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Law of Attraction for Money
Will It Work for Me?


To successfully use the Law of Attraction for money, there is one thing you must do.  That one thing gives you....

Success in learning how to attract money and in making your dreams come true...

And it is completely uncommon in today's society, which is why many people wonder whether or not the Law of Attraction will work for them?


Well, after you've read this article, go ahead and listen to the people around you and you'll understand why people don't get what they want and then blame the Law of Attraction for not working...

Because it is this one simple factor that “makes or breaks” your success, but is "so overlooked" in modern times.


This one concept that I am talking about is this:  Focus upon what you want and not upon want you don't want.

Sounds simple enough, right?  So simple that you'd think that everyone is already doing it...

But they're not.

Take a minute and think about what people around you talk about.

Are they gossiping about someone else?

Are they distracting themselves with addictive behaviors to shut everything out?

Are they complaining about not having enough money?

Do they "joke about" not having enough MONEY?


If you listen, most people talk about not having enough money.

So, why do they talk about not having enough money when what they really want is more money?

Here's the Reason

The reason people do this is because they're stuck “in the now” and don't believe or really trust that things can and will change in the future. 

Even when they are doing affirmations for money and think that they are using the Law of Attraction to manifest money, most of the time they are talking about things that are not in line with their money affirmations.

They just keep complaining and complaining, like a hamster on a wheel, about what is happening in their lives currently...

Which is focusing upon what they “don't want.”

If you want to learn how to manifest money, then you must learn that your energy follows your focus.  So, your focus needs to be 80% on the good aspects of money, and 20% of today's reality. 

So, instead of focusing on affirmations to manifest money for 20-30 minutes a day, and then spending the rest of your day thinking about lack and not having enough money, what you want to do is focus your thoughts for the rest of your day on doing something to manifest money, or thinking about how to manifest money, instead of complaining about “what is happening now?”

This is one of the true secrets to making the Law of Attraction for money work.

What to do About It

Here are six things to do to start changing your focus from “what is happening now” to “focusing only upon what you want.”

  1. Decide that you are going to “stay the course” and do this long enough so that you can physically change your body's chemistry to becoming addicted to learning how to manifest money, rather than complaining, gossiping or otherwise.

  2. Every day when you are approached with an old habit, such as gossiping, etc., make a conscious choice to change your thoughts to focus on how to attract money.  Just say, “Stop” and perhaps repeat one or two of your money affirmations.

  3. When you are physically drained or tired and your energy becomes low, make a conscious choice to choose to do something nice for your body.  Eat a snack, take a nap, say “no” to going out and get a message instead.  We live in physical bodies so we must keep these bodies energized to keep our attitudes positive.

  4. Replace your negative habits with daydreaming about the life that you want.  Give yourself permission to say “Yes, I want this or that.”

  5. Trust that with every slight change of thought or habit, you are changing your “trajectory” over time, which means that each small energetic shift you make now, will snowball into a big leap down the road.

  6. Immerse yourself with motivational books, tapes and programs.  This keeps you positive in a world that typically isn't very positive.

become a money magnet


In line with this last suggestion, I'm very excited to announce that we've put together a cool program that immerses you with tricks to BECOME A MONEY MAGNET!  

And it gives you a one-two punch:  First, you learn how to overcome negative thinking; and secondly, YOU LEARN HOW TO BECOME A MONEY MAGNET!  It has everything you need to take charge of your life!

Click on this link to watch a video about "The Effective Positive Thinking Program."


When you just focus upon what you want, you have learned how to attract money, as well as other positive things into your life because the Law of Attraction works whether you are aware of it or not.

Once you know that the Law of Attraction is always working – whether you are complaining or dreaming – then it becomes easy to use money affirmations and other tools because “The Force” is delivering what you want, as opposed to what you don't want.

You can read more about how to manifest money in this article:

Manifest Money: How to Build Your Energy to Manifest Money  To manifest money, or anything else in your life, you'll want to build up a certain energy within your mind and body.  This energy reserve then goes out...


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