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Personal Development Help
Personal Development Coach

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Looking for personal development help?  Finding a life coach takes time and patience, but the rewards are worthwhile when you find someone who can help you sort out life's issues.

If you have been...
  1. Roaming around my site gathering all the goodies from my free content and perhaps thinking, “Gee, I wonder if Suzanne could help me?


  2. Searching the Internet and are already deeply involved in the  “finding a coach” process and “stumbled” upon my site....
I've put this page together to help you figure out ways I can help you continue your personal growth.

Personal Development Help

One very cool and affordable way to use my services right away is to check out The Effective Positive Thinking Program, which I personally created with the techniques I've used with private clients.  

The program gives you everything you need to OVERCOME NEGATIVE THINKING and to BECOME A MONEY MAGNET!  Click here now to check it out...

Personal Development Help

One of my favorite quotes when it comes to giving personal development help is this one:

“The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter
the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the
threshold of your mind.”  ~ Kahlil Gibran

So what, exactly, does that mean?

It means that it's “all about you” and not “all about me...”

It means that I respect the wisdom you hold deep inside of yourself and that it is my privilege to help you access it and then figure out how to use it for your full potential...

And to find answers...

Answers that are buried deep inside of you that just need a safe environment and a little encouragement to surface...

Answers that change your life simply because you've allowed them to “surface...”

Answers that build your confidence because you opened up and asked...

Answers that come because you received intuitive promptings from someone outside.

When this happens, there is a sparkle of confidence, and a new glow of trust and hope for living a more engaged and better life because one more barrier has been dismantled.

This style of work brings out your inner knowledge because of its diverse, yet synergistic approach. 

Personal Development Help

I use a combination of methods and techniques to bring these results:


    Coaching Personal Development Plan So Your Life Works As a Whole

When you have “the big picture” in mind, it's easier to stay focused and patient enough to take step-by-step action and to have a “gage” for your progress so you have the confidence to keep going.

So, one of the ways I give personal development help is by helping you develop a personal development plan.  I give you guidance on how to maximize the personal development plan samples and templates that I already have on the site...

To put them all together and customize what's right just for you.

This coaching personal development plan approach gives you the “big picture” of how each piece of your life fits together...

So your life can work synergistically together as a whole.


    Certified Hypnotherapist Specializing in Subliminal Work

My favorite way to allow deep transformation is through hypnosis.

Since hypnosis can be a little overwhelming or mysterious to do all by yourself at first, I help you become familiar with the hypnosis process and then guide you toward being self-sufficient through self hypnosis instruction...

So you become your own self-hypnosis expert!

Why do I like hypnosis so much?

Because it speaks to our subconscious where all those “accidental memories" are stored, yet this is the area that directs most of our modes and behaviors.

I like the subliminal way of delivering the suggestions because it “slips past” our critical and censoring conscious minds which can get in the way of absorbing new thought patterns.  I make my own subliminal hypnosis recordings for myself and my clients...

And my favorite way of using these subliminal suggestions is by playing them while I sleep at night...

So I'm reprogramming myself while I sleep...

And when I'm reprogramming the “heart” of my computer (my subconscious) for the way I want to live, true transformation “just happens.”


    Life Coaching at The Touch of Your Fingertips

Part of helping yourself make change is being in a safe environment.  I find this can happen two ways...

First, I allow you a safe, non-judgmental “emotional space” in which to express your thoughts and feelings, and secondly, when you are allowed to physically stay in familiar surroundings, you'll naturally feel safer and more at ease.

So, by using today's technologies, you can stay in the safety of your own surroundings, rather than sit in a cold, unfamiliar office, and...

We can work together over the computer.  For example, if there's a form we both need to view, I have “web conferencing” software where you simple sign into a web site for access and you can see my computer screen.

If I need to see you do something, I can use the computer's video features – as long as you also have a computer with video capability.  Don't know if you do?  Most laptops today have little “video eyes” on them.  Yours might already have one so “Smile!”

Although I'm in the United States, I can help you develop the different aspects of your life through using today's technologies right in the safety of your own home or office.


    Modeling and Acting Secrets and Tricks for Polish and Poise

When there is internal change, there is usually a desire for external change.  Many times a spark of internal confidence prompts a desire for an external “make over.”

This is where my modeling and acting coaching experience comes into play...

Whether you want to climb the corporate ladder or talk to lost animals at the shelter, I can help you look and feel your best externally after making substantial internal shifts.

I have proven acting and modeling tricks that have helped my clients gain the polish and poise they desire for making company presentations as well as for walking down the aisle at their wedding.

When I had my own modeling, acting and confidence “brick and mortar” business, I helped many young models and adults build their confidence and poise.  Even though that studio is no longer open, here's a video I made for the studio which shows testimonials and my style of working with my clients:

One way I specifically like to help my clients, no matter what genre, is having them apply what they've learned in real-life situations.  I did that in the modeling studio by finding ways for them to perform.

When it comes to personal development consulting, I'll suggest ways for you to incorporate your learning into everyday living.

Why Use a
Personal Development Coach?

Bottom line when you're seeking personal development help from the outside is to ask yourself if you would like to receive:
  • A more objective view of yourself so you can make necessary changes

  • The synergy of two people working together so you receive faster results

  • External prompting for you to explore new areas within yourself so you make lasting change

  • New ideas so you expand your areas of growth

  • Accountability so you “stay the course” and actually make something happen for yourself
All the above reasons are valid for getting personal development help through the use of a personal development coach, but the accountability one really hits home when you want a “personal trainer make you do the sit ups.”  You just have to show up and let the trainer prompt you to do more.

I have found that when someone wants to “burst through barriers,” getting personal development help through a coach makes all the difference.

Personal Development Help
Fee Schedule

So, now you're probably wondering “What's all this cost, Suzanne?” 

Oops, sorry, I'm all booked up right now with clients.



And I personally created it with the techniques I've use with my private clients.

You can also fill out the contact form below and I will get back to you to discuss your needs and when my services will be available to you.

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