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How to Change Your Beliefs and Find
Your List of Core Values

Find Your Power
Using Guided Imagery Meditation

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When learning how to change your beliefs, it is important to understand where your beliefs originate and to address them at “their root.”  The key is changing your subconscious beliefs...

Getting to the “root” of your mind is how to change limiting beliefs, but before you can change your limiting beliefs, you must identify them.

When people ask the question, “How do I change my belief system?” what they are really asking is how to identify what is driving deeply ingrained behaviors...

Behaviors that are so automatic that they keep running in the background even when they are trying to change core beliefs by doing positive thinking.

But, often positive thinking isn't enough when you're asking how to change your beliefs.  It takes a certain process of identifying your list of core values and seeing if they “synchronize” with your self talk and conversations.

This process, however, can take years and many times is overlooked as we stay on “auto pilot” for the bulk of our lives. 

Changing Subconscious Beliefs

The trick is to learn how to listen to yourself in a certain way so that you can change your beliefs from automatic to conscious. 

This takes them from the “unconscious” (subconscious) part of our mind directly into our conscious and aware mind where we then can “look them in the face” and decide if they are welcome in our lives.  Many times, once they are “out in the open,” they tend to dissipate simply because they have been recognized and addressed.

Visualization Exercises

One way to gain momentum on changing subconscious beliefs once they are identified is to use visualization exercises.  When you visualize correctly, you can rapidly change your subconscious picture of yourself, which in turn changes your core beliefs.

Visualization must be done a certain way, however, to reprogram your unconscious mind.  You have to know how to speak the language of your subconscious in order to communicate with it on its level.  You also must know what your subconscious picture of yourself is before starting any visualization exercises so you know exactly what to visualize.

Guided Imagery Meditation

A good way to do visualization is to do something called Guided Imagery Meditation where you are gently guided into a state of visualization that speaks the same language as your subconscious mind.

Sometimes this process includes a hypnotic induction and other relaxation exercises that give you greater access to the unconscious portion of your mind.

Brainwave Meditation

One of my favorite ways of gently coaxing the subconscious into change is to electronically manipulate the brain into certain brainwave frequencies that help the mind absorb new thoughts and ideas.  The Theta brainwave state has been shown very effective when using subliminal affirmations, self hypnosis and other techniques that help you change negative beliefs.

10-Step Guided Imagery Meditation

guided-imagery-meditation-leaf Imagine in a few moments that you could start coaxing your subconscious beliefs to change with the push of a button...

Be guided off into a meditation that helps you find answers and learn to trust yourself...

As well as reduce stress...

And learn how to change your beliefs to work with your vision for your life!

One very easy way to learn how to change limiting beliefs
is to use my 10-Step Guided Imagery Mediation Program entitled, “You Can Change Your Beliefs and Find Your List of Core Values.  Your Personal Value Development Program."

In this program,
I teach you how to change subconscious beliefs using guided imagery meditation, visualization exercises, subliminal recordings, brainwave cds and self hypnosis.

The program:
  • Addresses how to identify what is driving your “automatic” behaviors and how to make your core beliefs change.

  • Teaches you an effective 10-step meditation process that includes breathing, hypnosis, visualization and tapping which quickly allows change to begin.

  • Prompts you to find answers within yourself and ignite a greater sense of power and confidence.

  • Explains why many time affirmations fail, particularly when the affirmations are centered around money.
You-Can-Change-Your-Beliefs You Can Change Your Beliefs
10-Step Guided Imagery Meditation

Your Personal Value Development Program

The belief change downloads included in this program are:
  • Quick Start Guide PDF
  • Change Your Beliefs Workbook PDF
  • 10-Step Meditation Worksheet
  • 10-Step Meditation Audio mp3
  • Headphones Audio mp3
  • Daytime (Invisible) Affirmation mp3
  • Sleep Meditation mp3
  • Quick Start & Workbook Audio mp3
  • Eligible for special coaching rate


Quick Start Guide PDF.  This quick start guide helps you streamline getting started with the program.
change-your-beliefs Change Your Beliefs Workbook PDF.  This self improvement training guide explains how to make lasting change, teaches you the 10-Step Meditation Process and then goes deeper to help you unravel and change core beliefs, especially if you want to make a money belief change.  (10-Step Meditation Worksheet included.)

