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Personal Development Training Course
Can One Bring You Riches?


A good personal development training course brings you more than personal growth.  It should also bring you riches and liberation.  Can that mean more than just money?

Maybe it could mean a “way of being” that produces riches...

And a “superior way of thinking” that we can use to improve our performance, creativity and powers of intention.

Personal Development Training Course

When you're looking for an outstanding personal development training program, you'll want to find a one with a few good features, such as:
  • Balanced approach to personal development
  • Online accessibility, as well as other multi-media components
  • Access to a positive community to encourage & support your growth
  • Hands-on tools that give you true transformational training
  • Opportunities to apply what you've learned in the course to increase your finances and lifestyle.
While money does bring lots of happiness in security and freedom, there are many areas of life that you'll want your transformational training to cover, such as:
  • Living from a place of purpose
  • Finding your internal source of power
  • Fine tuning your ability to use the Law of Attraction
  • Teaching you how to get results
  • Helping you develop richer relationships
  • Balancing your health and wellness
  • Defining true liberation
All of these above areas are key ingredients for a rich, fulfilling and, yes, financially successful life. 

Personal Development Training Course
"Extracurricular Activities"

Once you've learned solid principles from your personal development training course, then it's important to have a venue in which to practice these principles – sort of like “extracurricular activities.” 

One venue that I think is a pretty good idea is to find a personal growth and development system which gives you many choices that allow you to:
  1. Make money with your new success mindset that you've developed from the program.

  2. Connect with successful people on a continual basis through webinars, conference calls and a dedicated advisor which are accessible from anywhere there's Internet.

  3. Continue your education though personal development conferences, seminars and workshops.
Since I'm always investigating self esteem programs and positive thinking courses, I found one that turned out to be an overall excellent personal development training course.

Here are my thoughts about it as I goes through week seven of the eight-week course.

Personal Development Training Course
Week Seven


I like how they talk about the true "riches" and how to get them.  They talk about what's really important in life, yes, money, but how many other things contribute "richness" to our lives. 

I like how they drive home the one key element that gives you "a golden" life (like the Midas Touch.)

Now that I'm in my seventh week, I can definitely see how I've integrated many of the principles and concepts into my life on a daily basis...

Things that I already practiced, but were enforced and activated on deeper levels...

And learning new things that I've been able to apply and have direct results in my life.

The program is continually prodding me to find answers that are right for me "in each moment of uncertainty"  and I find it rather amazing how synchronistically the program has been working within my life.

I feel like it is continually validating thoughts I hold deep down inside myself...

Thoughts that get pushed aside with the everyday pressures of life... 

It's like the program is talking to my "core being" because I resonant on a very deep level that they're speaking the truth. 

This makes me feel encouraged, validated and supported and I know all of this is contributing to my “riches” in life, both spiritually and physically with my career.

My experience so far with this program has been very positive.  I've allowed myself to take a little longer than the 8 weeks to do it - mostly because i wanted to savor it, but have found that working at a slower pace has worked really well to allow me to integrate the information at my own speed.

Here's a journal entry from my seventh week:


Many times as I listen and work through the exercises, I actually feel like the "molecules in my brain" are shifting to a greater understanding.  It's as though the sequence of information systematically unlocks keys deep within myself. 

I'm able to integrate their information on a deeper and deeper level as I go through the program. One revelation leading to the next.

Today's exercises will significantly impact my "power and presence" when I walk into a room, which is surprising since I've done so much modeling and already had so many secrets in that genre, yet their one suggestion will take that presence to a new level.   That's one particular thing that I like about this program...

That it works on all levels, whether you're a beginner or someone who's been doing personal development for years.  The program pulls out of you things that you need "today" when you're asked to do certain exercises...

And I must have really needed this program today because I'm feeling over and over again that it is speaking directly to my heart.

Personal Development Training Course

As far as riches are concerned, you're “rich” when you have a balanced life, which includes finding your passion and living your life to its fullest extent.

That's where it all starts...

Find your passion by pursuing deeper levels within yourself and you'll be rich beyond measure.

UPDATE:  Although the program I discuss above was a terrific personal development program, it is no longer available, but I've got a great suggestion for you to expand your horizons and tap into a deeper power within yourself.  Here's more information about it...

how-to-change-your-beliefsChange Your Beliefs Guided Imagery Meditation Program.

This program works on a very deep level [your subconscious mind] to help you find what's stopping your life from working the way you want it to work.

It uses "invisible" subliminal recordings and guided hypnosis meditations as well as
teaches you how to find your limiting beliefs and create your own custom affirmations and create the rich life you deserve.  Click here to check it out.

Let's see what happens in my final week...

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