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Personal Development Coach
How to Pick One - Do You Really Need One?


A personal development coach may be a new concept to many.  Here are tips on how to pick one and to learn how to use one efficiently.

Since you've found this page, you must be tired of "going it alone" so you've decided to get yourself a personal coach for either some positive thinking help or personal development help.

And you've realized there are aspects of your life where you need a little help and that a personal development coach would be a good idea.

Or, perhaps you're thinking about giving yourself a big boost to get over a hurdle, so its worth seeking out just the right life coach.

Okay, so the next step is to find that perfect coach.


Whether you're looking for a personal development coach, a positive thinking coach, or just want some personal development help, the first thing I'd like you to think about is...

What aspect of your life do you want to address first?  If you're unclear about which area needs addressing first, you could find a personal development coach who is called a “generalist” or a “life coach” who can help you “sort things out” and get you started with a personal development plan.

If you're unsure of what you really want to work on, a generalist would be the best choice. That gives you freedom to move from one life issue to another.

If you want to focus on a particular area, a specialist would best suit you. There are actually those that focus on certain areas – business coaches, family coaches, parenting coaches, etc.

Sometimes a general “life coach” also has “sub-specialties” so it's good to ask if they can help you with your particular area if you've already identified one.

Since there isn't any required certification process for a personal development coach in the United States, areas of “specialty” could be any subject with which a good coach is familiar and has experience.

You'll want to also check out what additional tools the coach offers.   For example, if you seek a positive thinking coach, what tools are available to help you “take action” on your new thought patterns...

Or to ingrain your new beliefs?

My favorite tool in this area is self hypnosis, so I think a self-hypnosis expert who is also a coach would be a good choice.

When communicating with a prospective coach, look for signs of evasiveness. 

Are  your questions answered with a high level of confidence and professionalism?

Are your feelings validated and supported?

Is the coach warm and inviting?

Do you feel comfortable with the coach?

Does it feel like the coach “cares” about you?

Do you feel heard?  This is the most important factor when evaluating a personal development coach. 

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Personal Development Coach
Do You Need One?

Working with a coach can help you in a variety of ways.  Ask yourself the following questions to see if you would like to work with a coach:

1.  Do I often feel stuck and frustrated? x x
2.  Am I having trouble staying motivated? x x
3.  Am I falling behind on reaching my goals? x x
4.  Have I “forgotten” what my goals are? x x
5.  Am I ready for support from a coach? x x
6.  Am I open to making change? x x
7.  Am I ready to take safe, steady action? x x
8.  Would I like personal guidance to a better life? x x

If you answered “yes” to 6 or more of the above questions, you are ready for a coach and would benefit a great deal.

If you answered “yes” to 4-6 of the above questions, getting some coaching would be a good choice to advance you to the next level.

If you answered “yes” to only 1-3 of the above questions, you may want to get some positive thinking books or some personal development books to work with before spending any financial resources to work with a coach.


When looking for a personal development coach, use your instinct to tell whether you feel “heard” or not, which tells you which coach is right for you.

If you're tired of "going it alone,", check out my How to be More Positive article and my Personal Development Help article.  Both of these articles give you more information about the benefits of using a coach.

For more information about personal development consulting, check out this personal development consulting article:

Personal Development Consulting:  Is a Coach Worth Your Time?  Personal development consulting is gaining in popularity.  It can save you time, money and headaches if it's right for you. This self assessment helps you to see...


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