The workbook also guides you how to come up with a list of core values for yourself.  Once you use this process to identify the differences between your personal core values and your core beliefs, you can synchronize your personal values development work with this new awareness and come up with your own list of the ten core values most important to you. 
guided-imagery-meditation 10-Step Meditation mp3.  This guided meditation mp3 takes you through the relaxation, breathing, hypnotic induction, visualization and tapping process in audio format so you can quickly and easily be guided through the 10-step process.  It includes customized brainwave meditation frequencies that enhance creativity and new ideas during the guided visualization exercises in the process.

Here is the introductory part of the 10-step guided imagery meditation which tells you more about it:

brainwave-meditation Headphones Meditation mp3.  This meditation download is the best meditation for helping you coax your subconscious to gently open up and make change.  This self hypnosis audio has a hypnotic induction, affirmations done in “stereo confusion” and brainwave entrainment customized and synchronized to each portion of the meditation.  The stereo confusion allows the affirmations to “slip” past your conscious (critical) mind and be absorbed directly by your subconscious.  The brainwave entrainment takes you from waking state down to a light theta brainwave frequency which has been known to be very effective for subliminal affirmations.  It then takes you deeper into the theta brainwave frequency for a few more relaxing moments before gently bringing you back to a fully awake and relaxed state of mind.
subliminal-affirmation-download Daytime (Invisible) Affirmations Subliminal Positive Thinking Audio mp3.  When you talk about subliminal mind control, this is “where it started.”  While we think our ears can only “hear what is audibly heard,” it has been proven through testing deaf subjects that there is a portion of the ear that “hears” frequencies that we do not think are audible.  Like a dog whistle, for example.  This affirmation download has the same affirmations as the Headphones Meditation, but the affirmations have been converted to a higher frequency so they are not audibly heard by the conscious (or critical) mind.  Since there aren't any background sounds on this recording, it “sounds” invisible.     It does not have a hypnotic induction, so it can be played in the background in the home or office (but not while driving or operating dangerous machinery.)
subliminal-sleep-meditation Positive Thinking Sleep Meditation mp3.  One of my favorite ways of inputting new beliefs is to play subliminal recordings while I sleep.  So this recording has affirmations where the frequency has been raised so the affirmations are not audibly heard.  It also has soft tones that soothe you to sleep and brainwave entrainment that does not require headphones.
positive-thinking-audio Quick Start and Workbook Audio mp3.  This positive thinking audio gives you both the quick start guide and the workbook in audio format for convenience and portability.

Here is the introductory portion of this audio recording which gives you an overview of the program:

All of the subliminal downloads provided in this program contain the same affirmations that help you generate a sense of inner trust and confidence to find answers.

All the described items are contained in a zip folder that you can download immediately upon purchase.  You will also be sent an email with a download link.  Double check your email address and check your spam folder for the download email.  Then whitelist the email address in that email.

This program teaches you how to change your beliefs as well as gives you meditation and affirmation tools to help make it easy.

When you know how to change your beliefs where they originate, you have the power to truly change your life!

What's being said about this program...

"The effectiveness of this program is uncanny."


"Wow, listening to these recordings really puts me in a different place, I feel relaxed and focused.  My mind is open and uncluttered."


"I'm blown away at the quality."

You-Can-Change-Your-Beliefs You Can Change Your Beliefs
10-Step Guided Imagery Meditation

Your Personal Value Development Program



How to change your beliefs becomes easy when you use techniques such as hypnosis, visualization and guided imagery meditation.  Once you become aware of how your core beliefs can keep you from attaining your desired successes, you're well in your way to making true, lasting change.

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