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Common new year resolutions fall short with a 50-97% failure rate.  Keep new year resolutions going and beat the odds.

Think about the last time you made a new year resolution, which was probably last year....

How long, exactly, did it motivate you? 

A week...

A month...

Maybe six months?

Did you get the results you really wanted?

If you did, good for you, you're rare and one of the top 3%...

But if you're among most, you typically did not get the results you wanted and, in fact, because of this, a small part of you lost a little bit of hope, right?

Maybe not consciously, but subconsciously every time you set resolutions for new year, and then forget them, you're programming yourself to repeat this habit every year.

Sounds dreary doesn't it?

But, what if there were a way for you to find the tools to actually make change stick?

What if you could start the new year resolution process with a new way of doing it and actually having success this time around?

Wouldn't that be nice?

Here's a hint of your first step...

Keep New Year Resolutions

Well, when you you're doing your new year resolution goal setting, one of the best new year resolution tips is to first “make a resolution to keep new year resolutions!”

Yes, I know it isn't one of the most common new year resolutions...

In fact, I suppose it sounds a little crazy, but then sometimes “crazy” is the best approach when dealing with the mind.

In fact, one effective way to make an impact on the mind is with a “surprise”...


Because it “shocks” the mind...

And while it's re-organizing itself, you can slide in new thoughts.

One example of this is a well-known Neural Linguistic Programming technique known as the handshake interrupt (where you “interrupt the expected" and do something else), which causes a momentary “blank” in the brain, thus opening it to suggestion.

So, first, commit to making your resolutions work this time around and "interrupt" your pattern of failure...

By doing this, you've already started changing your subconscious beliefs around having your new years resolutions fail.

Keep New Year Resolutions

Secondly, one of the next best new year resolution tips is to get some accountability going...

With someone that isn't too close to you...


Because you're more likely to do whatever you said you'd do with someone like a coach or teacher than you would with a friend.

This is where finding a life coach who can help you with writing new year resolutions can be of great assistance.

Why?  Because you'll want to “perform” well for a person that you respect.

Secondly, having help with writing new year resolutions through someone that has more experience with how to actually make them work, is significant because he/she may have tools that can help you actually change your subconscious beliefs so you're not paddling upstream anymore.

Keep New Year Resolutions

Affirmations, when done correctly, go hand in hand with resolutions for the new year.

Taking small daily steps with affirmations add up over time to give you genuine results.

In fact, my new year resolution sheets are really just scripts for my new subliminal affirmations that I want to plug into my brain while I'm sleeping.

Keep New Year Resolutions

I've been asking myself, "How can I help you make healthy new year resolutions?"

So, I decided to help you make unique and effective ones that come from identifying negative beliefs, rather than making common new year resolutions that are externally motivated

This way, you make the best new year resolutions that are customized just for you!

And I decided to make a special New Year Offer that can help you make this year the "First Year of the Rest of Your Positive Life!"

new-year-special-2011In this offer, you'll have a private phone conference with me where I'll guide you through the following process:

1.  Identify Priorities
2.  Identify Limiting Beliefs
3.  Choose Tools and Actions

First, I'll guide you through a process that quickly reveals what's really important to you, so you can set priorities...

Priorities that come from your true desire, rather than from outside influences.

Next, I'll teach you a process for finding the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from success as well as another process I've developed for writing affirmations that gently nudges your subconscious into being open to the change... 

And, lastly, we'll cover what tools you have available for supporting your intention and what small actions you can take to get started.

Then at a later time [a date which we will determine], we'll have one 15-minute "check in" to see how you're doing.

New Year Special

One Hour Initial Session With 15-Minute Follow-Up
Writing new year resolutions and new year resolution goal setting focused on finding internally-driven desires (which maintain natural motivation) and then applying simple, easy to use processes to get you started and give you tools for future use.

Sorry, the New Year's Special is over, but please visit
my article "How to Change Your Beliefs" which offers a way for you
to get to the root of your beliefs and change them.
Once you've purchased the hour, I will contact you to schedule our appointment.  If we are unable to set a mutally-agreeable time within 30 days, I'll refund your money. If you are outside of the United States, I prefer to use Skype if you have access to it. Please let me know your Skype ID (if you have one) when we arrange our appointment.

PLEASE NOTE:  Limited time and space for this New Year Special so do it now so you don't miss out.  If the above "Buy Now" button is gone, it's because the slots are all filled.

Keep New Year Resolutions

So, if you're really thinking about making changes happen, then you'll want to get help with your new year resolution goal setting.

Finding a life coach can help you find affirmations and tools that put you on the path for success.

Get away from making ineffective and common new year resolutions...

Get started right away and make this year the “First Year of the Rest of Your Life!”


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