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Personal Development Home Business
Can You Make Money Selling Positive Thinking?


A personal development home business can be one of the best high profit home businesses if you're right for it.  There are a few character traits that are beneficial to your success.

In fact, there are a lot of character traits needed when owning your own business.  But what I'll be discussing here are specific traits for a personal development home based business.

Are these character traits necessary right when you start your business?

No, not necessarily.  In fact, many of the following traits come through running your own personal development entrepreneur business because you'll be developing yourself in such a wonderful way as you embark in this type of business.

Personal Development Home Business
Traits for Success

1.      Motivation

The first trait really has to do with your level of motivation.

Some people are “naturally” motivated and "get right in there” when taking action to change their lives...

If you're like that, you'll roll up your sleeves and take on a personal development business with much enthusiasm and delight.

But what if you just don't have that internal drive that makes you want to “roll up your sleeves,” yet you want to make change happen, just a bit slower?

Are you motivated to succeed, even if it takes a little longer?

As long as you are motivated to some degree to make change happen in your life, you have the one essential tool to making any business work well for you...

But in the matter of a personal development home business, you just need enough motivation to be able to take consistent action to achieve set goals and you, too, will progress.

2.    "But I Can't Pick Up the Phone!"

To be successful at a personal development home business you really need to be open to talking with people – usually over the phone.

Now, I'll be honest with you, when I ran my modeling and acting studio, I “loudly” proclaimed that I would not pick up the phone to call anyone, so I hired people to do the phone work...

But they didn't get the results that I (naturally) got when I spoke to people on the phone.

So, how did I go from”I can't and I won't” to “I love talking to people on the phone?”

Easy, I just listen and be myself with them, and you can be too.

So, if you already have the knack and charisma for connecting with people over the phone, you'll be one step up when starting your personal development entrepreneur business...

And if you don't but have the right motivation, you'll naturally develop a more comfortable relationship with the phone as you expand your world through owning this type of business.

3.     Do you have the mindset of helping others in personal

If you're only “in it for the money” (which can be very lucrative), let's face it, in this business, you won't get far.  People can tell when you're not honestly interested in helping them.

This trait is easy to develop the more you get into your personal development business and start making money.


Because something happens as your income level goes higher.  You naturally become more generous toward others because your needs are being met and you have an overflow of abundance.

It just naturally happens.

Personal Development Home Business
Selling Positive Thinking

So, what about selling positive thinking?  Where does that fit into having a personal development home business? 

One of the leading high profit home businesses right now is the Law of Attraction – Positive Thinking (Personal Development-Type of) home business. 

In fact, it's one of the hottest industries right now.

Do you need a belief in positive thinking?

Yes, I suppose.  If you don't have that, you could take a positive thinking course to see if you could develop a belief in positive thinking.

Do you want to earn six figure income?  If you're like most, that answer is yes!

Well, when you have your own Law of Attraction business, you can make great money selling positive thinking...

This type of business gives you the ability to achieve amazing financial freedom, if you have the right motivation and determination to go for it.

Plus it gives you the tools necessary to develop yourself and your mindset to actually believe that you can make your dreams come true.

Personal Development Home Business

So, the question really isn't “Can you make money selling positive thinking?”

The question is, “Are you right for the industry and are you motivated and determined enough to make your life better through using personal development products and then turning around and helping others in personal development?”

A personal development home business specializing in positive thinking isn't right for everyone.  If you're not “into” personal growth or are afraid to talk to people, you certain could learn these skills, and getting into the industry is one good way to overcome these “slight” beginnings. 

But you have to be motivated and want to succeed.  It doesn't matter if you actually believe in yourself to succeed because that comes with time and with the territory of being involved in a personal development business. 

It's like osmosis, you naturally grow (whether you try to or not) simply because you're around the industry of personal development and growth.  So, even if you're afraid to pick up the phone in the beginning (like I was years ago,) you soon get over it and then can experience the exhilaration and power of having overcome a “block” to your success.

A personal development home business gives you the opportunity to expand yourself in new horizons, both because you're developing yourself on a daily basis, but also because you are being of service to others who also want to find better ways to improve their lives...

So, then you can make money selling positive thinking!

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