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Mind Control Techniques for Positive Thinking

What Are They and Do They Work?


The best mind control techniques for positive thinking are the ones that make a difference in how you can practice mind control every day and take control of your life again...

And the best mind control tips that I can give you (besides the ones below) are:
  1. Keep it Consistent - practice daily
  2. Keep it Simple and Fun - play a mind control game
  3. Keep it Easy and Effortless - use today's technologies

While there are many types of mind control methods,
here are the ones that really make a difference in how you conquer mind control for shifting your thoughts into the direction you want them to intentionally go:
  • Mind Exercises
  • Creative Visualization
  • Electronic Mind Control

Mind Control Tips

The first thing to ask when you want to learn how to control your mind is "What are you trying to change, exactly?"

Do you want to stop the mind chatter...

Or self talk...

That incessant "talk, talk, talk" that goes on in your head...

meditating monk

Like a guy who's trying his best to impress you with his "knowledge" regardless of the fact his spitting his words all over you?

You don't want to listen, let alone get spit on, do you?


That's exactly what you're mind is doing - without your permission...

It's spitting all over you....

But you don't have to take it.

Start playing around with some of these mind control techniques...

Take charge and start practicing mind control every day until that "guy" is gone.

Use all the mind control tips you find consistently until you get your desired results.

Two things to think about when you're learning mind control techniques...

the good news is...

Yes, you can change the other person in your relationship...

That is, the relationship you have with the "mind chatter-er" in your head.

The bad news is that you still have to live with that "person" until he or she is transformed. And during the process, he or she just might not like being changed...

Kind of like trying to get hubby's attention during the Super Bowl...

He's BUSY with his agenda...

And so are those "people" in your head who are causing all the mind chatter.

Secondly, Rome wasn't built in a day and neither were all the thoughts in your head.  They've been around awhile...

Have all their usual hangouts and friends; i.e., neural pathways supporting them...

Be patient...

It takes time to "re-do the roads" in your head (your neural pathways) so having patience is the key...

And go easy so you stay positive during the process.

Mind exercises are a great place to start...

Mind Control Tips

The reason I like to start with mind exercises is because they're a nice subtle way to take your brain "to the gym" once in awhile.

Make it an outing.

Get an an ice cream afterwards as a reward --


Unless, of course, you're doing mind control techniques for weight loss....

Nothing like sending mixed messages, huh?

My point is to make it fun for that person inside to change and adjust to this first mind control technique, which allows you to gently introduce your desire to take control of your thoughts.

One of the best mind control tips when you're just starting is to "focus on" increasing your focus and concentration...

Which builds new neural pathways that support more focus and concentration for everything else you do.

One good way to do that is to focus on something (like a candle) for a short while...

Notice the flame...

What is its color?

Just concentrate on the flame...

Remember to breathe!

This trains your mind to focus
and is also one of the best anxiety relaxation techniques...

The flame relaxes your mind.

Do it for longer and longer periods of time, and then broaden your range of "objects" on which to place your focus.

That's a start...

The next step could be doing some target practice with a paint gun, darts, archery equipment or anything that requires "hand, eye, mind focus."

I'm also putting together a page of mind exercises, so stay tuned for that.

Tweet this page to your friends...

Mind Control Tips

Another one of my favorite mind control techniques is creative visualization.

I like to use this method combined with various acting techniques that evoke emotion...

It uses your emotional intelligence and the emotional component of this exercise is vital to making visualization effective.

If you're not familiar with how visualization works, let me tell you that it's the coolest way to "transport" yourself to wherever you want to be in a second...

And your brain doesn't know if you're here or there...


Whatever your brain "sees" and "feels" is real to it and to your body...

In fact, it's been proven over and over again that when you practice creative visualization you are actually changing your body chemistry - like that movie, "What The Bleep Do We Know" talks about.

While "What the Bleep" is pretty "scientific" - there are parts in there that are really cool...

Like the experiment one scientist did with emotions and water. He actually photographed how water changed when exposed to different emotions.

Pretty mind boggling when you consider that our bodies are 98% water. What must we be doing to our "water" when we're "boiling" mad?

Knowing this little tidbit of information should give you ample motivation to practice this particular form of mind control.

I also think it's the best way of using positive thinking for self improvement because it's actually improving your physical body simultaneously.

Anyway, one of the best mind control techniques is creative visualization because of how it...
  • Affects our bodies
  • Changes our vibration of what we attract
  • Just plain feels good
Like I said earlier, creative visualization affects our bodies, but it also affects our vibration.

Like changing the radio station when you change your thoughts...

Or plucking one string on one violin in a room and all the other violins in that room start resonating with it. I think it's called the Law of Resonance. It's just the way it works...

And you're no different.

You "pluck" a string of thought in your mind and you'll be attracting all the thoughts like it around you. That's called the Law of Attraction, but that's also the subject of another page. Let's stay focused here.

The bottom line with creative visualization is that it just plain feels good....

Oh, what a relief to drift off into a perfect world that is there at my command.

Check out "What the Bleep Do We Know" and you'll see that you'll also be changing your cells to promote more happy thoughts too.

But the easiest of the three mind control techniques is electronic mind control. Sounds like a B-rated sci-fi flick, doesn't it?

No, problem -- let's take a look....

Mind Control Tips

half-brain-half-computerYour brain is like a computer.

It responds to electrical impulses because it runs on electricity.

So using electronic devices to stimulate your mind in certain ways - particularly when you're venturing into the field of mind control techniques - can give you an edge.

You're talking your brain's language...

It understands electrical impulses...

And like the violin example above, your brain will "tune" itself to the electrical impulses given to it.

And those electrical impulses use brainwave entrainment technologies. In fact, there's a whole "brainwave science" branch today because of the results of brainwave synchronization.

So, why wouldn't brainwave synchronization work?

It does.

Why wouldn't subliminal messages - messages recorded at a different frequency - work?

They do.

After all, if our brain is just one big computer, it can certainly hear different frequencies... right?


Do we need to know exactly how it works?

Maybe... Maybe not.

I personally have been totally enthralled with it, so have read a ton of material about it...

Because it's the easiest one of the mind control techniques to practice.

But you should at least know the basic "frequencies" of the brain so I've quickly itemized them in the table below.

There are also other "frequencies" being researched like gamma, but these are currently the best known and will give you an idea...

BETA WAVES  (13-40 hz) --  Fully Alert
ALPHA WAVES (7-13 hz) -- Relaxation
THETA WAVES (4-7 hz) -- Brink of the Subconscious
DELTA WAVES (0-4 hz) - Sleep

I like the Theta state and have a lot of "rejuvenation" happen when I pop in an affirmations cd that also sychronizes the brain to theta.

After about 20 minutes, my mind tunes to the theta state and I usually feel great.

meditating monkI've made customized brainwave entrainment mp3s that you can download right now to put yourself in alpha, theta or delta.

They're really cool... check them out on my electronic mind control page.

Mind Control Techniques

So, these are my three favorite mind control techniques.

Mind exercises are subtle and a conscious way to start mind control.

Creative visualization takes a little more effort, but has additional benefits to the body.

And electronic mind control is the easiest, but because it's like driving a train right through the middle of town, it's not subtle.

I discuss electronic mind control in more detail here.

And here are more mind control techniques articles:

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