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Personal Development Online Courses
Can You Be Transformed?


Personal development online courses may or may not give results so I was surprised when I received true transformational training from the positive thinking program I chose.  You see I didn't...

Buy the program because I thought it would “do wonders.”  I bought the program because I liked the company, believed in learning more about positive thinking and was interested in other parts of the program's system.

What surprised me is how much change I experienced simply by applying myself daily to the online personal development course.  I truly felt transformed and excited to pursue a better future for myself.  In this article, I describe my last week of the positive thinking program, which I didn't want to end.

But first, let's look at the benefits of a good program and how it helps you change...

Personal Development Online Courses

So, can you be transformed by personal development online courses?

Yes, if you choose the right one.

What you want to look for in these online personal development programs are a few different factors:
  1. Does it give you a multi-media format to receive the information?

  2. Does it impact several areas of your life?

  3. Can it provide additional sources of education, such as positive thinking seminars and personal development conferences?

  4. Have you heard of anyone having success with it?

  5. Is it something you can repeat or continue on an on-going basis?

Your brain receives information in different ways.  Some people learn visually, others learn better through physical exercises.  So, to get truly transformational training, you want to “enlist” all the different “learning areas” of your brain so you get a multi-faceted result.


Some personal development online courses only focus on one or two aspects, such as positive thinking, making money or improving health and wellness.  There are many facets of your personal development, so you'll want a program that gives you many facets of growth in addition to any courses focused on improving health, wealth and a positive mindset.


Many online personal development programs only give you what's “online.”  Again, there are many different ways to learn, so if the program that you're investigating has “extracurricular activities” such as weekly conference calls, webinars and conferences, you're going to get more out of the overall program.


Just because someone has had success with something, doesn't guarantee that you will.  But, if you have heard of success already, then chances are you're more likely to gain benefit too.


Since these personal development online courses are given in the “computer media,” you may be able to repeat them as often as you like.  However, a good program will allow you to also continue the “extracurricular” activities for a slight “membership” fee.

Personal Development Online Courses
My Experience

The transformational training that I've chosen has been very good. 

It has all of the above five factors, gives extraordinary results, and is part of a larger set of personal growth and development systems.  

I've completed all eight weeks and this article is the last of “my experience with the program” articles. 

This week's materials are focused on becoming liberation, and, yes, I actually do feel liberated!

Here are my thoughts, notes and journal as I complete my final week of the course.

Personal Development Online Courses
Week Eight


I really connected with the information on this week's cd.   I listened to it three times before starting this week's exercises...

And every time I listened, something inside of me continually shifted.

I'm feeling such a "synchronicity" about the course as it touched my heart again today because of a story that parallels my life right now. This keeps happening to me during this course.

So, for only working with this week's materials for one day, it has had an profound and significant effect on my life, which has come to me as a complete surprise.

I'd say the biggest thing I'm taking away from this course is a greater sense of who I am, an increased amount of motivation and encouragement to really make my life work on new levels  and habits that have become ingrained over the 8-week journey. 

Day 52:  I had another nice surprise today with the course.  I scored much higher on my “evaluation” test. 

In fact, when I took the test today [as a “end of course” evaluation], I was thinking, "Gee, I feel like I'm giving the same answers as I did the first time" [I took the test at the beginning of the course.]  So when my score came up a lot higher, it kind of "tickled" me that I've obviously been making more progress than I've been giving myself credit for during this course. 

And the other day, I looked through my journal and found an interesting entry that was totally excited about some breakthrough I'd just had during one of the exercises.

So, today, between seeing that journal entry of "being excited" and the higher test score, I'm "tickled" about how much I've grown by using this online personal development program.

Even as I'm winding down and getting to the end of this course, I'm still gaining quite a lot from the experience. 

In fact, I'd say that the momentum of the course is definitely taken ahold of my progress and I am progressing better and faster now.  I don't want the program to end.


DAY 56 - Well, I'm on the very last page of the course and I don't want to hit the button to "complete" the course.  I'm actually sad that the journey is over - even though it's not really over because I can revisit the course anytime.  But I just don't want to hit the button because then I'm done.   

I'm very surprised to be feeling so sad that the program is over.  So, I'm going to make a deal with myself...

My deal is going to be to listen to all the cds again and revisit the course again after a short break.  What will be interesting about this is that now I've completed everything - as soon as I hit that button in a minute - I bet I'll experience the program in a whole new way, just like I do when I re-listen to the cds...  I'll get even more out of it.

That's a great way to leave it... Looking forward to repeating it and seeing what new discoveries I can make next time!  Okay, I'm ready to hit the "completed" button.

Personal Development Online Courses

So, do I feel liberated and transformed?  Yes.  I found one of the most successful online personal development programs and it gave me results.

UPDATE:  Sorry to report that despite the fact that the program I've described above was one of the best personal development online courses I've found and that it gave great results, it is no longer available.   But I know you're here looking for new answers for your life.  So, here's a program below I've put together that is even better because it helps you find the root of what's stopping you from making your life work the way you want it to work.

how-to-change-your-beliefsChange Your Beliefs Guided Imagery Meditation Program.

This program focuses on finding your core  issues that are sabotaging your success in all areas of your life.

It teaches you how to identify and change your negative beliefs holding you back from losing weight, creating money, improving relationships, etc.

This program makes it simple for you to create change in your life by using an easy 10-step hypnosis method, "invisible" subliminal recordings, guided hypnosis meditations, and more
.  Click here to check it out.

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