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Best Meditations for Manifesting Money
Creating Money In Your Sleep?


The best meditations for manifesting money are the ones that go straight to your subconscious mind so you attract money from a deep level of consciousness, even while you're sleeping.

Many times people repeat money mantras over and over again thinking they are doing some form of “money magnet meditation” and that this form of meditation for manifestation is enough to act as a magnet. 

However, a true money magnet meditation would be where you have changed your subconscious mind to attract money and attract abundance because you have released all of the negative beliefs you have around money. 

Then any mantra for money that you do can be received quickly because it doesn't have to “fight its way” into your mind.

What do I mean by “fight its way?” 

I mean that even though you do your mantra for money on a conscious level, there are usually deeply held beliefs about money that conflict with the money mantras that you are reciting. 

Although doing money affirmations and reciting money mantras work, they take a lot of effort to force their way into the deep caverns of your mind to make change.

Meditations for Manifesting

When creating money by using meditations for manifesting money, you'll want to be sure that you feel deserving and have removed any unconscious blocks to getting what you want.

How do you do this?  One way is to use meditations for manifesting money that contain hypnosis. 

Why?  Because hypnosis puts your mind into a more receptive state of mind.

Another way is to listen to people around you talk about money and see what they're saying about it.  Once you see what's being said around you, you'll have a better clue as to what's going on inside of your mind around money.

But, what do you do when you figure out what's being said around you about money and what you're thinking about money? 

One thing to do is to “flip” your thoughts...

Turn them upside down and start thinking thoughts that are directly opposite from those thoughts.  While this takes quite a bit of effort, this works.

Meditations for Manifesting

Instead of going through the great length of time it takes to identify and “flip” your thoughts around money to be more positive, you could use a meditation for manifestation of money that directly targets the negative beliefs many people have picked up from today's society. 

For example, when creating money, many people are unconsciously afraid of becoming a “bad and greedy” person once they get money simply because their parents, siblings, friends or news broadcasters exemplify how greedy people become when they get large sums of money.  This belief could well be lurking in the back of your mind without your knowing about it.

I once had a client who wanted to attract abundance, but had that very thought lurking in his mind, yet he didn't know it.

I made a silent subliminal audio for him that directly targeted many of today's negative beliefs around money (including that specific belief) and he had a huge transformation.   Click here to see a video that tells about his experience...

Once you change your subconscious thoughts around having money and being a good person after getting it, your subconscious mind goes on “auto pilot” to attract money and attract abundance because it's “okay to receive it now” and the Law of Attraction is able to respond easier and faster.

Meditations for Manifesting

Right now, I'm sure you're wondering where to find a meditation for manifestation that includes this little known secret that allows your money mantras to work, right? 

Well, you know me, when I discover a problem, I go about “fixing it.”

So, I've put together a great program that gives you several money manifesting meditations, including a sleep meditation with silent subliminal audios that allow the affirmations to "side step" that conscious part of your mind so your subconsicious has a chance to absorb them like a sponge.  They are aimed at changing your perception about deserving to receive money.

Specifically, the meditations instill a greater belief in yourself that you can attract abundance as well as that it's alright to have money because you'll still be a good person when you get it.

Watch this video to learn the secret to money using the Law of Attraction which talks specifically about how you can use this type of meditation to change your negative beliefs around money even while you're sleeping...


Meditations for Manifesting

The best meditations for manifesting money are the ones that are easy to use, yet go deeply into the caverns of your mind to release all the “negative stuff” you've picked up around having money.  

Using meditations that include hypnosis, brainwave entrainment and silent subliminals targeted at doing this puts your mind on auto pilot so you can be creating money while you sleep!

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