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Online Personal Development Training
Can It Increase Your Wellness?


Online personal development training that motivates you to exercise and become healthier is a sign of a good program, but how does it do it?  One way is to...

Give you scientific evidence about what happens when you don't take care of yourself physically, which gives you a better understanding of why you need to take better care of yourself...

And this knowledge has a very motivating factor!

The positive thinking program that I took also talked about self-respect being one of the key things that motivates us to take care of ourselves, which I find to be absolutely true.

I experienced some pretty dramatic change from the online personal development training course I chose to review, which surprised me because I would never have expected such results from any online personal development training course.

But since I'm “into” positive thinking so much (as you can tell by this site), I'm always checking out the latest positive thinking course and I had a lot of "Ah ha" moments with the course I took.

To share some of my insights with you, I've put some of my thoughts here as I went through week six of the eight-week prgram..

Online Personal Development Training
Week Six


What I have liked overall about this program is how they always provide "evidence" about things.  It really drives home the benefits of taking care of ourselves.

This week had a lot of "inside information" about prescription drugs, foods and sweeteners because one of the narrators is a former chemist who worked for "Big Pharma."  He revealed a lot about the FDA and "food for profits" from his experience as a chemist. 

Another thing that I like about this program overall is how they have you listen to the cds in a certain "repeated" fashion.  This allows me to absorb the information on different levels. 

And on this particular cd about wellness, I "got" the fact that one of our artificial sweeteners was created in a pesticide lab.  But how could that be?  Aren't our foods safe?  Not that particular sweetener (which is everywhere).  Its purpose as a pesticide is to change DNA to "self destruct" - so to speak...  Yet it's in all our foods. Wow! [So, perhaps real sugar in moderation is a better choice?]

They also discussed the real reason people finally decide to take care of themselves, which is knowledge that would definitely help many, many people understand why they "fail" at diets, etc. And it comes down to self respect.

I'd say the key to this "week of wellness" is that they boiled things down to core issues of how to motivate yourself to succeed...

It boils down to habits...

And they were very encouraging with taking steps in the right direction.

This is one of the few venues that I have found that I completely agree with everything they've said...  Which is rare...

It not only informs us of key elements to success with wellness, but gives "right on" information about how to stay healthy for the rest of our lives.

They also correlate the importance of self respect and self love, as well as discussing the common “ingredients” that people practice who live to 100+ that include community ties and laughter.

I like how they emphasized lifestyle, commitment, and habits.  And how all these things add up to a long life.


Every week brings a shift in my knowledge and understanding, which is no surprise since they address such core issues, I can't help but change.

But this week's information has surprised me...


Because in each exercise I've been journaling the words "I'm already doing [their recommendation]"...

Yet, I'm still shifting from the different perspective they pose...

I've lost weight without trying...

I'm effortlessly staying away from the few sugars that I had in my diet...

And I'm actually feeling a major shift happening in my body!

Why does this surprise me?  I've practiced a nutritional lifestyle that is completely opposite from the "standard" American diet for years, yet I'm seeing results from the wellness tips that are about better diet and exercise, etc..

I was eating “low carb” years before it was the “fad...”

I'm always being perceived as “she's on a diet” but no one every understood my “diet” or the reasons behind it...

Which were to remain youthful, slim, and, most importantly, healthy.

In fact, this program is only the second "entity" to validate my lifestyle since I began it in 1996 after a severe health crisis.

I've lived an extremely health-conscious lifestyle since that health crisis, and this program not only agrees with my unusually healthy lifestyle, it backs it up with scientific evidence that it's the lifestyle of choice if you want to stay youthful, slim, active and healthy for many years!

And like I said, I've lived a “squeaky clean” lifestyle for years, yet I benefited quite a bit from everything in this online personal development training...

UPDATE:  Sorry to report that this terrific online personal development training is no longer available.  But, if you're looking for a positive thinking course that motivates you to take better care of yourself, check out my program below [which I think is even better than the one I'm discussing].  Here's more information on it...

how-to-change-your-beliefsChange Your Beliefs Guided Imagery Meditation Program.

This program motivates you to create a healthier lifestyle by teaching you to find your limiting beliefs that are stopping you and delivers the information to you through audios, workbooks and guided meditations.

It gives you results by tuning your radar [your subconscious mind] to initiate the changes you desire in your life by using "invisible" subliminal recordings and guided hypnosis meditations.

And it teaches you to create custom affirmations that motivate you to change from within. Click here to check it out.

Online Personal Development Training

When shopping around for online personal development training, be sure that it covers different ways of delivering the information to you.  Why?  Because the best way to learn is to get it “from different directions" such as listening to an audio, reading a workbook and/or listening to guided meditations.

Let's see what happens in Week Seven...

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