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List of Affirmations
Which Ones are Vital Affirmations?

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A list of affirmations can become very long and arduous to practice daily.  The key is to make a daily affirmation list that includes short affirmations that get you....

Focused in the right direction for the key aspects of your life.

Writing Positive Affirmations

Many times, when people start out writing positive affirmations and making up an affirmation list, two things happen...

First, people will get tunnel vision and only do daily positive affirmations for one category of their life.  For example, when the subject of abundance and prosperity comes up, the tendency is to focus solely on affirmations for abundance and prosperity, affirmations about money, complicated prosperity affirmations, abundance affirmations, or simply repeat one wealth affirmation repeatedly.

While this approach may work for one area, it is too "narrow a view” when making real change happen within your life.

On the other hand, a list of affirmations that is too broad and includes too many subjects, can be too weak to make any change.

So, how do you know which daily positive affirmations to feed your brain and how many to do?  This is a question that many people ask when setting out to learn how to write affirmations and making up an affirmation list.

What is An Affirmation?

First, let's make sure we're all on the same page and lay out an affirmation definition...

An good affirmation definition is:  A positive term or phrase that you use on a consistent basis that “affirms” or “declares” something that you want your mind to believe. 

When practicing your daily positive affirmations, you'll want to do them consistently enough so your mind absorbs the “new idea” that you are trying to affirm or declare to yourself.

Affirmation List

When I did research for this article, I found a list of affirmations that was overwhelming...

Which ones do you choose and which ones are not necessary? 

Here is an affirmation list that includes a myriad of subjects that I found in my research:

affirmations for abundance and prosperity
positive affirmations for kids
positive affirmations for weight loss
morning affirmations
self love affirmations
stop smoking affirmations
affirmation quotes
health affirmations
affirmations about money
vital affirmations
affirmation definition
weight loss affirmations
short affirmations
self esteem affirmations
affirmations for the inner child
affirmation lyrics
wealth affirmation
weightloss affirmations
affirmations prosperity
self affirmations
self esteem affirmations
prosperity affirmations
affirmations for abundance
motivational affirmations
words of affirmations
spiritual affirmations
abundance affirmations
subliminal affirmations
health affirmations
affirmations for healing
affirmations for weight loss
marriage affirmation
career affirmations
relationship affirmations
positive self affirmations
affirmations of faith
daily positive affirmations
daily affirmations

So, where do you start?

Well, first, when making up your list of affirmations, you'll want to prioritize exactly what's important to you...

For example, if quitting smoking is at the top of the list, you want to choose the stop smoking affirmations...

If losing weight is at the top of the list, then choosing weight loss affirmations would be first...

But, what if you want to stop smoking, do you solely do stop smoking affirmations?

Or, what if you want to lose weight, do you solely practice weight loss affirmations?

No, actually it's better to keep your list of affirmations more well rounded to include many aresa of your life.   

In my affirmation list article, I give you a list of affirmations that gives you a well-rounded approach to the key aspects of your life.

Take a moment and to there now by clicking here and see which affirmations are a good choice to include in your affirmation list.

Then click the back button, I'll be waiting here for your return.....

Words of Affirmation Aren't Enough

When choosing which daily affirmations you want to practice, it is important to remember that just using words of affirmation aren't enough.

What you have to do is "feel the vibration" of what you are seeking.

In my happiness affirmations article, I discuss the importance of energetically changing your vibration to match the affirmation before you can manifest anything. Click here to go to that article now, I'll wait here for your return...

Make an Effective Affirmation List

Another thing you'll want to do with your list of daily positive affirmations is to approach them in an effective manner like...

Giving yourself permission to change is a good way to start and opens the door for your mind to accept change...

Slowly notching up your daily affirmations a little at a time past your comfort zone...

And doing morning affirmations that get you "revved up" for the day. 

I cover these ideas in more detail in my How to Write Affirmations and Make An Effective List of Affirmations article.  Click here for that article and I'll be waiting here for your return....

Morning Affirmations

Morning is a great time to do your daily affirmations.  Doing morning affirmations sets your “trajectory” for the day and focuses your “eye on the ball.”

Starting your day out with happiness, motivation and self love can get you going for the rest of your affirmation list.  Here's more about morning affirmations...

Short Affirmations

Can you break up your list of daily affirmations into smaller parts?  Yes!

Is this a good idea?  Yes!

Can you do short affirmations throughout your day as you move through your daily tasks.


In fact, if you tie your personal affirmations with daily tasks, all the more often you'll remember to do them.

For example, a great time to do affirmations for abundance and prosperity is when you are cleaning up the dishes after a meal....


Because you can be thankful for the “abundant food” which you just consumed...

And when your “tummy's full,” it's easier to feel abundant and satisfied!

Using Emotional Intelligence

One of today's “buzz phrases” is “emotional intelligence.” 

How does emotional intelligence apply to making up a list of affirmations?

First, if you are connected to and aware of your emotions, all the more power your affirmations will have to manifest...

Secondly, if you can integrate your rational mind with your emotional mind using your emotional intelligence skills, you are more likely to make an affirmation list that targets the things that are really important to you.

I've written a great article about using emotional intelligence for affirmations.  Click here to read my Self Affirmations: #! Key Ingredient for Success article..  

7 Laws of Attraction

When practicing daily positive affirmations, the goal of most people is to invoke the Law of Attraction to manifest their desires.

But did you know that there are 7 Laws of Attraction...

And that they all should be used when doing your affirmations?

Although the Law of Attraction has been popularized by the movie, The Secret, there are other “laws” out there that make working with morning affirmations, health affirmations, self esteem affirmations, prosperity affirmations and other personal affirmations much more effective.   Click here for more about the 7 Laws of Attraction in relation to affirmations...

Vital Affirmations

When making your list of affirmations, it is important to keep your list well rounded.  This means including different aspects of your personal life involved in your personal growth process so that you're keeping balance throughout your journey. 

By doing this, you'll come up with the vital affirmations you need for your life.

To help you get started, I've written a free workbook, “How to Create Your Life.”  
Download my free PDF personal development - life plan workbook, which helps you create balance in your life as you move through change.

The idea is to keep your affirmation list down to a few key areas.  In my Affirmation List article I mentioned above,  I suggested using 14 categories of affirmations, as well as mentioned the number of affirmations to include in that list.

The important point to remember is to keep your list of affirmations targeted on the key areas of your life so that every area grows and doesn't block any other area's growth.

Getting down to the root of your beliefs is also key, and I've written a program called, How to Change Your Beliefs.  It teaches you how to get to the root of your beliefs and then uses subliminal affirmations to gently open your mind to receive your daily positive affirmations.  Click here to check out that program...

how-to-change-your-beliefsIf you want to "do affirmations in your sleep,"check out my Change Your Beliefs Guided Imagery Meditation Program.

It effortlessly inputs positive affirmations all day and night through "invisible" subliminal recordings as well as has a PDF Quick Start Guide, PDF Workbook, and meditation mp3 audios.

Most importantly, it teaches you how to find your limiting beliefs that stop your daily affirmations from working.

Here are more affirmations articles:

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