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Seizing Opportunity

Personal Development Business
New Ideas for Small Business


Personal development business opportunities are emerging as one of the most creative ways to make money today because this type of business offers many facets to owning...

Your own business.

While traditional business focuses on having your own employees, overhead, and working 40-60+ hours a week as a boss....

A personal development entrepreneur business focuses on...
  • Helping others in personal development and making money without actually employing them as employees...

  • Having minimal overhead so you own a high profit business...

  • Providing an arena where you can work part time so you can enjoy your family and live life on your own terms.
And if you're wondering if this is a “fluff” business that turns sour when the economy is “tight,” think again because the personal development industry is currently experiencing unprecedented growth...

Which is directly tied to how desperate people are when times get tough....

They have to dig deeper inside and expand their comfort zones in order to survive, so they turn to developing themselves personally through positive thinking courses, books, tapes, seminars, conferences and other personal development programs.

Personal Development Business Opportunities
What Are They?

There are various types of personal development business opportunities – most of which are home based:
  • Would you like to stay at home and work?
    Then a personal development home business is for you.

  • Do you like promoting positive thinking?
    Then a Law of Attraction Business is just the thing for you.

  • Can you be one of the three percent in the networking marketing world?   Try a personal development network marketing business.

  • Want to live anywhere and run your business?
    An internet personal development business is your key.

  • Want the high profits and  “cookie cutter” simplicity of a franchise, but don't want the employees, etc.   One of the best home based "franchises" is in the personal development industry.

  • Do you just have to do the MLM thing?
    There's even MLM personal development
Of course, since my site is all about positive thinking, I'm asking the question, “Can you make money selling positive thinking?”

And you might be asking, “Is this really a legitimate home business idea, not just a lot of positive thinking?”

Answers?  Yes, you can make money selling positive thinking, and...

Yes, this is a legitimate home business idea!

In fact, you can make great money, and if you find a good company with lots of integrity, you have found a legitimate home business idea that will definitely make your life better.

Personal Development Business Opportunities
Side Benefit

There's a side benefit to taking advantage of these personal development business opportunities because the basis for this type of business is to develop you as a person so you have the strength, mindset and tenacity to be successful in your business.

And while many home businesses emphasize personal growth and development, a personal development entrepreneur business actually uses the products themselves to develop your business and marketing skills as well as to develop your own power to take control of your life...

Which can develop your purpose as well!

Personal Development Business Opportunities
How to Choose One

You might be asking, "So, Suzanne, how do I find one of these types of businesses?"

Let me help you out here.

I've been “fiddling around” with positive thinking, personal development and having my own businesses for decades. 

So, when I decided to look through the various personal development business opportunities, I asked myself if what I found met the following perimeters:
  • It's a legitimate home business idea where people have had success

  • You can work from home or anywhere in the world (where you have Internet)

  • You can plug into a system and earn six figure income by leveraging the company's cookie-cutter “franchise” approach

  • You can own one of the hottest high profit home businesses today

  • It encourages you to become expert with the Law of Attraction so you attract more success into your life

  • You work with a company that actually has a lot of integrity and high quality products.
The best part of all of this is that you're also helping others in personal development as you continually develop yourself!

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