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Morning Affirmations:  What Are They and
Why Are They Important?


Morning affirmations are the best daily affirmations to practice, but often times we don't integrate them seamlessly into our lives so they don't work.  To make it easy...

You simply have to use short affirmations that initiate a feeling of gratitude to “set your temperature gage to being ositive” for the entire day.

What is An Affirmation?

An affirmation is simply a phrase that uses positive words to initiate an positive emotional response inside of you

It's like setting a goal, only you're using words of affirmation to make your goal feel like it's already been achievedWhen writing positive affirmations, it's essential to state them in the present tense and to use short affirmations whenever possible.

When practicing your daily affirmations, it is also essential to keep your affirmations positive, engaging and believable so you really can feel like you've attained your goal.

For more detailed information about how to write affirmations, check out my "Writing Affirmations" article.  Then click the back button and I'll be waiting for you here...

Why Are They the Best Daily Affirmations?

In a nutshell, positive words of affirmation are most thoroughly absorbed by our subconscious minds when we first wake up in the morningIt's when our minds are most vulnerable to suggestion because our brainwaves are still shifting from the sleeping state of delta, to the waking state of alpha.

During this transition, the mind goes through a phase known as “theta” and this is the state of mind that you want to be in when practicing positive affirmations such as happiness affirmations, self love affirmations, affirmations for healing, and especially motivational affirmations.

Why do I single out motivational affirmations as great morning affirmations?  Because they get you out of bed and “ready to make things happen” during the rest of your day.

Motivational Affirmations

Since motivational affirmations are key to a successful day, let's start our morning affirmation list with a few affirmation examples to motivate us:

"I'm looking forward to a pleasant and happy day."

"I easily get things done and have plenty of spare time."

"I easily stay ahead of things I have to do."

"I enjoy every minute of my day."

"it's easy to stay focused today."

"I have plenty of energy and enthusiasm to make good things happen now."

Self Love Affirmations

Self love affirmations are often forgotten or set aside and replaced with prosperity affirmations or abundance affirmations because we are so focused on the end result of living life materialistically in this world.

But, in order to achieve anything in life, it is important to feel a greater sense of internal trust and love for yourself, so using self love affirmations is key to getting what you truly desire, whether it is more money or better health.

Also, using words of affirmation that encourage you to trust and love yourself help you feel deserving for the external successes that you receive as a result of your prosperity affirmations or abundance affirmations.

"I love myself unconditionally just as I am now"

"Because I love myself, I eat a nourishing breakfast."

"I allow love to fill my body and soul all day today."

Happiness Affirmations

Next, let's add a few happiness affirmations so we can “aim our mental trajectory for the day” toward becoming happier:

"I feel happy and joyful this morning."

"I easily stay happy throughout today."

"I receive happiness into my mind and body on every level of my being."

Affirmations for Healing

Another great category of personal affirmations to use in the morning are affirmations for healing so your mind is focused all day on producing healing components for your health:

"My body is filled with good health today."

"I am at peace and in harmony with the Universal flow of good health."

"Every cell in my body is filled with vitality and healing light."


After you've used some of the free positive affirmations in this article for awhile, you'll want to learn how to write affirmations that directly target core issues in your life. 

The thing to remember is to use short affirmations in the morning as soon as possible after you've awakened while you're still transitioning through the theta brainwave state, and then keep them going as you get ready for your day. 

A very good idea is to listen to a theta brainwave meditation while reading your affirmations because this type of meditation audio puts your mind into the same theta state as you go through as you wake in the morning...

Except that you can take advantage of this state whenever you desire.  Click here to check out a theta brainwave audio...

Doing morning affirmations consistently that instill greater happiness, motivation and self love will have an accumulative effect and get easier as your body becomes addicted to your morning routine.

Another great way to get started off on the right foot with your affirmations is to use my How to Change Your Beliefs program that helps you "root out" the limiting beliefs that are stopping your daily affirmations from working.  

The program includes theta brainwave audios that have subliminal affirmations that help you start shifting your beliefs to becoming more positive.  Here's a little blurb about the program...

how-to-change-your-beliefs If you want to "do affirmations in your sleep,"check out my Change Your Beliefs Guided Imagery Meditation Program.

It effortlessly inputs positive affirmations all day and night through "invisible" subliminal recordings as well as has a PDF Quick Start Guide, PDF Workbook, and meditation mp3 audios.

Most importantly, it teaches you how to find your limiting beliefs that stop your daily affirmations from working.

Check out this list of affirmations article too...

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