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Positive Attitude Tips
For Today's Times 


Positive attitude tips come in many forms, but the most important ones are those that impact your life each day...

This positive attitude information focuses on getting through the ups and downs presented to us each day as we are bombarded with negativity.

First, let's take a moment to ask, "What is Attitude?"

Briefly, it's your state of mind at any given time.  And, yes, you can change your attitude whenever you desire.  In fact, attitude is everything when it comes to your state of mind, health, relationships...

Having a positive attitude is very important for happiness and success in life...

If you can "fill yourself up" with enough good thoughts, they "ooze" out of you...

I'm sure you've seen someone that just "radiates" happiness...

Maybe has a subtle glow?  Some kind of "happy" energy that gets your attention and makes you wish you could be more like that?

That's what I'm talking about here.

It's what makes some people more popular and good at attracting people around them like a magnet!

It's the positive attitude they have and the way they react and look at the world around them!

Living your life with a positive attitude can do more than anything else toward getting you whatever you want out of life.  Having a positive attitude in whatever you do will make things more enjoyable and even much easier.

Positive Attitude Tips

So what's the real definition of positive attitude?

Attitudes are the views of a person whether positive or negative. Having a positive attitude means thinking positive about all the situations in your life.

The benefits of a positive attitude include improved relationships, improved health, decreased worry, increased enjoyment of life, increased excitement in life and more motivation  - all of which move you forward, both in your life and in your career.

And, of course, all of that sounds great, right?  But, how do we stop negative thinking
and get on with it?

Here are the positive attitude tips I'll be discussing, which can help you become a powerful person - especially when facing today's daily challenges:
  • Monitor your "input"
  • Believe in yourself
  • Be grateful
  • Help others
Positive Attitude Tips

The first thing that comes to mind when giving positive attitude tips is how important it really is to identify and "weed out" the negative influences around you...
There's a lot of "stuff" out there for us to absorb on a daily basis.

At work, there are workplace attitudes that can get you up, down, confused, or even fired.

At home, there's the newspaper, television, radio and, of course, other people...

And in your own head and body, there's "unintentional" programming that you've absorbed throughout your life. 

All these situations can cause friction if you are trying to maintain an internally positive picture of life... especially if you listen to the news!

So, step number 1:

Become aware of how you feel before listening to the news and after listening to the news.

Have you absorbed the "world's worries?"

Worries that you really can't do much about at the moment?

Now I know you're saying, "But Suzanne, I have to stay informed!"

Yes, but you can stay informed "enough" by reading newspaper headlines as you go about your day.  I do it all the time.

So, notice how you feel from the media input around you.

Second, take small steps toward turning off the television and radio. Don't go cold turkey, unless you want to do so.

Rather, cut down little by little and notice how much impact its absence has on you.

As a side note to media input: If you have studied NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), you know that it is widely used by the media.  What does that mean? It's subtle mind control - sometimes called covert hypnosis.  Is it everywhere?  No, but one of the best ways to take charge of your thoughts is to simply know exactly what's being fed into your mind, and listening to news puts you "out of control."

Third, choose good positive material to "fill up the gap" that the news and radio have left.  

A good way to initiate this is to follow me on Twitter and get a steady "positive flow" coming into your life.

This is the basic strategy of removing the negative influence and replacing it with the positive.

Next, when you're around people who are "less positive than you," run a voice in your head that counteracts their negativity.  Every time they say something negative - whether it's about you or something else - just flip it to the positive and repeat it silently to yourself.

For example, when someone says to themselves "out loud" something like, "I'm not good at remembering names," immediately flip it to "I'm great at remembering names" and repeat that silently to yourself.


Because whatever you hear, whether from yourself or others, is programming you...

By doing this simple exercise, you are "canceling" out that negative programming...

Not letting it get a foothold in your "mind's" door.

This has a strong impact on overcoming negativity that surrounds you and pivotal in developing a positive attitude.

how-to-change-your-beliefsIf you want to quickly learn how to "flip" your thoughts and effortlessly input positivity, check out my Change Your Beliefs Guided Imagery Meditation Program.

It teaches you how to become more positive as well as gives you a daytime "invisible" affirmations audio and a "sleep meditation" audio so you can have positive affirmations continaully inputted straight into your subconscious without ever "hearing" a word.

Then your positive attitude runs on "auto pilot!"

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Believe in Yourself

By believing in yourself and believing that you are in charge of your life, you will have the power to choose your attitude.

You can choose to "sculpt" your life the way you see fit, or you can choose to let life throw you around.  When life "throws you around" a bit, remember that bad things can happen, but you don't have to let them drag you down...

No matter how bad a situation may be at the time, good can come out of it if you believe in yourself enough to take charge. 

Once you open yourself up to this, you gain strength and learn from the "bad things" that occurred in your life. Believing that each moment is perfect even when bad things happen will help you get through them more determined to succeed and stronger.

Step number 1:

The first step in believing in yourself is to have a self-affirming belief that you hold the power to make your life different.

Every night before you go to bed, say to yourself, "I believe in myself."

Step number 2:

Mentally do a "success list" where you list five things you did that day that you can call a "success."

Be easy on yourself in the beginning...

If you're depressed, just getting out of bed counts as a success...

Brushing your teeth counts.

The point is to get in the habit of congratulating yourself.

Eventually, your success list becomes easier and more fun to do.

Positive Attitude Tips

One of my favorite positive attitude tips is to simple be grateful!

There's something contagious about having an attitude of gratitude. Your body will get "hooked on it" and you'll start being grateful more often than not.

What does this have to do with your attitude?  

It sets your "temperature" gage for the day.  If you start your day by being grateful, chances are that you'll look at the world through "grateful colored glasses."  

This can really keep your attitude positive.

While we all have dreams, goals and desires, being grateful for what you already have helps you achieve your dreams sooner...

It's the mindset of successful people.

It makes you take positive action, which attracts positive energy, which attracts positive attitudes from others around you...

So you get help keeping a positive attitude.  Yayyyhhh!

You can learn to be grateful.
Take it one step at a time.  Focus on what you have going for you and let those thoughts expand.

Before you know it, you'll have changed your attitude "set point" because you've trained yourself to look at the rosier side of life.

Positive Attitude Tips

There's nothing like helping others to get you out of your own "funk." Somehow it just changes your focus from "inside yourself" to "outside yourself" and has an instantaneous effect on your attitude...

Makes you forget your troubles.

Search for things you can do that can help other people.  You'll be surprised how good you feel about yourself, which "vaporizes" any negative attitude.

Practicing these positive attitude tips daily can "deflect" much of the negativity you would otherwise absorb from all the media and "bad news" we have surrounding us today.

These positive attitude tips can be expanded each day as you experiment with them.  Try them out and see what comes... 

Because despite today's times, it's easy to have a positive attitude...

And you can have it today.

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