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Instant Self Hypnosis
What Is It and How To Do It?

Instant self hypnosis can be achieved with appropriate self hypnosis instruction by using a variety of methods.  When you learn to do self hypnosis, you want to keep in mind that...

You are embarking on a venture that will get easier and easier as you practice it.  Along with the ease, you will gain a greater ability to drop faster and faster into a “trance”

Types of Hypnosis

There are different perceptions about what instant self hypnosis entails.

First, there's the popular form of “snapping your fingers” and "Viola," you're in hypnosis.

While there are ways to get a person to drop instantly into a hypnotic state by snapping fingers, clapping hands or using some other “instant shock” tool, this type of induction usually needs to be precipitated by the subject being prepared for such an induction.

For example, when I was learning how to do self hypnosis through my hypnotherapist training, my teacher instantly put me into a hypnotic state with a certain hand gesture. 

But, there were two previous events that had already occurred...

First, I had been doing self help hypnosis on my own for years and was extremely susceptible to being put into a trance, and secondly...

My teacher had learned how to invoke such an induction.

So, if you're worried that someone can instantly put you into a trance and you've never done hypnosis before, you can rest assured that only certain individuals that have been trained can do it besides the fact that if you've never been hypnotized, your ability to fall instantly into hypnosis may not be available.

Self Hypnosis Instruction

Secondly, there's another method of instant self hypnosis that isn't as widely known.

When I started my self hypnosis instruction, the method of “instant” hypnosis I used was reading self hypnosis scripts out loud to myself in a certain fashion that lulled me into a state of hypnosis.

And because I was reading, my eyes were open, thus disseminating the myth that you have to have your eyes closed and be “off somewhere” unconscious of what you're hearing when you are hypnotized.

Just the opposite is true.  When you're able to learn how to do self hypnosis properly, you are usually very aware of your surroundings and know exactly what's being “fed into” your subconscious.

This is important to remember because it removes the fear that someone will make you “bark like dog” when under the “spell....”

You won't, unless, of course, you really want to “bark like a dog.”

Self Hypnosis Scripts

Let's take a moment now and read the following self hypnosis script for relaxation out loud in a soft manner and let your mind “see  and feel” the picture that the words create for you:

I allow my body to relax and soften as I am breathing softly in and out.

Gently breathing softly and allowing my mind to focus on my breathe.

Breathe in 1 2 3

Breathe out 1 2 3

I am now on a sandy shore next to the ocean where it is warm and relaxing.

I find the perfect spot to sit under a shady tree where I feel the soft breeze blowing past my face.

The water laps upon the shore over and over....

Each wave moving forward...

Breaking gently and...


Then another small wave comes and I watch it wash along the sand and retreat...

The warmth of the air relaxes me and I am at peace.

Self Hypnosis Inductions

If you expanded on that story and did that self hypnosis script for relaxation long enough, you should be able to instantly put yourself into a light state of hypnosis.

While this script was simply to relax you, there are self hypnosis inductions that vary, but most of them should have a portion where your body is prompted to relax, followed by a “countdown” where you feel a deeper relaxation descending into your body.

When you learn self hypnosis well enough, you'll also want to use the induction to place post hypnotic suggestions that help you retain the effects of your hypnosis session.

Next, you'll want to include hypnotic suggestions that focus on creating the change you want to see in your life...

And lastly, you'll want to be sure your self hypnosis scripts include a “wake up” at the end, unless you're using a self hypnosis audio that puts you to sleep, which is one of my favorite times to do self hypnosis.

Self Hypnosis Program

To increase your ability to drop down into a hypnotic trance easier and faster, you'll want to practice your self hypnosis regularly.

It's also a good idea to get professional self hypnosis instruction from a self hypnosis program that gets you started on the right foot.

A good program should include a way for you to gently open up to experiencing hypnosis and to teach you how to properly write the hypnotic suggestions to input while you're in the hypnotic state.

When starting out, I prefer that people use brainwave meditations as a part of learning how to do self hypnosis because these types of meditations can help you get into an instant state of hypnosis because they do the work for you.

Since I use them all the time and love them so much, as well as practice my own self hypnosis regularly, I've put together a program that helps you gently experience self hypnosis, teaches you how to find your core beliefs that are limiting your personal growth, and includes brainwave meditations to help ease you into the hypnotic state of mind.

My program also includes silent subliminal affirmations to help your subconscious mind open up to change and a sleep meditation that inputs positive thoughts while you sleep.  Click here to check out this cool program.

Learn Self Hypnosis

If you want to instantly experience hypnosis, your best bet is to learn self hypnosis through reading self hypnosis scripts out loud as well as train your body to be familiar enough with the trance state of hypnosis so that you drop down into it faster and easier each time.

Using technologies like brainwave meditations that “do the work” for you and instantly drop you into a brainwave level for quick absorption of your affirmations is the easiest and fastest way to attain instant self hypnosis.

A great way to quickly get started on making change is to find your core beliefs that are operating in the background and running all of your behaviors.  I teach you how to find these limiting beliefs as well as show you how to flip them into just the right affirmations and then plug them into my effective "10 Steps to a New You" self hypnosis method in my "How to Change Your Beliefs Program."

Here's a little blurb about it:

how-to-change-your-beliefsIf you want to quickly and easily learn how to do hypnosis as well as "reprogram yourself in your sleep,"check out my Change Your Beliefs Guided Imagery Meditation Program.

It effortlessly inputs positive affirmations all day and night through "invisible" subliminal recordings that help ease your mind into accepting change.  It also has brainwave entrainment mp3s that relieve stress, a PDF Quick Start Guide and PDF Workbook.

Most importantly, it teaches you how to find your limiting beliefs that stop you from tapping into your true potential.

Click here to check it out.  You'll be glad you did...

For more on self hypnosis instruction, check out this article:

Self Hypnosis Instruction: How To Do Self Hypnosis Safely
Do you need self hypnosis instruction to practice it safely?  Yes and no.  Do this exercise with me quickly...


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