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Personal Development Online
Can it Help Your Relationships?


Personal development online can help your relationships, plus other areas, when you find the right transformational training.  I've found a terrific positive thinking course that...

Not only gave me the key to better relationships, but encouraged me on a daily basis to improve my relationship with myself by devoting quality time for personal development for my own life.

The program talked about the “one” thing that people do that damage and destroy relationships and addressed how to fix that issue...

And I realized the true nature of love, which was a great surprise because I thought I already knew about love.

Has it changed my relationships? 

Yes!  Just now as I'm writing this page, my cat wants on my lap.  The “old me” would have let him "move in" and take over my lap, but would not been happy about it because he'd be slowing down my work...

GoldieThe “new me' is still "letting him move in," but instead of putting my work first, I'm receiving his love and affection with gratefulness and appreciation!

Here's his picture....

As far as the personal development online program goes, I kept notes as I ventured through the positive thinking course [which ended up being much more than "just positive thinking"] and have posted them in various articles on this site. 

Here are my thoughts as I experienced week five of the eight-week course and how I felt as I experienced this week of the personal development online program...

Personal Development Online
Week Five


I'm over half done now and while I've been enjoying the course, I had some resistance today to the first exercise thinking it was “silly.”

However, what I learned from that "silly" exercise was the true nature of love that will absolutely change my relationships!

By doing this “silly” exercise, I've gotten a much greater sense of what true relationships are all about. 

Lots of people talk about the importance of love, but so far this course has allowed me to "discover" it for myself... with "silly" exercises like this one with the cork.

That's what I like about this course, it's not "preaching" to me.  Instead, it's giving me scientific evidence of how relationships affect my life and my health, and then giving me exercises to "discover whatever I need" to discover.  

Because that's different for everyone, this course acts like a guide that prompts me to look at a subject from a different angle.  And so far, every time I've broken through that "I don't want to waste the time to do this silly exercise" and have done it, the more benefit I've received... how interesting...

And the more fun it's been too!

Another thing that I like about this course, now that I'm half way through, is how it allows me to take quiet time with myself every day and focus on developing different aspects of my life.

I'm not worried about what's for dinner, or what anyone else around me needs.  All I'm doing is focusing on myself and getting daily encouragement from people who are generally happy and who want me to succeed...

So I'm building a better relationship with myself, which builds better relationships with those people around me.

Here's an excerpt from my journal [private parts removed] from that “silly” exercise, that ended up having a very profound effect:


When I started the exercise, I was hit with the resistance of "this is silly, why should I think about a cork?" 

But, as I've promised myself, I am staying open to each exercise and doing it and seeing what happens. 

It didn't take long.  My imagination started "small" with one cork, watching it bob along in the ocean.  Then I used a tidal wave to try and suppress it, but it worked its way back to the top.  Which can be seen as a crisis trying to suppress love, but it didn't.

Then I pictured a scuba diver taking the cork and holding it while swimming downward.  That was interesting.  I felt the tension in my hand as I was trying to hold down the cork.  It created tension and pressure.  It wanted to get back to the top.  Its natural state is at the top and it fights to be there.  It's we who interfere with it and suppress it, which isn't natural. 
What I got out of this exercise is how important it is to have lots of relationships - loving relationships - around me.  To find a sea of love into which to dive.  I've realized the true nature of love and understand how to let it naturally develop in my relationships.

This week was chuck full of "silly" exercises that really opened my eyes to ways to improving my relationships.

Personal Development Online

When you're looking at doing personal development online, you'll want to keep in mind that many online personal development courses are just that... online only.

A much better approach is to use audio cds, online interactive media as well as positive thinking seminars and other conference calls weekly to keep you “in touch” with a positive community, which was included in this program.

UPDATE:  Sorry to say, the terrific personal development online program that I'm discribing in this article is no longer available.  But, below is a really cool program that helps you develop a better relationship with yourself by finding your own core beliefs that are stopping your life from working the way you want it to work...

how-to-change-your-beliefsChange Your Beliefs Guided Imagery Meditation Program.

This program goes beyond just "positive thinking" because it teaches you how to find your limiting beliefs and how to create your own custom affirmations to overcome them.

It also uses
"invisible" subliminal recordings and guided hypnosis meditations to help you become more open to helping yourself change.

Click here to check out this neat program...

Let's see what happens in Week Six...

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