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The Best Positive Attitude
Information Using Today's Technologies


This positive attitude information covers the latest technologies that have been proven effective...

There are a lot of technologies used today to help people have a positive attitude, but there are only a few that I think are really super.

First, though, let's briefly discuss the benefits of a positive attitude:

There are a lot of benefits to be gained by having a positive attitude, which include improved health, less worry, more enjoyable and exciting life, and lots more motivation.

The power of positive thinking brings changes into your life which are constructive...

Like looking at the brighter, happier and more successful side of life...

And this, in turn, makes you expect the best to happen and become optimistic overall.

It's certainly a state of mind that's well worth strengthening and developing.  In fact, developing a positive attitude can be one of the best things you can do to slow down aging!

Okay, so now let's talk about the new technologies that help us use the power of positive thinking so effectively.

What "scientific stuff" can we use to have a positive attitude?
  • Hypnosis
  • Brainwave Entrainment
  • Subliminal CDs
Best Positive Attitude Information

Yes, I know hypnosis has been around "forever," but when you're talking about the most effective positive attitude information for today, you can't leave hypnosis out...


Because there's ongoing research about hypnosis which makes it continually more and more effective.

For example, recent research has identified that hypnosis directly affects the amygdala, which is a key part of the brain that deals with certain emotions.

As research continues, hypnosis becomes a stronger and stronger option because, as you know, there are some events in our lives that leave us sad and you just don't know what to do...

Hypnosis changes the way you think, which changes the way you feel...

It gives you better control of depression and sadness and helps you develop a positive attitude.

It leads you to a path of happiness!

And that path is being research and expanded.

So never fear, if your attitude isn't as positive as you'd like, hypnosis is worth a try.

  • Helps you see the positive things...
  • Helps you develop a more balanced perspective to your life...
  • Helps you improve your relationships with the people and things around you.
Some people say it's not secret magic, but I say it is!

It's a scientifically-based "magical" process that gets the thoughts you want into your head - past your conscious mind and into your subconscious which is where all the action happens.

The conscious part is what says, "Hey, that's not true..."

And that's the part that resists change.

Hypnosis puts you in a very relaxed state and allows you to gently change your attitude from negative to positive.

But specifically why have I included it with "today's technology?"


When you combine hypnosis with brainwave entrainment and subliminal cds, you get a "one-two punch" that accelerates the power of positive thinking using hypnosis.

Best Positive Attitude Information

When discussing the best positive attitude information, brainwave entrainment tops my list because it's so easy to instantly change your mood.

Scientifically speaking, brainwave entrainment is a technique which makes use of visual or audio incentives to make your brainwave pattern harmonize with a desired frequency. 

In plain English...

It means that when you pulse one frequency into one ear, and another frequency into the other ear, your brain "magically" harmonizes and puts you into different states of brainwaves.

For example, if 100 hz frequency was transmitted into one ear, and 90 hz was transmitted into the other, the difference between the frequencies (10 hz) is the frequency that your brain tunes to, which is also call "synchronization" [which term is also used when discussing synchronizing both sides of the brain.]

I've discussed the different states of brainwaves in the electronic mind control page in more detail.  If you want to take a quick look, go ahead, then hit the back button and I'll wait for you here.

What this means in keeping a positive attitude is that when you can "instantly" put your brain into a "10 hz wavelength" - a relaxed alpha state - you can control your mood and...

Bingo, you're relaxed...

No more anxiety...

All at the press of a button!

So here's how I use brainwave entrainment
to keep a positive attitude:

First, I notice I'm getting negative.  

Step One:  Self awareness [which is not as common as you might think.]

How many people do you know, who go around "with an attitude" blazing away at everyone in their path, can't admit their attitude could use some help?

Plenty, I'm sure.

Your job is to become aware.

Second, I run (not walk) to get my brainwave cd that puts me down into theta (4-7 hz) which is my favorite state of relaxation.

Step Two:  Use Brainwave entrainment to break the cycle.

My theta cd does that...

Within minutes, my brain is "mechanically" put into a theta state, which makes me feel good and deeply relaxes me...

Which is one of the best ways to effortlessly give myself a positive attitude.

I've made customized brainwave meditation mp3s that put you into various states of mind - including the theta state.  Be sure to check them out by clicking this link.  

And as I mentioned above, you can add subliminal messages to the brainwave entrainment, which is what I'll discuss next.

Best Positive Attitude Information

Okay, let's quickly discuss the "scientific" part subliminal work:

A subliminal is a signal or message rooted in another audio or visual object that is below the normal limits of perception.

The message targets the unconscious mind and replaces negative thoughts or behavior with positive ones.

The cool part about these messages is that you can't actually hear anything because they're "broadcast" at a frequency outside of human hearing range...

Well, that's what most people say...

But the truth is that there's a part of your ear that can hear these messages.  They found it through studies with deaf subjects.  

So even though you can't hear anything, there's a part of you that can hear the messages...

But because your conscious mind can't "hear" them, they slip past unnoticed and go directly into your subconscious where your mind decodes the messages and processes the information.

So if you have a negative attitude about something, you can listen to a subliminal cd (with or without hypnosis and brainwave entrainment) and reprogram yourself to change your attitude.

I make my own cds which combine either brainwave entrainment with hypnosis, or brainwave entrainment with subliminal messages...

Or, I'll burn just the subliminal messages onto a "silent" cd and play it all day while I'm working.

The effects have been positively startling!

Most of the time, within a day, I'm "living out" my new programming...

I'll "catch myself" doing something new and suddenly realize that I was responding to the affirmation I implanted the night or two before.

These subliminal sessions are life changing and do a lot in giving you a positive attitude.

You-Can-Change-Your-Beliefs Since I love the silent subliminals so much, I've put together some programs that use them and hypnosis meditations to change your beliefs as well as to manifest money.  Check them out by visiting my self hypnosis downloads page. manifest-money

Best Positive Attitude Information

This positive attitude information focused on taking advantage of the best technologies available to effortlessly give yourself a more positive attitude.

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