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Personal Development Ideas
Why Combine Personal Growth With
Making Money?

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One of the best personal development ideas I've found combines positive thinking and personal growth with a way to make six figures working part time...

Which gives you more time and finances to develop yourself and live life.

But why is it a great idea to include this in your personal development plan?

Because regardless of what you may or may not believe right now, your personal development process is intrinsic to your financial success...

And your financial success is intrinsic to your personal development.

Whether you're “flipping burgers” at minimum wage, or making the “big bucks” in the corporate world...

The more you develop yourself, the faster and better you climb life's financial ladder...

And the higher you get on the ladder of financial freedom, the more time and financial resources you have to develop yourself.

What I've found is when you combine your personal development specifically angled to developing you as a person, as well as angled to helping you succeed in making six figures, both parts of your life (work and self) "feed off each other synergistically" and you gain momentum quickly that spreads into other parts of your life.

Personal Development Ideas

There are many personal development ideas that touch different aspects of your life.

Say, for example, you attend motivational seminars that talk about one aspect of your life and you take it home and figure out a way to incorporate it into your life.

That's a good start and I think weekend seminars and events are good for “a la carte” issues.

But, many times when the seminar is over, you “go back” to your daily life of the “more negative than positive” work environment...

And you find it increasingly difficult to tell others about your adventures because they just don't “get it”...

They weren't at the seminar...

They even ask you if you're "for real" because they can't relate to your new power and happiest!

So, you slowly “fade back” into the woodwork of the office until the next seminar.
positive environment woman

But what if you could attend a company personal development event where everyone is as positive as you are...

Who then prompt you to be more positive than you thought you ever could be?

And then you then stayed connected with these positive individuals who constantly asked you to develop yourself in new financial ways as well?

I'm sure this sounds like “pie in the sky” but one of the newest (and best) personal development ideas that I have found is where you have a “positive thinking home business” and you travel to personal development conferences and events where you grow personally...

Then return home and work daily with a turn key business system that is hooked into a supportive “you can do this” environment of people.

As you grow from the events and the mentoring, your income level rises...

And as your income level rises, you have more time and finances to “give back” to others who want a better life too.  In fact, helping others in personal development can be very rewarding.

Your family gets involved with the events and grows too...

And you're home with the family instead of sitting on a commuter train.

And instead of going to a seminar and then “coming home to the battle zone of negativity,” you stay enveloped in a bubble of “positivity” through your business, your associates, your mentor and your family – who grow more too!

Personal Development Ideas

When you're looking at personal development ideas, one of the main factors to consider is your environmental support that “hovers” around you that either encourages you to grow...

Or encourages you to stagnate and “fit in.”

My choice is to surround myself with positivity every moment.

And here's an article about choosing a personal development conference:

Personal Development Conferences: Are They All The Same? 
Personal development conferences can vary widely so how do you know which one to choose?   This article compares conferences and gives you direction on...


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