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Leading with Emotional Intelligence
Become Present In The Moment


Leading with emotional intelligence in business is easy when you apply a few simple tricks no matter where you are when you start out.  In fact, combining emotional intelligence and leadership...

Is the “up and coming way” to get ahead when it comes to overall success today.

Components of Emotional Intelligence

Let's quickly discuss the components of emotional intelligence so we're all on the same page to know what it is that we want to improve.

When looking to define emotional intelligence, there are four components of emotional intelligence which are generally agreed upon within the emotional intelligence theory:
  1. Self awareness
  2. Self management
  3. Social awareness
  4. Relationship management
When leading with emotional intelligence, you'll want to be sure you are working every day to improve your emotional intelligence skills in each of these areas, while focusing on one area intensely one at a time.

Free Emotional Intelligence Test

Let's start by taking this quick emotional intelligence free test which will open in a new window and which is fast and easy.  After you're done, click the back button and come back here so we can continue our discussion...


Low Emotional Intelligence

So, now that you've taken the test, you could be worried that you have low emotional intelligence and that you're doomed to stay that way forever, right?

Wrong!  The one really good thing about emotional IQ is that is it very flexible and responds greatly to learning how to improve emotional intelligence.

Why is Emotional Intelligence Important in Business?

Learning how to improve emotional intelligence is important for the workplace simply because when you are at work, you are in a situation where you are “forced” to manage your emotions and relationships with other people.

It'd be easy to keep a low emotional intelligence level going if you were a hermit out in the mountains of Tibet!

But, when working in the corporate world, we must learn how to improve emotional intelligence by:

  1. Becoming more self aware of our emotions – rather than ignoring them;

  2. Gaining greater control over our emotions – rather than letting them control us;

  3. Becoming more aware of our co-workers' emotions – rather than invalidating them; and

  4. Gaining greater power to enhance our relationships at work – rather than hiding in our cube!

How to Improve Emotional Intelligence

The simplest way to increase your level of Emotional IQ is to become more present in the moment and aware of what you're thinking about and how you feel about those thoughts...

While at the same time exploring ways to stay emotionally composed and rational.

You can do this through meditation, hypnosis or other means of quieting your mind down enough to get a greater sense of “who you are inside” and how you feel about “things that come up.”

When you are able to become present in the moment, you have ignited a power within you to turn off your automated behaviors...

For example, instead of “automatically” going into the mode of “I already know what's wrong with this person, why should I listen...?"

If you can become present and open your mind to listening to your subordinate from a rational mindset, while controlling your emotions that come up during the conversation...

You've already taken measures to improve your emotional IQ and have probably already started building new neural pathways in your brain between your rational brain and your emotional brain to help you come up with a solution to help your subordinate that is a win-win for everyone!

It all starts with getting quiet and “feeling the emotions inside” yet staying “non-emotional on the outside” so you come across as a “congruent and rational, yet easy to talk to with appropriate boundaries” kind of supervisor.

Brainwave Meditations

Although learning how to meditate can take years to be good at it, you can use something called a Brainwave Meditation audio that puts your mind into a calmer brainwave state within minutes...

And it synchronizes the two halves of your brain so you can think and feel at the same time.  It's called “whole brain functioning” and is something that Einstein was said to have been able to do.

I've developed three great brainwave meditation audios, each for different endeavors in life.  Click here to check them out...

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

When using emotional intelligence in the workplace, there is one concept that can help you when working with teams and that is to treat each team as “a whole entity.

In other words, see the “team” has having predominate emotions just like a person has predominant emotions from time to time...

And apply what you've learned around improving your own emotional IQ to improving the team's emotional IQ.  So, if the team is feeling discouraged and productivity is down, focus on:
  1. Becoming aware of the overall team emotion;
  2. Managing the team emotion through enhanced communication;
  3. Finding ways to develop the social aspects of the team within itself; and
  4. Finding ways to develop the team's relationships outside of itself.


When leading with emotional intelligence, the first priority is to improve your own emotional IQ.  To do that, you'll want to become more aware of your own thoughts and emotions and then ask “how do you feel” about those thoughts and emotions.

Once you get the “feeling” of those emotions, find ways to rationally talk yourself through the emotional charge (such as journaling out your thoughts or talking with a close confidant) before simply letting your emotions overrun you.

Then when you have a greater control over your own awareness and emotions, you're in a better position to influence others through your ability to control your emotional responses to their emotions. 

This, in turn, puts you in greater control and influence within each of your social aspects and relationships because you are not “being blown emotionally” around by everyone else's emotions.

This is how you combine emotional intelligence and leadership!

relax-and-listen-to-hypnosis Here's a great hypnosis download that helps you increase your emotional intelligence, which helps you:

Get control over unhelpful emotional responses;

Understand your own emotional states and recognize other's emotional states in order to gain more influence over them.

Click here to check out this great hypnosis download.

And here's an another article that explains more about this great subject:

What is Emotional Intelligence and How Does it Relate to Positive Thinking?  “What is Emotional Intelligence” is a hot question today with so much emphasis on emotional intelligence in business and how it strongly affects our success at work.  But it also affects success...


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