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Network Marketing Internet Prospecting System
How to Choose the Best


A network marketing internet prospecting system is a rather new concept in the world of network marketing, so there are a few things you want to be sure to check out.

This article identifies the top five things to look for when choosing a system.

Network Marketing Internet Prospecting System

First, let's identify your need:

Are you already in networking marketing?


Are you brand new to network marketing?


Two questions to ask yourself:
  1. “Am I looking for a system to sell my current network marketing product? Or, 

  2. “Am I open to more lucrative opportunities with companies that may be more forward thinking about products and using today's technology in marketing them?”
Why are these two questions important?

First, if you want a system to sell your current network marketing product and your company does not have one, you'll have to put in a lot of time and energy trying to adapt another one to fit your current product...

You're going to have to know a lot about computers and the Internet to do that, simply because most turnkey marketing systems are just that...

Turnkey for one of two purposes:
  1. Turnkey for their own products

  2. Turnkey for the “generic” network marketing industry as a whole (which in my opinion aren't as effective.)
Since I've been involved in network marketing most of my life (and know a lot about computers and the Internet), I've thought about inventing the perfect network marketing internet prospecting system (and have seen others try it), only to find out that it takes huge resources to make an amazing network marketing mlm system.

So, while I'm not trying to sound negative (which is a bad word in my vocabulary), the truth of the matter is that it's better to rely on a company that's forward thinking enough (and has hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend) to set up a terrific system.


If you're brand new to network marketing and considering your first step, you'll definitely want to take advantage of the leverage that the Internet gives you when prospecting for new recruits. 

You'll want to choose a company that has the technology to back you up, instead of relying on age-old network marketing tactics of chasing friends and talking to everyone you meet about your “opportunity.”

Today's up-in-coming network marketing companies are finding out that the Internet is the how the top 3% are staying at the top...

And these companies are making those systems and tools available to the “newbie” who doesn't know anything about the Internet or even network marketing.

Things to Look for When
Choosing a System

Here are five things to look for when choosing a network marketing internet prospecting system:

1.  Is it state of the art?

Does it take advantage of today's technology by offering webinars and, more importantly, mobile device compatibility?

What's mobile device compatibility?  If you're talking to someone who only uses his or her cell phone for the internet, how can he or she see all your great technology if the system isn't integrated for use on mobile devices?

A company who includes mobile device capabilities is showing that they “get it” because that's leading edge technology today.

2.  How long has the company been dabbling in online marketing

While a newcomer to the online marketing system certainly could have a great system, a company who's been “dabbling” in the online world has learned a great deal.  So, if a company offers a new system, after having had an “old” system, the system is probably dynamite.

3.  Is it easy to use?

While this seems like a simple question, I've seen systems that are not logically thought out...

Which means they don't cohesively run as integrated marketing systems.

Another part of this question, is how much training do they offer?  Is it in an interactive webinar where you can ask questions to a “real person?”  Or, is it all online n videos and e-books?

4.  Is the system's product “economy proof?”

There are some network marketing products that not only survive a challenged economy, but thrive as well.  Be sure to choose one that is high profit and can last through tough times.

5.  Do you believe in the product?

Lastly, no matter how great a network marketing internet prospecting system may be, if you can't “get behind the product,” you're doomed to fail.


Whether you're new to network marketing or are a "veteran," using today's technology with a network marketing internet prospecting system gives you an edge.

Check out this article about a network marketing internet prospecting system that sells high profit positive thinking products:

Turnkey Network Marketing Lead System For High Profit Positive Thinking Products  Is there a network marketing lead system for high profit positive thinking products?  Yes, and it's a turnkey, step-by-step type of system that can yield high...


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