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Personal Development Courses and Training
and the Law of Attraction


Personal development courses and training in the Law of Attraction abound today.  Here is a peak at one of the best personal development online courses that reveals new ways to use The Law of Attraction.

If you're looking through the many personal development courses and training out there with regard to the Law of Attraction, you're probably finding a lot of the same positive thinking “stuff,” which I've studied for years and have shared on this positive thinking site.

What I experienced with the Law of Attraction through the positive thinking course I took actually surprised me. 

Even after years of experience with the Law of Attraction, I learned things that gave me breakthroughs...

Things that I had actually avoided doing because they were just the “opposite” of what I'd been taught.

They also revealed a lot of “mindset” and positive thinking techniques that were unique.

Did these innovative techniques work? 


I'd like to let you experience how the third week of the eight week course i took worked for me by sharing my notes that I kept while progressing through that week.  They give you a candid view of what I was feeling during this week of the course.

Personal Development Courses and Training
Week Three


This week focuses on the Law of Attraction and since I've studied it so much and have had numerous experiences with it already, I figured I'd whisk over this week. 

But, to my surprise, I didn't do that, and I'm seeing why now...

In my first day - day 15 - I was prompted to think about obstacles a different way, which made me look at something that happened in my personal life the previous week in a totally new light. 

This work shifted my perspective entirely about that situation and I felt my anger and frustration shift into relief and calm. 

And my mind shifted into a much clearer state of attraction by doing so.

So, right off the bat, I received benefit from the course simply because it asked me to look at something from a new perspective...

One that wasn't really obvious, yet was very powerful and simple.

After receiving that first prompting, I went through the rest of the week with an open mind and continued to receive great benefit.

The course asked me to keep a journal as a part of the program. Here is an excerpt from that journal:


That was an amazing experience.  Wow.  It's like I felt myself shifting and shifting and shifting as I spent time focusing on those exercises today.  And it's really hitting home for me that remaining open to new things is key to my success...

Key because it allows the Universe freedom to express itself through me, which allows me to trust it more as I see things happen...

And feel things happen.  I feel great right now. 

I plan to look for results:  I've just had amazing results, but am clearer about things so much that I know that I will see other results right away. 

This is getting exciting. 

Taking the time for myself to do this work will pay off so much.  How surprising.  I really didn't think I'd get anything from this.  I guess I was mistaken about that.  I feel like I'm in a whole new place just because I was open to the possibility that this course would help me....

And then applying myself to its exercises.  Now that I've experienced such a breakthrough in the Law of Attraction and manifesting, this is getting more fun... 

To actually work with the Law of Attraction from an entirely different perspective. I've promised myself that I would stay open during this course...

And that willingness to stay open really paid off today.  It remains interesting to me that this course works at all levels - even advanced ones - because no matter where I am, the course prompts me to go deeper.

Personal Development Courses and Training

So, you're probably wondering what positive thinking course I took.  A course that was SUPER, but is no longer available.  :(

But, the key here is that even though I "thought" I knew about the Law of Attraction, I opened my mind to a new venue of learning about it and gained benefit.

So, if you're looking for a positive thinking course that helps you ignite the Law of Attraction, check out my program.  Here's more information about it...

how-to-change-your-beliefsChange Your Beliefs Guided Imagery Meditation Program.

This program tunes your radar [your subconscious mind] to attract on auto pilot by using "invisible" subliminal recordings and guided hypnosis meditations.

It also teaches you how to find your limiting beliefs that are canceling out your Law of Attraction affirmations, as well as teaches you how to create your own custom affirmations that hit the target.  Click here to check it out.

Personal Development Courses and Training

When you're looking at personal development courses and training that center around the Law of Attraction, you'll want to find one that delivers new, fresh information about how to manifest your desires and attract results as well provides technology such as silent subliminals that re-program your subconscious mind to attract what you desire.

Let's see what happens in Week Four

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