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Personal Development Tests
What Areas Need Improvement?


Personal Development Tests
help you find which aspects of your attitude need more attention and adjustment.  Here is a simple test...

Answer each question with a "yes" or a "no." Afterwards, count up the number of “yes” answers and read the evaluation below to see how you scored.

I've also included some explanations and tips along with the scores.
  1. Do you feel hate, anger or frustration?
  2. Do you consider yourself a sinner?
  3. Do you think you cannot control events in your life?
  4. Do you feel depression?
  5. Do you expose yourself to media?
  6. Do you feel addiction?
  7. Do people often treat you unfairly? 
  8. Do you feel that you are always right?
  9. Is life boring for you?
  10. Are you competitive?
  11. Is organizing difficult for you?
  12. Do you always want to be in control?
  13. Are you "overly emotional?"
  14. Do you often experience negative feelings?
  15. Do you often think and decide logically?
  16. Are you often in denial?  (Careful... Saying no to this one and you risk "being in denial about being in denial!")...
In fact, I often joke about "being in denial, I can't deny it!"

Now, total your number of “yes” answers...

Personal Development Tests
Evaluating Your Score

And here's the evaluation range of scores....

Drum roll please....

If you have answered “yes” 1 to 4 times, you are advanced when it comes to personal development. You hardly need improvement. You are among saints and spiritual leaders. You have values and principles that cannot be swayed by any event in your life. Your heart is filled with nothing but peace, joy and love. You have high regard of yourself but you also care for your fellowmen deeply.

If you have 5 to 8 “yes” answers, you are in the advanced immediate level in personal development. You have full grasp and understanding of the objective of personal growth. You just need some more exposure to events that would test your development. Experience is the best teacher of all and you can use this teacher to move on the advanced level.

If you have counted 9 to 12 “yes” answers, you are in the intermediate phase in the development. You are among the 85% of the population who are conscious of the fact that there is room for improvement even though you're "getting along" alright. Getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to get out of this phase as well as move up a notch. Since you see many people with many of your same attitudes, you think you're alright. But you still need to shift your perspective and learn to be more positive in life.

If you have gathered 13 to 16 “yes,” you are still a beginner in the personal development course. Since you have been reading this article, you are most probably interested in developing your current self. You have scored low and it means you have to work hard on many things. You need to reflect on your life more and be prepared to enhance yourself, which can be done through determination and persistence.

Personal Development Tests

More personal development tests are available online as well as several self-help workbooks that could further explain the specific areas where you need work. 

personal development plan workbookIf you're new to personal development and want to know more about the personal development process in general, you can download my free PDF personal development workbook which gives you detailed instructions on how to get started with your new life plan.

It also gives you a full personal development template that you can fill in for yourself as you follow my example.

Just click here to download (or right-click for PCs) and the PDF will download instantly.

Using a personal development coach is also a good way to start raising your awareness.

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