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Personal Development Conferences
Are They All The Same?

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Personal development conferences can vary widely, so how do you know which one to choose?   This article compares conferences and gives you direction on...

Which one is right for you!


I decided to do a comparison of different conferences, but when I started my research, I found that a lot of different types of “personal development events” were given the title, “personal development conferences.”

They ranged from a one-day “academic” workshop to a full blown luxury vacation seminar where you overcome physical obstacles and build inner strength.

And I found that I couldn't compare them becuse they really didn't deliver the same results...

In fact, many of them were in completely different leagues from each other...

Yet they all had the same title.

So, I got thinking, “How does a person know which personal development conference is best?

How can you compare a short, academic “conference” with a 3-5 day luxury vacation seminar which bears the same title?

The “academic conference” gives you information...

The “luxury vacation seminar” gives you information...

The “academic conference” gives you lunch...

The “luxury vacation seminar” gives you lunch (and dinner and breakfast and dinner and breakfast)...

So, both conferences “feed you” with information and food.

So, how do you know exactly which one is right for you?

Let's ask yourself some questions...

"What Do I Want?"

First, ask yourself if you want to attend motivational seminars for career advancement or for general self improvement. 

If you're looking for a conference for work purposes, then an academic – lecture style “specific on the subject” workshop might be good for you.

For example, if you want to improve your sales communication, then a one-day workshop or weekend seminar specifically about “how to sell” might be just the ticket...

But, let's think outside the box for a minute.  What if there were personal development conferences that helped your communication “in general?”

Would that also help your sales ability?


What if the conference gave you physical obstacles to overcome, which initially you thought were impossible (like walking on fire), yet you tapped into a strength that allowed you to do it?

Would that give you more internal power and courage to sell better despite what your “self talk” is saying about success?


What if the conference took you “away from it all” and allowed you to get in touch with your inner spirit and wisdom and then taught you how to “trust” yourself and your own creativity?

Could learning that be as good or better than filling your head with “theory?”


My Choice


I've attended a variety of personal development events, from one-day events all the way up to the luxury vacation seminar (and yes, I walked on fire)...

And I have to say that the luxury vacation seminar did more for my self esteem and courage than all the other one-day events put together...

I overcame “major” physical obstacles (like breaking an arrow with the soft part of my neck) that radically changed how I “saw myself” and...

I went from this “princess who couldn't” to this “powerful woman who could.”

So, personally, I like the longer conferences with more activities that make me continually tap into my power.


So, when you're looking at personal development conferences, there are many options out there today.  My advice is to “go for it” and do a conference that pushes you past your limits so that all areas of your life can expand!

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