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Online Personal Development Courses
How to Get Results


Online personal development courses vary from academic to transformational.  The one that I took teaches you exactly how to get the results you want in life and in the program itself.

How many results do you get on a daily basis in your life? 

If you're looking into online personal development courses, then you must want to get more results.

Getting results takes a few key elements like commitment and focus, but I've recently learned what it really takes to get results...

And have been surprised with the results I have received!

My results in both the positive thinking course and my life came through a transformational training program that I took online.

As I went through the program, I kept notes about my experience which I've placed in various articles around this site.  What I found through this positive thinking course was the ability to elevate my positive thinking awareness, even though I've been practicing positive thoughts and attitudes for decades. 


Because the course prompts you to take your next step in your own advancement, whether it's as a beginner or as an advanced student who has studied the Law of Attraction, positive thinking and overall wellness for a long time.

To let you take a peak at my experience, here are my notes and a partial journal entry from week four of the eight-week program of one of the online personal development courses I've reviewed.

Online Personal Development Courses
Week Four


It's day 25 and the focus this week is on getting results in life and while I'm a very "results oriented" person, I found myself really encouraged by how they put the sequence of exercises together.

They gave a glimpse - well more than a glimpse - of exactly what it takes to get the results that you want in your life. 

One of the things it takes is to be around successful, motivated and passionate people who prompt us to go further when pursuing our goals and dreams.

And the reason many people don't get the results they're looking for in life is simply because they don't have access to these highly successful, motivated and passionate people like I do with the course. 

In fact, realizing this fact made me ask myself this question:  “How many individuals did I meet today that taught me the importance of taking small steps, being passionate or asking me to be everything I could be that would make me incredibly happy and then told me exactly how to do it?

With the online program, I'd say I met at least half a dozen.  Without the program, my answer would be none. 

If you're like most, that list people is very small, maybe even non-existent.    In fact, most people who are in jobs experience just the opposite where they're asked to do "everything now" - which causes overwhelm and confusion...

Where their dreams are criticized so they remain "stuck..."

Or where they are asked to do  a "get by" job so they don't outshine their insecure superiors.  Can you identify? 

What I really like about this online program is that every day, you're exposed to highly successful people who are encouraging you to be your best...

Who are pushing you to "go for it..."

And who are telling you exactly how to accomplish your dreams with very grounded, very real information.

One of the exercises this week asked me to reflect on my intensity and perseverance, and although I have a lot of both, just by doing the exercise, I came away with a greater sense of self respect.

One of the best exercises is where we write about a fictional person and actually dream through that person.  It's a very fun and liberating exercise.  I could have written all day just on that one part.  And you know what, they must have known that I would like to do that because when I finished the exercise and clicked to the next page, it gave me resources to do more of exactly that!  How fun!

Now that I'm into the fourth week as well, I'm seeing how much they re-enforce what was previously taught in prior weeks, and use it to continue building understanding.

Here's one of my journal entries that I think sums up this week's experience:


It's funny how I've been noticing what takes up my time and then, there they are saying the exact same thing about what takes up my time the most.    There is a synchronicity I am experiencing with this course.  It's as though each step I take on my own is then validated by the course... 

Verifying that I'm on the right track.  It's really an exciting journey each time I go through the exercises.  To get continual validation and have the exploration develop within me at just the right speed and timing is remarkable. 

I've never experienced a course that has prompted such "percolation" which is then verified that I'm on the right track.  It feels great to be "in tune" with myself and with things around me.  I can't wait until tomorrow to see what results I will achieve.

Since this was week four, I was only half-way through the course when I wrote these notes.  I went on to experience more and more momentum as I progressed through this online positive thinking course.

Online Personal Development Courses

Many online personal development courses are just "online," which make them rather "one dimensional."

Instead of settling for "one dimensional," when you're looking at online personal development courses, you'll want to find one that gives you a variety of media, such as audio cds as well as interactive online exercises, plus the ability to connect with people on a weekly basis through positive thinking seminars and other trainings each week as a part of the course, all of which was included in the program that I took.

Then, you'll want to continually commit yourself to staying open throughout the course to gain the most you can from your studies.

UPDATE:  Although the program I'm discussing in this article was exceptional, sorry to report that it's no longer available.  But, below is an option for you that I think is even better because it teaches you how to get results that last through changing your subconscious mind with silent subliminals and hypnosis.  Results that come automatically...

how-to-change-your-beliefsChange Your Beliefs Guided Imagery Meditation Program.

This program gives you results by tuning your radar [your subconscious mind] to attract on auto pilot by using "invisible" subliminal recordings and guided hypnosis meditations.

It also teaches you how to find your limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your results every day and to "weed them out" by creating your own custom affirmations that hit the target  Click here to check it out.

Let's see what happens in Week Five...

For more about online personal development courses, check out this article:

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