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Personal Development Plan:
Four Key Things That Make Your Plan Work

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Making your personal development plan work, instead of just being pushed back into a drawer, takes certain elements that are key to your success.

Let's take a peek at those four key elements.

Self Development Plan

Since you're researching a personal development plan (also called as "PD Plan," "self development plan, or "life plan"), you must want to achieve something in your life. 

The real question is, “Are you willing to go to great lengths to accomplish that special 'something?'”

If the answer is yes, then your first logical step toward your prize is to develop a self development plan.  There are many benefits to doing a plan.  One is that by having a plan, you actually know where you're headed...

Which leads to more success simply because you're focused.

So, what exactly is this plan that everyone's talking about?

A personal development plan is basically a set of guidelines that you follow to reach your goals in life...

It's a step-by-step process that guides you towards achieving a personal goal. This goal could fall under any area of your life, such as finances, career, physical, emotional, mental, relational or spiritual pursuits.

The role of this plan is to help you identify and envision achieving your personal goals in these areas through a systematic, step-by-step way that gets you to the finish line rather than getting sidetracked.

personal development plan workbook

Sometimes using a workbook is an easy way to get started with your personal development plan.  So, I've put together a Free Life Plan Workbook for you.  Just click here to download.

It guides you on how to set intention and take inventory at the outset, as well as has a PD plan template to follow that gets you off on the right foot.

Key Elements


If you combine your personal development plan with positive thinking, you'll get a big boost in self-confidence and power to accomplish everything you've included in your master plan.


Because with positive thinking, you'll be training your body and mind to “know for certain” that your outcome will be favorable.

Staying positive throughout this process helps ensure success in your development plan.


You'll want to keep your plan simple.  A good PD plan sample leads you to keeping it simple.

Simplicity is key to avoiding overwhelm...

And when you avoid overwhelm, it's easy to put one foot right in front of the other foot...

One simple step at a time.


Besides having a positive mindset as you go through your personal development plan, you need to be 100% committed to the plans and goals you set for yourself.

I know this seems, “Elementary, my dear Watson.”  But, many times people start out with “big dreams” but “no commitment” when the going gets a little uncomfortable.

Is a little discomfort good?

Yes, it allows you to grow in a direction where you're a bit weak.  If you want to grow, you've got to go through some “growing pains.” 

Are the growing pains worth it?


Your self esteem, confidence and power all grow leaps and bounds when you challenge yourself with a little “discomfort.”  After all, you're stretching your comfort zone, which is how you'll attain success.

So, commitment is a big part in the overall progress and success of your endeavor. This will help keep you going, even at times you might have the feeling that you want to quit.

Being committed also means that you have enough self-control and discipline to stay true to your promises as well as delivering the results in the time you have set.


You show true commitment to your PD plan through accountability.

This means that as you pursue your personal aspirations, you'll want to have another person on board to be accountable to for your progress.

This person is your accountability partner.

Pick someone who will give you encouragement as you progress...

Whom you respect so you don't want to let him/her down by procrastinating...

And who will be a good listener and compassionate to your needs as you go through the ups and downs of making change.

Having someone by your side is a key element that many people miss when developing their PD plan. 

It is also good to have a personal development coach who helps in coaching personal development plans as you get started.

You'll definitely need some advice in many of the phases of your plan, and it is nice to know that you have people and resources to consult during these times.

Getting help is normal, especially if you have a long journey ahead. 

Some guidance and a bit of support makes your determination to achieve everything you want grow stronger everyday.


When you can stay positive, keep things simple, stay committed and get a boost "now and then" from someone else, you're well on your way to making your PD plan work, which in turn creates the life you desire!

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