lose?” Wouldn't it be better to say, “Determine to win?”

Here's your chance for a little practice.
Take a second look at the photo (I placed it below to make it easier) and see if you can come up with four other “positive phrases” that may not be as helpful as they first appear...

Positive Phrases Bulletin Board

...No peeking for the answers yet...

Okay, here we go...

Could these phrases be “rephrased” as follows:

No guts... no glory Replace with... I've got the guts for the glory
No pain, no gain Replace with... I'm gaining from my pain
Failure is not an option Replace with... Success is the only option
Don't worry, be happy Replace with... Be happy

My favorite in the contradiction department is the “don't worry, be happy.” How about we drop the “worry” part and just “be happy?”

While these last four aren't my favorite phrases, I think you're getting the point here.

Keep your thoughts continually positive by using positive phrases that head you exactly into the direction you intend...

Happy phrasing....

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