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Personal Development Consulting
Is a Personal Development Coach
Worth Your Time?


save-time-and-moneyPersonal development consulting is gaining in popularity.  It can save you time, money and headaches if it's right for you. This self assessment helps you to see....

How you personally can benefit from using a personal development coach.


You may have probably heard about personal development consulting from the HR (Human Resources) people in your office.

Although gaining in popularity, many people still don't exactly know how to define “personal development.”

Personal development is a process of self-development and development of others.

Your personal development could include your goals, plans, and actions to achieve the following:
  • Improve self-awareness
  • Develop talents
  • Build identity
  • Improve self-knowledge
  • Identify and improve potential
  • Enhance the quality of life
If you're thinking about using personal development consulting, it would be best to get a personal development coach. Personal development coaching could prove to be beneficial if you want to achieve the above goals and more.

Personal Development Consutling
Self Assessment

But, how do you know if you'll benefit from using a personal development coach?

Let's ask yourself some questions to determine this answer:
  • It is easy for you to clearly identify issues in your life that need improvement and then maintain persistence and focus while making the desired changes without any support or help?
If the answer is yes:  Working with a person development consultant could accelerate your results and catapult you faster toward your goals.  Research shows that people who use coaches, excel in many areas of their lives.
If the answer is no:  Working with a personal development coach can teach you how to maintain your focus on some of the specific things that you want to accomplish, as well as giving you an objective look at your life when identifying issues.
  • Is it easy for you to reach your goals without being “nudged” by anyone?
If the answer is yes:  Working with a personal development consultant could give you “synergistic” results because you don't need prodding along.  Synergy (energy multiplied) happens when two people are working together effortlessly, rather than one pulling the other along.  So, you could expect dramatic results with a coach.

If the answer is no:  A personal development coach can help you reach your goals because a coach holds you accountable for making progress.  You also can receive guidance on devising a personal development plan to clearly identify your goals.
  • Is is easy for you to stay motivated and inspired?
If the answer is yes:  You can expect expanded creativity when working with a coach.  A good coach will increase your excitement and enthusiasm, no matter how motivated you are on your own.

If the answer is “sometimes, depending if it's fun or not:” A personal development coach can keep you motivated to always keep an eye on your goals and be your source of inspiration and encouragement... Like having your own cheerleader.
  • Do you have an abundance of time on your hands?
If the answer is yes:  Good for you because you'd have plenty of time to do the work with a coach and put changes into action.

If the answer is no:  Working with a personal development consultant will save you time.  Instead of trying to figure out all alone how you can achieve your goals, and lose precious time, a personal development coach can direct your plan in an organized and efficient manner.
  • Are you good at getting out of your comfort zone and expanding your horizons on your own?
If yes:  You'll definitely be pushed in a personal development consulting session because you already know how to push yourself.  With the help of a coach, you should excel very well. 

If not:  An effective personal development coach can encourage you to come out of your box.  With gentle support, your coach can allow you to move out of your comfort zone and expand your boundaries. This alone has an amazing effect on boosting your confidence.
  • Can you look objectively at your life?
If yes:  You are unique – and maybe a little in denial (just kidding.)  If you can do this, then you should be able to really develop your personal development plan well with a coach because you won't have the “defensiveness” or “emotional blocks” when looking at your own life.

If not:  A personal coach will be able to work in all areas of your life.  The objectivity that a personal development coach brings to the table, helps you recognize what is not working well for you as well as recognize what is working well for you.

As a person from the outside looking in, a personal coach would be able to discover your values and beliefs. Doing so will help you set realistic goals that would be aligned with your values.
  • Are you ready to experience exponential growth?
If yes:  A personal coach will make you grow as a person. With your coach's help, you will discover things that you didn't know you were capable of doing.

If not:  You may not want to use a coach because change is a definite “side effect” of personal development consulting.
  • Are you tired of going it alone?
If your answer is yes or no:  It is always more fun to learn with someone. Personal development consulting is a way of learning about you; i.e., your personality, what your strong points are, what your weak points are, etc.

It can be a very fun journey when you have company.

Personal development consulting is a way of rediscovering yourself.

Having a personal coach will definitely produce fulfilling results in all aspects of your life.

Personal development consulting will enhance your skills, your resources, and the creativity that you already have, but have failed to recognize. 

Is it time to discover yourself?

Do you want help?

Check out my How to Be More Positive article and my Personal Development Help article.  Both these articles give you more information about the benefits of using a coach.

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