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Positive Affirmations Are Not Always Positive
How Do You Tell The Difference?


Many positive affirmations actually focus your attention on the problem. Use this free guide to spot a positive affirmation that works!

There are lots of positive thinking phrases that are not as positive as they may first appear...

Simple because they focus your mind on exactly what you do not want to think about...

"But Suzanne," I hear you say, "I'm using positive phrases all day long!"

Are you really?

Are you sure your positive daily affirmations are directing your mind into the direction that you want...

And that your money affirmations are working to manifest money?

Or are you imprinting just the opposite?

What really makes up a good positive affirmation?

If you want affirmations that work, there's a simple rule you need to follow...

Let's take a look at these two sample affirmations:

1) I am losing fat every day

2) I am becoming thinner every day

Where is your focus in each sentence?

For you English majors, what's the subject of each sentence?

Bingo! You've got it if you said that sentence number 1 focuses on “FAT” while number 2 focuses on “THIN...”

While this seems “Elementary, my dear Watson,” I see it done incorrectly over and over again when people start writing affirmations (sometimes misspelled as “affrimations.”)

So, what do you want to program into your brain?


Or thin?

Unless you're a Sumo wrestler, you probably want to program your mind to see yourself as “thin,” right?


Now suppose I tell you that part of your brain takes you literally.

Your subconscious mind
views the world through emotions and vibrations of thought. It's the subconscious that we're changing when we're doing affirmations and positive thinking...

And since you're dealing with such an important part of your mind (the subconscious) you want to make sure you write affirmations that work!

So you want to focus your brain power on what you want..

You've got to move your brain into the direction that you want to go, not where you “don't” want to go.

Think of it this way...

Everything in your "positive affirmation" must be angled toward your end result; i.e., being thin (versus "not fat.")

Sounds simple enough.

But more importantly, you want to create an energetic momentum within yourself that allows that affirmation to "come alive."

So, now let's say you've “been there, done that" and have been doing positive affirmations for years, so what I've told you isn't new.

Another thing I find with positive affirmations is that negative words are used inappropriately.

Compare these two sample affirmations:

"I don't want to go to work."

"I want to stay home."

Again, what's the subject of the sentence – work or home?

Words like “don't”
don't fit when you're doing affirmations for positive thinking. Sorry, they just “don't.” And I “don't” think you should use them.

And if you've read the last three sentences and can tell me that your mind isn't focused on the word “don't.....” 

Well, all I can say is that I just “don't” get it.

If you want to ovecome negative thinking, but"don't" want to do your own affirmations, check out The Effective Positive Thinking Program. 

YOU'LL LEARN how to overcome negative thinking as well as HOW TO BECOME A MONEY MAGNET!  

Check it out now...

Integrate Your Affirmations With

Now let's say you're chugging along with your affirmations faithfully...
  • You're doing them the right way
  • Repeating them often
  • Have your friends trained to never say "don't" around you....

Well, maybe the affirmations are working a little bit, but not as well as you'd like....

Here's the trick...

Take small action steps to solidify the new messages you are imprinting...

It's another way of learning.

Some people learn well through reading...

Others by doing....

But it's a well known fact (and my personal way of teaching) that seeing and hearing something three times (and preferably in different methods) is a very effective way to learn.

There's that word "effective" again. To "effect" change, we must take action.

Some action, no matter how big or small.


Does that mean you have to beat your friends over the head when they say "don't?"

No, not that kind of action.

Action like this...
AFFIRMATION= "I congratulate myself often"
ACTION = List five successes from your day and

Actually finding things to congratulate yourself for "seals the deal" with your mind. It engages the tactile learning part...

Gives it "lab time" to experiment and implement.

Exercises integrate the words....

And, before you know it, you're automatically congratulating yourself for EVERYTHING! (Yes, even for congratulating yourself.)

There are other ways to take action, like taking control of your thoughts when they run "amok" and going deeper into your subconscious with hypnosis.

My favorite type of action is the subliminal work....

It's so easy.


In summary, you want to make your affirmations positive by:
  1. Only using positive words and phrases that input exactly what you want into your head.
  2. Leaving out words like “don't,” “not” and "no."
  3. Taking action on every affirmation – no matter how small.

As you change both your thoughts to becoming more positive and your behavior attached to those positive thoughts becomes more positive, your body will start to learn a new way of living and actually help you out by changing your cellular structure to accommodate your new thought patterns...

In fact, your body will become addicted to the new thought patterns.

So, start the ball rolling by doing your positive affirmations the right way!

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