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Maintaining Positive Attitude:
Four Key Things to Know


Maintaining positive attitude using these four simple rules
keeps you staying positive and always looking on the...

Brighter side of life.

There are four areas of life that contribute to your overall sense of well being...

Or lack of well being.

They are:
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
When one or more of these areas is "out of whack," maintaining positive attitude for life becomes...

Challenging, to say the least.

And everything becomes harder...

Believing in yourself is difficult...

Trying to practice positive thinking daily gets lost...

Even cheerful thoughts can be evasive.

And there are fewer chances to figure out how to stay positive overall.

In fact, when discussing how to stay positive, these four areas cannot be separated.

Ever hear the song, "The shin bone's connected to the...?"

Well, these four areas inside of us - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual - are connected just like that.

The song could go something like...

"The brain is connected to the... bad mood...

The bad mood's connected to the... back pain...

The back pain's connected to the... wor-ry...

The worry's connected to the... lack of trust... (have syncopate that last "lack of trust".)

So, now that we're both going to be humming that silly song the rest of our lives...

Can you tell me that every time you hum that tune, you won't be thinking about what you're going to learn in this positive attitude article?

I know I'll remember.

But when you're searching for how to be more positive, it's these "silly" things that stand out and help us remember how to stay positive, right?


And that's why this approach to positive thinking is effective...

It keeps us "light of heart" and that's part of maintaining positive attitude.

Is it worth going around humming a tune?

If you've been reading the other positive attitude articles on this site, you'll know that the benefits of having a positive attitude are numerous and worthwhile...

Maintaining positive attitude gives you...

More satisfaction out of life...

Decreased worry...

Better health, and...

Overall more enjoyment from life...

All because you choose to maintain a positive attitude.

So let's talk about why these four areas are so inter-related in maintaining positive attitude and what we can do to keep everything in balance.

Maintaining Positive Attitude

Most of the time, people attribute attitude to perceptions, which is part of the picture.

If we perceive the world as dangerous, our "mental" decisions and processes support that picture.

Is that the same as emotionally seeing the world as dangerous?

In a way, yes and no.

Let me explain...

If we have been emotionally hurt or have an emotional fear, this drives our mental processes to make certain decisions...

Guides our thinking...

Drives our mental motivations.

So yes, it's different, but not completely different.

Remember, "the decision's connected to the... emotion..."

All decisions are based on emotions.

You buy something because you have an "emotional" need for it...

Yes, even toilet paper...

That need would be for cleanliness, "which is connected to.... vanity."

Okay, I'll stop with the tune, but I know if you get down to the real "buying decision" for anything, it's emotionally driven.

How to Stay Positive Mentally
  • Keep a "thoughts" journal. A simple notepad will do.
  • Jot down thoughts as they pass through your head, don't judge.
  • Do this for a week.  At the end of the week, take a walk, drive or an hour to go over these thoughts and ask yourself if they are thoughts that you rationally want in your life...
Rationally, not emotionally.

Are these thoughts (or mental beliefs) holding you back from where you want to go in life?

Becoming aware of your self talk is the first step to mentally maintaining positive attitude.

If you're mentally saying things to yourself that aren't healthy or that don't conform to your emotional dreams, you've got to shift gears...

Because your mental picture feeds your emotions.

Rule #1:  Become aware of your mental perceptions and how they...
Drive your emotions...

Affect your physical health and...

Affect your spirituality.

Maintaining Positive Attitude

Where do our emotions fit?

They're driven both by our mental perceptions and our body's ability to be healthy and balanced.

For example, when we mentally perceive something as dangerous, we emotionally get scared, right?

Our mental processes "run amok" and scare us to death.

We may even know "mentally" that what we're thinking about isn't true, but our emotions don't know the difference.


Because one part of our brain runs on emotions...

That's its language...

And that part cannot discriminate between what is real and what is imaginary.

So, if one part of your brain is mentally getting all "fired up," the emotional part of the brain could also be getting "all fired up."

We also have something called Emotional Intelligence, which can be scored on an "IQ" basis and refers to our ability to perceive, control and evaluate our emotions [through our mental processes.]

Without going into everything about emotional intelligence here, I'll briefly say that you're tapping into your emotional intelligence when you're "listening to your gut."

So what do we do about this emotional part when it comes to maintaining positive attitude?
Rule #2:  Take charge of your mental "brain trains" and stop them in their tracks.

Do whatever it takes to "mentally" calm down your emotions...

The key point being to recognize how your emotions are getting "fired up" and stop the process.

If the emotional state is "physically driven" (rather than emotionally driven), let's talk about that next.

Maintaining Positive Attitude

There are times when we are mentally and emotionally more vulnerable...

Like when our hormones are out of balance...

Or we haven't had a deceit meal (or one at all)...

Or we've overworked ourselves and are overwhelmed, both mentally and emotionally, because our bodies are exhausted.

Maybe we haven't had enough "down time" for our bodies to recuperate from sports, work, family activities, so we're emotionally "on edge."

Okay, now what do we do?

Recognize that you're overworked, hungry, hormonally out of balance, chemically out of balance (brain chemicals) or that your body is somehow stressed past its normal limits.

Now, I know you're saying this is common sense...

It is.

But, I have to say that I've noticed many people missing this point...

People who should know better...

Instead of saying, "Hey, it's time to stop working, I'm becoming ineffective," people push....

And push.

And sometimes we have to do that.  But not all the time...

It's not natural to be "on" all the time.  You're not built that way...

Your adrenaline system was put in place so you could "run from tigers."

But you don't need to "run" anymore...

Except from the things in your head.

So, when you get to the point and it's time to push, ask yourself, "Is this really necessary, or is there another way?"

When your hormones are "acting up" (or are just gone altogether), ask yourself, "Is there something I can do right now to help my body feel better physically...

Which in turn will help me feel better emotionally?"

Something like...

Taking a quick walk around the block...

Stretching for two minutes - yes, two minutes works wonders...

Or maybe taking an anti-depressant for a short term...  

No, I'm not a fan of western or allopathic drugs, but if your body is out of balance chemically, ask yourself if a short run of anti-depressants would help you recover mentally and emotionally enough to fix whatever it is that's causing your life to be out of balance.

Would hormone replacement therapy help? (Bio-identical, of course.)

Is it time for a different diet?  One that helps you think clearer?

These are questions that are intrinsic to your body's well being, which in turn supports you on both the mental and emotional levels.

Rule #3:  When you're emotionally depleted, ask yourself what you can do physically to help support a good mental and emotional mood...

Even if the answer is temporary, each step into the new direction will help when maintaining positive attitude.

Maintaining Positive Attitude

This area has to do with trust...

And it doesn't matter where your "source" of trust lies.

You may find comfort in a "higher power" guiding your life.

This trustful attitude brings comfort and assurance and can calm down worry (mental), which can lead to physical problems from worry (heart problems) and emotional overwhelm.

If you don't believe there's some benevolent force helping you, trust can be placed in yourself to see things through.

Meditation puts you in touch with your own "higher power."

The question I'd like you to ask yourself is, "Where is my Trust?"

If you have trust somewhere in your life, maintaining positive attitude becomes the simplest thing in the world to do.

Rule #4:  Find a source where you can place your trust so you know that life will "work out okay."


By keeping all four areas [mental, emotional, physical & spiritual] in
balance, maintaining positive attitude is effortless and easy....

Which keeps you staying positive...

And helps keep the people around you staying positive too!

Keep the above four rules handy on a post card or index card to remind yourself to stay balanced.

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