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Personal Development Topics:  The Top Seven


Tons of personal development topics exist today.  Here are the seven topics that set you on a positive path, no matter what phase of life you're in right now.

But first, let's briefly answer the question: “What is Personal Development?

Personal development is the process of knowing and enhancing one’s attitudes, behavior and feelings to have a healthier, happier and more successful life. And there are many ways in which to do this...

But the process is very broad and to know it well could take a lot of time.

So, here are the top seven topics that have the most impact on your life:
  1. Life purpose
  2. Finding Wholeness
  3. Getting Results
  4. Balance
  5. Health and Wellness
  6. Positive Thinking
  7. Financial Freedom
Personal Development Topics
Life Purpose

If you're like many people, you've asked yourself, “Why was I created?” 

Once you find this answer, everything seems for follow through as you focus on this “mission.”

You know what to do and you naturally do it...

Every party of your life is patterned to reach that aim...

You're active, efficient and always on the right path! 

Simply put, your attitude and behavior is attuned only to the fulfillment of your purpose, which creates success and happiness...

And this comes from spending time on this foundational topic of finding your life's purpose.

Personal Development Topics
Finding Wholeness

Another way to develop yourself personally is to focus on finding your power and your strengths. 

Once you shift your focus from “What's wrong with me?” to “What's right with me?” you initiate a great power within yourself to succeed in life...

You gravitate toward your strengths, instead of focusing on your weaknesses.

Part of this journey is knowing yourself, which entails this work of recognizing the areas where you excel...

The other part of this journey is using your capabilities to their fullest potential once you find them and this also gives you overall direction in life.

Therefore, in order to achieve your wholeness, you must know your strengths and use them to their fullest. If you're gifted with brains rather than strength, then find a career where intelligence is needed, not physical strength...

Or, if the opposite is true where you have strength but just “can't think about complicated stuff,” then find a career where physical strength is needed and not intellect.

Personal Development Topics
Goal Setting & Getting Results

Unlike life purpose or finding wholeness, goal-setting is rather short-term. But it, nevertheless, gives direction to one’s life as well. If you have not realized your purpose yet or feel a lack of power, just set goals you can work on to improve yourself.

These goals will help you spend each day meaningfully. They also keep you moving ahead. Achievement of these goals also gives you a sense of success and fulfillment.

When you start getting results, you develop better goals and the whole exercise escalates itself to more achievement...

Which will lead to more wholeness and finding your life's purpose.

Personal Development Topics

Balance is also one of the top personal development topics.

In order to have a better life, balancing your personal, professional and spiritual lives is important.

Rather than prioritizing them, keep all of them at the same level..

Like a pie cut into thirds...

Each piece tastes wonderful and adds to the overall “pie.”

There is a “calmness” to life when you have balance.  This allows you to focus on what you want out of life...

Which leads to becoming “whole” and being much closer to finding your purpose in life.  Not to mention happier in the process.

Personal Development Topics
Health & Wellness

When you have your health, you have the world at your feet.

You can think clearly...

Your body is ready for action...

So, you've got lots of clarity, energy and focus to make your life work!

Find a way to keep your health optimal, and you'll catapult the rest of your personal development efforts.

Personal Development Topics
Positive Thinking

The most popular subject among personal development topics is positive thinking, which includes the Law of Attraction:

You can use it to find [and attract] your life's purpose...

You can use it to become more whole and find [and attract] more power in your life...

You can use it (and affirmations) to set goals and attract results...

And you can use it to achieve [and attract] your balanced life!

It encompasses all of the above topics.  When you have a life purpose, you see only the positive that would be helpful in fulfilling that purpose. Setting goals, focusing, balancing and recognizing your strengths, are all positive attitudes and you need positive thoughts and behaviors in order to accomplish them.  And since science has found that our thoughts actually attract our results, it's pivotal to creating your ideal life.

Personal Development Topics
Financial Freedom

Many times, you may be “afraid” to say,”I don't feel good about myself because I'm not making the money I want/deserve” so you may “nudge” that subject off of the personal development plate.

While I've included it here as an important topic for personal development, it actually is the “result” of the other topics I've discussed above.  When you spend time practicing the personal development topics that really matter, you increase your internal “temperature gage” for financial freedom and success!

If you're new to personal development and want to know more about the personal development process in general, you can download my free PDF personal development workbook which gives you detailed instructions on how to get started with your new life plan.

It also gives you a full personal development template that you can fill in for yourself as you follow my example.

Just click here to download the workbook (or right-click for PCs) and the PDF will download instantly.

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