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Money Affirmations
The One Trick To Making Them Work


Money affirmations abound today, but how do you know if they will work for you?  Use this list and guide to ascertain which affirmations to manifest money are right for you.

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to using affirmations to manifest money.


Because everyone has a different “starting point” and internal “set point” about money.  For example, as I read various manifesting money affirmations, instantly I either “resonate with the words” or a small voice inside of me says, “Are you kidding?”

Now, granted the reason we use affirmations to manifest money and other things is specifically to get rid of those “Are you kidding?” thoughts.

But if I don't do some "real detective work to find my core money beliefs," I can go around and around with those pesky thoughts for years and not get anything except a constant battle going on in my head.


So, let's talk first about how to choose the right money affirmations to manifest money.
  1. If you are in a very desperate financial situation right now, but your affirmations to manifest money are too large (like winning the Lottery), then it's too big of a jump for you to make, so typically nothing happens.

  2. Instead, make a small leap and just choose money affirmations that begin where you are now, only a bit higher, and allow yourself to move up incrementally until your finances are where you desire.


In order to take incremental steps, you must first identify your core beliefs around having money and abundance.  I have a specific process for doing this, but in essence you have to really become aware of certain habits and behaviors that you proliferate over and over again.

For example, I once heard of a woman who shopped endlessly, constantly putting herself into financial crisis.  It wasn't until she realized that the core issue behind the shopping madness and financial crisis was to keep her life crazy, which was her comfort zone!  So, doing affirmations that changed her comfort zone around not having "a crazy life" [core issue] would have a stronger effect than affirmations that targeted her shopping obsession [surface issue.]

Now, this might sound a bit startling to you, but your subconscious is a very driving force and it will drive your behaviors to do things that keep you in your comfort zone.

When you find the “golden nugget” of truth driving the behavior, "BINGO", change naturally occurs.


If you're really interested in getting down to the nitty gritty of what's stopping your money affirmations from working, you would greatly benefit from getting The Effective Positive Thinking Program.   It has everything you need to take charge of your life!

LEVEL ONE:  The How to Change Your Beliefs Program: You learn how to identify those “Are you kidding” thoughts and then turn them around.  It also has an effective 10-step meditation to use and other meditation audios that help you through your journey.  

LEVEL TWO:  The Manifest Money Program:  You learn how to BECOME A MONEY MAGNET through an 8-week program of activities that builds your energy to manifest money.  It also includes a brainwave meditation audio and silent subliminals to help disperse many of society's "poverty beliefs" around money that you have probably absorbed.  It includes many of my secrets I've used to successfully when using the Law of Attraction to manifest money.  And these secrets are laid out in a fun and easy-to-follow program.   Click here to check out The Effective Positive Thinking Program.


Now that you know more about affirmations, here are some general ones to get you started.   

I am open to receiving more money

My finances are getting better and better all the time

It is alright to want more money

Money brings me my dreams

It is safe to dream

It is possible for my dreams to come true

I trust myself to make more money possible

I have all the answers I need within myself

I allow my life to work in better ways financially

I receive the goodness life has to offer


In choosing money affirmations to manifest money in your life, the one trick to remember is to find your core issues around money.   From there, take it slow and steady and before you know it, you'll have more prosperity and abundance than you ever dreamed possible!

You can read more about how to manifest money in this article:

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